Cosmo Goes Sharia

Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-9.21.21-PM Read this. Are these the role models for young American women? What a disgrace. Young American women submitting to misogyny, patriarchy, and hatred. Think of the trailblazers who came before just to get to this …. Cosmopolitan magazine last week published an interview with Brooke Sever, who is identified as "the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Middle […]

33% of Americans Believe It’s Time for States to Openly Defy the Feds – And that Number is Growing!

uMI0av0mX4_1420691663393 A recent Rasmussen poll, which was conducted in July of 2015 discovered that 33% of Americans support the States openly defying the federal judiciary because of bad behavior, ie. Acting lawlessly. The poll was taken following the Supreme Court's illegal and unconstitutional ruling on redefining marriage to include those who practice sodomy and their previous […]

Tarantino and Spike Lee: Ideologues or Idiots?

lee_tarantino-300x180 It's not surprising that a Hollywood filmmaker might wish to chronicle the horrors of inner-city life for many of Chicago's black denizens, if for no other reason than to highlight the surreal nature of their plight juxtaposed against the sensibilities of our compassionate, enlightened modern society. Then there's the irony of this period coinciding with […]

Why Do They Fear Donald Trump?

102799874-RTX1GRB9.530x298 I wonder if Donald Trump's last name is a matter of fate. Who would have ever thought just a year ago that he would become the wild-card in the high-stakes card game going on in Washington, DC? It reminded me of a card game I used to play back in my college days. It was […]

How the Perfect Prepper Plans Still Go Wrong

How-the-perfect-prepper-plans-still-go-wrong When a disaster strikes unexpectedly, there's nearly always some kind of monkey wrench that causes your well-thought-out prepper plans to work less effectively than expected.  When describing the situation, the person says sheepishly, "Normally we wouldn't have had X circumstance going on when it happened, and our preps would have worked just fine." Or, in the […]