Bernie Sanders the Socialist

150429103538-bernie-sanders-gallery-photo-5-super-169 We read all about Bernie Sanders and his self-proclaimed Socialist Democrat Party, but few have dug into what that is. Under Obama's Marxist/Socialist ideology, our nation has fallen behind in nearly all areas of what the American Dream encompasses. Bernie Sanders ideology also does not fit the Constitution or the American Way. What does Socialism […]

Equipping the Saints?

how-to-fix-car I have always wanted to know how cars worked. If you are anything like me, you are at a loss when something goes wrong and the vehicle doesn't operate the way it was designed. Although I have had a great deal of experience DRIVING cars I have absolutely no training on how to FIX a […]

Jeffrey Tucker on American History, Trump, Sanders, and Liberty

jeffrey-tucker-pic-238x178 Truth In Media's Joshua Cook interviewed's Jeffrey Tucker about a variety of issues, including presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, economics, and more.   "What you've got going on here in this election season is people are really digging deep into this sort of muck of our history to find some of the worst that the 20th century […]

Why Choosing the Lesser of Two Excrement Sandwiches Is a Bad Idea

WhatIfLesserSanwich650pw-2 Regularly choosing to eat the "lesser" of two excrement sandwiches is a really bad idea. Embracing a diet composed exclusively of "lesser" excrement sandwiches will, at best, produce a long, drawn out and dramatically stinky death. Which brings us to America. As this presidential cycle's installment of The American Political Puppet Show kicks into high gear, people are, as […]

Forgetting What It Was Like to Live in a Free Country

8c7efcde-7041-46f2-8373-09b3a56afacb A new Gallup poll concludes that Americans hate their government much more than they did when Obama first took office. In 2009, the burden of government was ranked fourth on the list of problems faced by Americans. At that time, seven percent of those surveyed ranked burdensome government as the worst problem they faced. At […]