Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns Of Massive Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges: “You’re Going To See A Repeat Of What We Saw In The Housing Market”

collegedebtcollapse The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks says America's colleges are in serious trouble and that over a trillion dollars in student loans will put many of them out of business. For years, the federal government has been subsidizing loans, much like they did with houses ahead of the 2008 crash. This has led to […]

What Really Is Islam?

islam Islam is not just a religion, or a form of government. It is a complete system, encompassing religious, legal, political, economic, and military components, with each being utilized as required. "Muslims" are those that follow the Islamic doctrine. Islamic domination occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called "religious […]

Communism Left So Many Scarred Lives Behind

stock-footage-realistic-d-seamless-looping-ussr-national-flag-waving-in-the-wind On Christmas 1989, twenty-five years ago, the brutal communist dictatorship of Romania ended with the execution of the tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena in front of a firing squad at Tirgoviste, following a brief trial. His reign of terror lasted 24 years (1965-1989). The first communist despot, Gheorghe Georghiu-Dej (1945-1964) was so ruthless, […]

FACEBOOK Sued for Scanning YOUR Private Messages for THEIR Profit

facebook7 FACEBOOK is facing the real possibility of paying its users up to $10,000 EACH, for violating their privacy, if the plaintiffs prevail in a developing lawsuit. The case is known as Campbell v. Facebook Inc, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 13-5996. The lawsuit was filed by FACEBOOK user Matthew Campbell. The suit is seeking class action status […]

Obama Unsure of Condemning Taliban Over School Massacre

school-attack-bloody-shoes-Reuters When Barack Obama condemned the Taliban's horrific mass murder of children in a school in Peshawar last week, he referred to "terrorists" who, he said, "have once again shown their depravity." But he did not name the terrorists. He never mentioned the Taliban. Consider the implications of this and what it actually means. Obama refused to […]

Newly Released Fast and Furious Documents: ATF Justified New Gun Control Regulations While Delivering Arms to Mexican Drug Cartels

operation-fast-and-furious-1 This is something we have known all along, but now newly released documents confirm what the American people believe the Obama Department of Justice's Operation Fast and Furious gun-running scandal was all about. It was about arming Mexican drug cartels against their competition while using the illegal action to impose more unconstitutional gun restrictions on […]

Man Jailed For Filming Cops Lands Settlement

6443film-police-constitutional-right An Orlando man jailed for filming a police officer got more than his phone back. Alberto Troche, who sued Orlando police for wrongfully jailing him and taking his phone, received $15,000 in a settlement, the Orlando Sentinel reported this week. According to the lawsuit, Troche saw police arresting a man late one night in December of last year. […]