Experts: Not A Single Police Officer Has Been Shot by AR-15 Ammo

maxresdefault As the Obama Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) continues to position itself as a Constitutional authority to ban ammunition, claiming that 5.56/.223-caliber M855 ball ammunition should be classified as "armor piercing" and "cop killer" bullets, the Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation says that there isn't one police officer who […]

Evolutionism, Self-Evidence and Self-Governance

creation-of-the-universe Like an ultimate acid, evolutionism destroys everything it touches. Evolutionism has caused America's entertainment industry, mainstream media, academics and political class to betray the self-evident empirical understanding of the natural world. Evolutionism and Self-Governance But as The Declaration of Independence suggests, losing the physical understanding of self-evidence causes us to lose the metaphysical understanding of self-evidence. If it is no longer […]

Freedom to Farm or Bust

Martha Boneta (Lider photo) Virginia, like many other states, offers land preservation tax credits of $100 million a year. Land preservation tax credits are tied to conservation easements which are binding agreements between a land preservation trust (usually a NGO) and a farmer who receives tax breaks in exchange for "legally restricting future development of their property" for a […]

Liberal Democrats Are Socialists in Disguise

socialism-thatcher-600x385 There are two types of Liberal Democrats: sincere ones and insincere ones. The sincere ones think you are too stupid to know what's good for you and what's bad for you. The insincere ones hope you never find out the difference. The sincere ones are easier to spot. They are blatant in what they think […]

We Talk – They Do

Gina-McCarthy Is it any wonder why we conservative republicans are so frustrated with politics in general and Washington specifically? All we hear from our national representatives are hollow promises, tough talk, and then the inevitable excuse as to why they are unable to act. It's all well and good to lodge complaints squarely at the democrats. […]

Rep. Diane Black’s Resolution Calls on Middle East Governments to Recognize Freedom from Religious Persecution – Doesn’t Name Islam as the Cause

maxresdefault If there is any doubt as to the ineptness of individuals in Congress, one only has to look at Republican Tennessee Rep. Diane Black. On Wednesday, Black introduced a resolution in the House that calls "on the governments of the Middle East to uphold the internationally recognized human right to freedom from religious persecution." According […]

Hillary’s Multiple Private Emails With Her Muslim Assistant Huma Abedin Are Being Investigated For Muslim Brotherhood Connections

clinton_2277108b Fox News reported tonight that Hillary Clinton may have had several different private email addresses she used that were all on her private email server. They got this information on the multiple email addresses from a professional hacker that used a tool to comb through public information found in major search engines.   A prominent […]

Why This Greek Tragedy Could Mean Global Disaster

Greektragedy One of the assumptions of the eurozone – those 19 countries in Europe that use the euro as their national currencies – is that if any country left the zone, economic disaster would follow in its wake. Only a few days ago, it appeared that heavily indebted Greece might be forced to drop the euro […]