How Much Media Fraud Will America Tolerate?

6b65b9c803dcf4177f8c929f1ee8b030 "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false." William Casey, CIA Director, 1981 Over and over again at each event that I speak at across the country, I always highlight how this administration is using the Saul Alinsky tactics against the American people. "Power is not only what […]

America, Prepare to Defend Yourselves!

machine-gun-firearm-soldier America has been invaded and is in the process of being occupied. ILS towers which can be used to guide in troop transport planes and heavy equipment in bad weather are being put into the countryside outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming, where they have a  lot of bad weather. Intellistreets "Big Brother" surveillance is being installed […]

Would Jesus Officiate a Homosexual "Marriage"?

gaymarriage This is written for the Believer as the secular mind will not be able to follow this logic. Confusion is the 'flavor of the day'. How else can you explain the fact that churches are capitulating to the concept that Christianity and Homo-Matrimony are somehow compatible? The devil's kids are highly skilled masters of confusion. […]

Central Banks Losing Control Of Financial Markets

Dollars-And-Euros-Public-Domain Every great con game eventually comes to an end. For years, global central banks have been manipulating the financial marketplace with their monetary voodoo. Somehow, they have convinced investors around the world to invest tens of trillions of dollars into bonds that provide a return that is way under the real rate of inflation. For […]

Is There Hope for the Restoration of American Greatness?

United States Constitution, close-up The answer to this question is a firm "yes!" America is not just some country. Bono of U2 fame once put it succinctly when he said "America is an idea." The idea of America, which imbues every American, is freedom and rights, which are unalienable because they are not granted by government, but by the […]

Concealed-Carry on College Campuses Bill Passes in Texas!

6741639_G How often do you see a government respond logically to a problem? Never? Well, now we have one logical response from the Lone Star State. Texas lawmakers have been debating several gun rights bills for a while now, including a bill that would allow gun owners to carry-concealed on college campuses. Students and faculty members at public […]

Already Tired of Bruce Jenner

bruce-jenner-800 Everyone's talking about it. There doesn't appear to be anywhere one can go to escape hearing about the weird world of Bruce Jenner. Let me first get this out of the way. Yes, I understand that the athlete formally known as Bruce Jenner now calls himself Caitlyn, but that doesn't make him a chick. Sorry. […]

Who Owns the Family?

fam This week, I had a bit of an unnerving experience. Just having new tires put on the car, Neil, Joe, and I were driving back from a speech I gave in Northern Baltimore County. It seemed like there was some additional noise from the rear of the car, and it seemed at certain speeds to […]

My White Privilege

White-Privilege-AMEX "White Privilege" is one of those terms that seems to have just popped out of no place to become THE subject of the day. So much so that colleges are now "teaching classes" - or is that hammering propaganda? - on the subject and grade school children who are too young to understand the meaning […]

School Employee Fired After Buying Child Lunch

kitchen-manager-fired How far has this country fallen when an act of charity and good will gets someone fired? It happened to Della Curry, a Colorado woman who worked at Dakota Valley Elementary School in Aurora, CO, part of the Cherry Creek School District, after she bought lunch for an elementary first grade student who was in […]

Are American Soldiers About to Face Another War Zone?


      Two U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets from Strike Fighter Squadron 31 fly a combat patrol over Afghanistan on Dec. 15, 2008.  DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon, U.S. Air Force.  (Released) For nearly fifteen years, our servicemen have faced deployment to hostile areas.  These men and women have been placed in harm's way, in combat situations, and away from their families.  When Obama was campaigning for the White House, one of the things he promised was that he would bring our troops home.  Now, after mixed […]