The Police State Super Bowl

super bowl Yesterday I was watching the news and it seems everybody is talking about the Super Bowl. The one thing that stands out in my mind is the presence of armed troops with "real assault rifles" (they have a selector switch to go from semi to full-auto), assault helicopters and fighter aircraft; not to mention metal […]

NFL's Bad Call Against Second Amendment Super Bowl Ad

nfl's bad call One commercial you won’t see as a 2014 Super Bowl ad is a commercial by gun manufacturer Daniel Defense. The spot, about a Marine Corps veteran who returns home and is determined to defend his home and family the same way he defended his country, was rejected by the NFL. Marty Daniel, president and chief […]

Liberty & Democracy Are Not the Same Thing

liberty bell What words mean is important.  The ability to speak, to transfer complex and symbolic knowledge from one person to another is one of the hallmarks of humanity.  When words lose their meaning communication loses its ability to transmit thoughts.  Obviously words can change their meanings over time.  One example is the word prevent.  This word […]

Sharia Adherence: Baptist University drops ‘Crusaders’ nickname from its sports teams so it doesn’t offend ‘Global Society’ aka Islamists

article-2549711-1B1C414D00000578-594_634x355 Another craven capitulation and surrender to sharia adherence. And Christian institutions self-enforcing the sharia under the guise of global harmony are particularly galling. Lest we forget, it was the Crusaders who saved Europe from the bloody and gruesome jihad that Muslims were waging across Europe. Executive vice president Matt Davis said "Our main concern has been with […]

Will Obama Forgive Student Loans by Executive Order?

student loans In President Obama's State of the Union address, he mentioned plans to make higher education available for everyone. Obama said, "We're offering millions the opportunity to cap their monthly student loan payments to ten percent of their income, and I want to work with Congress to see how we can help even more Americans who feel […]

Which of These Scandals Threaten America the Most?

white-house-scandals I ask you this question — which of the four scenarios below pose the most dangerous threat to America's freedom? Widespread government corruption. Take your pick: Benghazi, NSA persecution, President Obama's preference of Islam, or conservatives in Congress who live by compromise rather than true conservative principles. Aggression of leftist fringe groups. Homosexual activists, as […]

Pop Stars – Those Who Really Write the Laws

pop stars "Let me make the songs of a nation and I care not who makes its laws." – Plato quoted by Grout, Donald J. A History of Western Music, 1973. p. 8 During a television interview in California last week, I was asked what the people thought of my appearance when doing events across the country, […]