Obama's Debt is the Generations of Tomorrow's Future

obama-bill In a speech at the Department of Homeland Security, Obama declared that he wants to "replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen America." Those "smart" investments scattered across a gargantuan $4 trillion budget include a $500 million Green Climate Fund for the Third World and $105 million to help the government build better websites. […]

The Poky Little Puppy’s Covert NWO Agenda

golden-poky Little Golden Books have been making money for a German company with roots in the Third Reich and a future hell-bent on New World Order governance. This is the disturbing tale of how The Poky Little Puppy and his friends fell into foreign hands. Having held a lifelong enchantment with Little Golden Books, especially illustrators […]

UN Climate Chief: We Are Remaking The World Economy

DSC_2181-es-press The United Nation's climate chief says that reordering the global economy to fight climate change is the "most difficult" task the international body has ever undertaken. "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history," Christiana […]

Gallup Shatters Obama’s Positive Job Growth: ‘Extremely Misleading’

Barack Obama Despite the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting significant job growth on Friday, some are not as optimists as others. BLS reported the total nonfarm employment increased by 257,000 in January. However, the unemployment rate did go up slightly to 5.7 percent. The report notes that the jobs were created in retail trade, construction, health care, financial activities and manufacturing. U.S. […]

Ft. Hood Jihad Victims to Finally Receive Purple Hearts

Fort+hood+shooting Obama finally defeated. And it took an act of Congress to make it happen. Hussein Obama's denial of jihad in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre was traitorous. Strong-arming the Department of Defense to call Nidal Hasan's slaughter of 14 soldiers and civilians "workplace violence" mocked their deaths. It took over five years to right this […]