40 Years of Treachery – How the Federal Government Divides & Conquers

federal government In the mid-1970s, the George Boldt Decision paved the way for transfer of Public Resources into Private Hands.  The main players, in what is now known as "The Fish Wars," were The Federal Government (and accompanying agencies), Washington State (and accompanying agencies) and the local Native American Tribes; all against the Commercial Fisherman of Washington's coastal region.  […]

Nullification: Yes We Can!

NULLIFICATION "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." –Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Recently, I was invited on the Sons of Liberty Radio broadcast to discuss the Tenth Amendment and the authority of […]

Hate is the Force that Gives the Left Meaning

obama-angry The American left has never had it this good. It has never had two terms of an unabashed and uncompromising leftist in the White House dedicated to its agenda functioning as a dictator without the military uniform, making and unmaking laws at a whim, siccing the IRS and Federal prosecutors on political enemies and transforming […]

Will No One Challenge Obama’s Executive Orders?

executive-order President Obama's state of the union pledge to "act with or without Congress" marks a milestone in presidential usurpation of Congressional authority.  Most modern presidents have used executive orders to change and even create laws without Congressional approval. However President Obama is unusually brazen, in that most Presidents do not brag about their plans to […]

The Muslim Conquest of India

h19_17291635 India's centuries-long resistance to Muslim aggression began in 636 C.E. This started a series of incursions in which Muslim warriors desecrated Hindu places of worship and universities, slaughtered monks and priests, and unleashed a reign of terror to impose Islam and subjugate the majority Hindu population.  In K.S. Lal's 1973 book, Growth of Muslim Population of Medieval […]