Why are Taxpayers Subsidizing Big Mac Buyers?

size_590_Big_Mac A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous claims the following: Walmart employees (as a group) are often the biggest recipients of federal and state aid within each state. McDonalds employees are up there as well. Specifically, my friend asks "Why are Taxpayers Subsidizing Big Mac buyers?" His proposed solution is to raise the […]

Pakistani Muslims Can Have You Arrested If They Don’t Like You - ‘Firecracker’ conspiracy theory leads to arrest and torture of Christians

firecracker 'Firecracker' conspiracy theory leads to arrest and torture of Christians. Islamic blasphemy laws are unjust to begin with but in Pakistan, Muslims there have learned that when they don't like someone, falsely accusing those persons of blasphemy helps them to feed their hatred for non-Muslims. Take the case of Tariq and Arif Masih, along with […]

Vermont Sets Sights on NSA Nullification Legislation

Vermont_State_Capitol Last week, Vermont State Representative Teo Zagar (D-Windsor-4-1), along with co-sponsor Representatives Susan Davis (P/D-Orange-1), Patricia Komline (R-Bennington-Rutland) and William Stevens (I-Addison-Rutland) introduced the Fourth Amendment Protection Act to prohibit any state support of the National Security Agency. Vermont has officially become the twelfth state to introduce legislation that deals with NSA spying inside its […]

Arizona Advances Nullification of Federal Gun Laws

AZ Capitol 010 Following in a long line of states that are advancing the Tenth Amendment rights of their respective states, Arizona is now advancing nullification of federal gun laws and stop state enforcement of them. Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward, along with eight co-sponsors, introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the Grand Canyon State. According to […]