An Armed Society Spends More Time Stopping Evil than Contemplating It

gunsummit_hd-600x250 We are not a violent society. We are a society sheltered from violence. No one in Rwanda spends time wondering what kind of man would murder people. They probably live next door to him. If your neighborhood is diverse enough, you might be unfortunate enough to live next door to war criminals all the way from […]

Ft. Hood was an Avoidable Tragedy

at-least-4-dead-14-injured-after-shooting-at-fort-hood-army-base Last week we saw yet another tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, as a distraught Iraq war veteran killed three of his fellow soldiers before killing himself. It is nearly five years after the last Ft. Hood shooting, where 13 people were killed. These tragedies are heartbreaking and we certainly feel much sympathy for the families […]

Progressives Shutting Down Dissenting Voices & Skeptics

free speech It's funny (not funny ha ha) that leftists must always be fighting against something. They must always have a bogeyman lurking in the shadows that they feel the need to defend the rest of us from. Liberals can't just mind their business and live their lives. It might be the mythical separation of church and […]

The Mutually Assured Destruction Initiative

Nuclear-Mushroom-Cloud-1 With the exception of what can only be perceived as the State Run Media, every other media source is filled with stories that go beyond "raising an eyebrow"; they are supplying an endless stream of incentive to begin "digging in." But will "digging in" be enough? If we simply "dig in," they will simply surround […]

Mainstream Media Fail: Fort Hood Shooter was "Stockpiling Weapons & Ammunition"

fort-hood-ammo-screen-shot As investigators attempt to put together the pieces surrounding the most recent mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, it didn’t take long for the mainstream media to begin fabricating its own narratives as to why Ivan Lopez may have targeted twenty soldiers last week. Following reports that Lopez was an outspoken critic of previous mass […]

Should Double Income No Kids Pay Higher Taxes?

happy-couple-watching-tv1_0 Today's political pundits come up with strategies to shift the tax burden to certain groups instead of suggesting the obvious: lower the tax burden for all by shrinking the size of government.'s blogger Reihan Salam wrote this: "Who should pay more? Nonparents who earn more than the median household income, just a shade above $51,000. By […]

Trend Analyst: Yes, There Will Be Riots In Major Cities

riots1 If you’ve watched a documentary about America’s economic situation in recent years there is a strong chance it was produced by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. He’s covered topics that include everything from the massive college debt bubble and the future of real estate, to water wars and what it will look like on […]

This Is What Employment In America Really Looks Like…

Warren-Buffett-Photo-by-Mark-Hirschey The level of employment in the United States has been declining since the year 2000. There have been moments when things have appeared to have been getting better for a short period of time, and then the decline has resumed. Thanks to the offshoring of millions of jobs, the replacement of millions of workers with […]

Exposed: The Myth of Islamic Victimhood

islam_Gerd-Altmann-pixelio There was further proof last week that "interfaith dialogue" only goes one way: to Islam. We suffer daily demands to impose Islam on the secular marketplace and in the educational system. The Detroit Free Press reported Friday that "some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter […]

Do The Chinese Know More about Flight 370 Than They’re Letting on?

malaysia_0 The Australians have reported that a Chinese ship has reported hearing a ping, a pulse signal for a second time, just hours after they reported hearing a pulse that could have come from the black box recorders,. Jon Donnison from the BBC says: Given that not a single piece of debris from the missing plane has been found, […]

Unexploded Bombshell: Barack Obama Admitted Kenyan Birth

Obama_Kenya1 I am mad as hell. President Barack Obama, in 1991, admitted being born in Kenya, and no one seems to care. This is not hearsay. It is documented. This is not a typical "bombshell" because the truth is that we have known about this for well over a year, and some have known for much […]

Fort Hood Shooter Ivan Lopez Allegedly Criticized Sandy Hook Shooter on Facebook

lopezfb CNN obtained the Facebook posts of Fort Hood’s most recent accused shooter Ivan Lopez and is reporting that he criticized accused Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza prior to his own supposed shooting rampage and suicide: Lopez wrote that Lanza “pretends to be a victim of a mental illness followed by addiction to violent video games” […]

Swedish Stroke Victim Overhears Doctors Discuss "Taking His Organs"

article-2596737-1CD27B2900000578-937_634x379 It's every patient's worst nightmare, lying helplessly in a hospital bed, unable to move and hearing doctors talk about what they're going to do. But the worst part is, it happened to Jim Fritze. The Swedish stroke victim, age 43, was powerless to do anything. Semi-conscious, but not fully awake, he could only hear what […]

The Propaganda is Blatantly Obvious for Those Willing to Look

propaganda-media-controls-us If there is one thing that I could identify that frustrates me above all else, it is the consistent claims that Democrats are for the poor and Republicans are for the greedy rich. Liberals really believe this and for many, there is absolutely no room for debate. This is because their public school indoctrinations have […]