Hope for a Third Great Awakening?

appeal1 Before its foundation America first flew the Appeal to Heaven flag. It was the banner George Washington used on his navy ships to signal that their only hope against British rule and religious persecution was an appeal to heaven. The crusade continues today. Indeed, pockets of revival are breaking out under the appeal to heaven […]

Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper: Religious Right’s “God is an A*****e” of ‘White Supremacy’

102512064_l Another open-minded and inclusive college professor is going around making blanket statements about huge groups of people and the religion they practice. This time it’s a Rutgers University professor by the name of Brittney Cooper who has everything figured out. She wrote about the recently passed Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in an article […]

Garissa University Jihad: 147 Dead – Mostly Christian – “Students Were Lined Up & Executed”

CBrwCJ-WEAAG47m #BringBackImpeachment. The Obama administration has contended for years that Boko Haram has legitimate concerns. Reports of beheading. Now this. Obama says, "Islam is peace!" Kerry says, "Inshallah!" Kenya university attack: 'They were lined up and executed' The Telegraph, April 4, 2015 Survivors of the Garissa university attack, which saw 147 students murdered by al-Shabaab terrorists, have spoken […]

Our Lives and Freedoms Matter More Than Progressive Propaganda

ObamaMarxism-symbol The regime's main stream media purposefully ignores the latest renewable energy news and events while bombarding us non-stop with gay issues, Christian bashing, manufactured "white privilege" stretching to the nude color of bras and Band-Aids, and "black lives matter" idiotic disruptions of restaurant patrons around the country, patrons that have nothing to do with the […]

One Man and One Woman - Even in Indiana

protect-marriage For the last 5500+ years, wedding ceremonies have been sacred—set apart as holy, and reserved only for those who qualify...one man and one woman. Since the beginning of time, it has been the absolute standard as a foundation of families, of our society, and of civilization as we know it. All civilizations that have violated […]

The Human Toll of Terror

syrian girl Regarding all the terrorism around the world, and particularly in the Middle East, it's getting increasingly easy to become frustrated to the point of saying just carpet bomb the whole region and be done with them all. Maybe we haven't come out and said it, but most of us have at least thought it, even in […]

Know When to Hold ‘Em!

Getty_022412_IranNuclearWeapons Transparency is a good thing. President Obama promised us the most transparent administration in history. And I guess he did. It really hasn't been too difficult to see through what he has been doing. Now that's OK for us homefolk, but there should be a limit to showing your hand when dealing with those who […]