51,000,003 Reasons Why America Owes Nazi Germany an Apology

HitlerV2-650pw The typical American guy is a stat hound. In the Internet-fueled era of things like fantasy football and day-trading, we've become all about the numbers. We capture, track, and compare everything...well, everything but the things that matter most. (See: Fiat Bread and Football Circuses in Romans 1 America.) We know the passer ratings and touchdown-to-interception […]

Boston Terror Suspect’s Friends Charged With Trying To Help ISIS By Beheading Pamela Geller

susanpamgellersltpdsc_0444r Two Massachusetts men who allegedly worked with the Boston terror suspect planning to behead a police officer were charged Friday with trying to aid the Islamic State. David Wright, also known as Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, and Nicholas Rovinski, also known as Nuh Amriki or Nuh al Andalusi, were charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS by planning to kill Pamela […]

Dr. Alveda King: Liberal Race Baiting Is Tired and Wrong

PHILADELPHIA -  JANUARY 8:  Dr. Alveda King, founder of King for America, Inc., gestures at the Justice Sunday III rally on January 8, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the Family Research Council, the rally was held one day before the start of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.  (Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images) If you’re a conservative like me and have been for any length of time, then you are probably getting worn out from having to defend yourself from the many disgusting canards thrown at you by the left. The ad hominem attacks that vilify us as racists, homophobes, bigots, small minded, uninformed, anti-science, anti-woman, anti-elderly… it […]

No Permit, No Lemonade: Kids Shut Down by Bully Government

lemonade-stand-illegal Remember when you were a kid, and summer came, and you and your siblings or friends decided it would be fun to make and sell lemonade to your neighbors? People came by and bought little cups of your refreshing, sugary thirst-quencher when they were taking breaks from mowing their lawns or gardening. Maybe, like me, […]

The System Is Collapsing – Time To Get Physical

economic-collapse The global economic system, including and especially the U.S. economy, is starting to collapse.  Negative economic reports have been continuously streaming since late last fall. Even by the Government's own manipulated numbers, the GDP in the U.S. contracted in Q1.  From the majority of the economic reports for April and May – notwithstanding the absurdly […]

Mandatory Vaccinations Are Coming

obamasyringe Not to be so doom and gloom, but there is clearly a definite orchestrated push to ensure that vaccinations will be mandatory for everyone in America in our near future. Not just healthcare workers. Not just schoolchildren. Everyone will be expected to get their shots, like it or not. The American Medical Association (read: Rockefeller) […]

Stewardship of the Earth

earth-370x280 While I was in California a little over a month ago, I became aware that the well-publicized drought there is largely man made. Not that there isn't a lower than average rainfall, but the truth is there is plenty of water. The real problem is the governmental policies which will not allow the people to […]

Common Core and Progressive Domination of Math Instruction Equals Mathematic Illiteracy

Cuenta-de-resultados A century of progressive domination of the American educational system has resulted in a growing number of Americans remaining mathematically illiterate. The Common Core standards are a repeat of previously failed federal policies which fail to develop academic skill making the study of mathematics needlessly boring and challenging for too many talented students. These federally […]

Congress Engages in WWE with TPA

SmackDown-logo Yesterday might have just well been Friday the thirteenth for our emperor boy Obama. The House, in a surprising move, blocked the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) by voting down the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), which would provide financial assistance to those who lost jobs or wages because of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. TAA […]

All Politics is Local & North Carolina Just Proved It

NCGOP-Sign A few years ago conservative grassroots activists surprised the nation when we rose up together to protest the increase in spending, the creation of new regulations, the addition of new methods of taxation, and particularly, the possibility of Obamacare. The mainstream media and the establishment quickly got used to seeing Tea Party activists everywhere they […]