Tennessee Voters May Declare Income Tax Unconstitutional

amendment_three_8543836_ver1.0_640_480 Voters in Tennessee are set to decide next week whether a state income or payroll tax should be declared forever unconstitutional through an amendment to the state constitution, the Washington Examiner reports. The argument from advocates of the amendment is that the permanent abolition of the state income tax would encourage businesses to relocate to Tennessee, […]

Quarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox Misled Public - Works for CDC – Her Attorney was White House Visitor & Tied to Al Sharpton

102514nurse Kaci Hickox has gotten a lot of mileage out of her emotion-packed description of her ordeal with screening and monitoring of individuals entering or returning to this country from Ebola stricken West Africa, her criticism of forced quarantine and the claim of civil rights violations. But, it might be more mileage than she originally intended. […]

When Criminals Speak

eric_holder-450x300-1-720x340 For almost four years, the precious metals and mining sectors have been taken behind the wood shed and beaten into submission. During this time, the people who understand the fundamentals for both the physical metals and the miners, have stood tall and continued to remind everyone of the reasons for holding physical precious metals and, […]

Colorado Implements Mail-In Votes

1299630406-vote-by-mail Evidently, Colorado has been working hard to obtain the crown of biggest election cheaters in the nation. They have some stiff competition, but with Governor John Hickenlooper's 2013 signing of a new election law, I'm sure they feel confident. The 2013 law has effectively nullified Election Day in Colorado. All ballots are now mailed to […]

EPA's Clean Water Act Was Bad - But This is Worse

epa_logo WOTUS? Another acronym! We live in a world of acronyms. It makes people feel isolated if they aren't up to speed with the latest techno-speak. Examples include the USA, UN, NATO, EPA, ISIS or ISIL, the IRS, DHS, DOD, DOE, BLM, just to name a few. POTUS means the President of the United States to […]

Woman Kills Rapist with His Own Gun – ISIS Beheads Her

rape-is-rape-600x364 I reported on the story of Reyhaneh Jabbari. The 26-year-old interior designer killed a would be client who tried to rape her. For this she sat in prison for 7 years and was eventually executed by hanging on Saturday. That happened in Iran. When Islamists are in control, Iraq, or any other Muslim country, is no different. No matter what Barack […]

Nurses Are Calling in Sick and Refusing to Treat America’s Latest Ebola Patient

Bellevue-Hospital-NYC-600x350 America's latest Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, was admitted to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday, despite passing the enhanced screening process that is now being used with travelers from Ebola-ridden countries in West Africa. But Bellevue Hospital has an unforeseen problem. Nurses are calling in sick and, in doing so, refusing to treat Spencer. After Thomas Duncan's death, two nurses who had treated […]