Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?

history-of-statue-of-liberty-1 "The greatness of America lies in the right to protest for right."—Martin Luther King Jr. Everything this nation once stood for is being turned on its head. Free speech, religious expression, privacy, due process, bodily integrity, the sanctity of human life, the sovereignty of the family, individuality, the right to self-defense, protection against police abuses, […]

The Path to Understanding: The Free Trade Agenda

President Barack Obama addresses a joint session of the United States Congress on the subject of job creation on Capitol Hill in Washington Evidently, the Republican leadership is continuing down the path to accepting the so-called "free trade" agenda of the Obama Administration, and they're willing to fast track it. They act as though it's solely about trade and to all appearances, so do most Republican members of the House, and Senate.  This poses a question about these […]

Why Janet Yellen Should Start Smoking Cigars

cigars Every three months, the mainstream media participate in a ridiculous charade: interpreting the quarterly announcements from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The first time I paid much attention to this spectacle was more than 30 years ago, when Paul Volcker was Fed chairman. Pundits joked that investors could get a feeling for the direction […]

Will Indiana Be Broken by Law?

gavel-scales-law-books At the foundation of every social order is a concept of law, government and individual rights. For most of the history of our country this foundation was the Bible — the Word of God — including both the Old and New Testaments. All of the original 13 states expressed in their Constitutions that the Christian […]

Obamacare – The Unconstitutional Gift that Keeps on Fleecing

Obama_death_star Obamacare – the unconstitutional "gift that keeps on fleecing." This unconstitutional "signature" law of Obama to "cover the 20-30 million uninsured" while touting "those who like their health care plan, can keep their health care plan" has had numerous consequences exposed that indicates Obama lied about the effect of this law. Several news reports and […]

Armed Georgia Man Shoots Carjacker to Save Woman on Hood

040515_bystander In my beloved home state of Georgia, a courageous supporter of our Constitution stood up for one of his neighbors and told local criminals they'd better be careful. On Friday April 3rd at a car wash in Smyrna, GA, just northwest of Atlanta, a teenager tried to steal a woman's car! The angry car owner jumped on […]

America The Beautiful, The Sound of A Cow

25312260_BG2 Like many of us cold-hearted and war-hardened veterans, a particularly moving rendition of "The Stars And Stripes" or "America The Beautiful" will render me "misty-eyed." If you have ever taken the time to listen to Ray Charles' rendition of "America The Beautiful," you know what I mean. On this coming Saturday, April 11th, I will […]

The Left Strikes Back with GoFundMe

5246453_G Well, the results are in, and it appears that the owners of Memories Pizza are more than all set financially. For those who have been off planet, here's a quick recap. A local TV reporter walks into a mom-and-pop pizza parlor and offers up a bogus hypothetical question - would this shop service a homosexual […]

Tennessee Seeks to Make Bible State Book

bible-tn There are times that we see the well-intentioned actions of good men accomplish little. They, seeking to make a statement to the world around them or to make a point, contrive to accomplish something that will, in the end, accomplish nothing. This is the case in Tennessee. Christian News reports:  A proposed Tennessee bill to […]