Obama Takes Aim at Alleged “Racist” Police Officers

2014-11-22T054224Z_1_LYNXNPEAAL011_RTROPTP_4_USA-IMMIGRATION-OBAMA-e1416920267345 In an effort that will not only fuel the fire of racial tension across America after the events of Ferguson, Missouri, but will also be another attempt to redirect the public's attention away from his announcement of providing illegal executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Barack Obama will be providing rhetoric to deal with […]

How the U.S. Is Being Set Up to Lose World War III

russia-sells-china-air-defense If World War III were to break out today, the U.S. would lose to its enemies, both foreign and domestic, that have conspired to change the balance of power on the planet. There is no doubt that the Russians are being antagonistic and provocative with regard to their military activities. America and her NATO allies […]

Radical Leftists Now Endangering Female Athletes

NFHS Logo Alternative Option Color The inmates are running the asylum in Indy. Until recently, I had not heard of the National Federation of State High School Associations, or NFHS. This Indianapolis-based organization has, since 1920, developed and published playing rules for high-school sports in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Like so many other national organizations charged […]

Obama Admin Plots New Teacher Training Regulations

Teacher Fed up with teacher education programs it believes routinely underperform, the Obama administration wants to compel states to start rating the programs based on how well they prepare students for the profession. And teachers are not happy about it. Recently, more focus has given to the perceived need to boost the quality of America's teachers, […]

Obama FDA Considers Lifting Ban on Sodomites Donating Blood

1682565-poster-1280-bloodrive Again, this is another move under the Obama administration to put the American public in danger while promoting what is clearly an unhealthy lifestyle. The Food and Drug Administration advisors will be meeting the first week in December to talk about lifting a thirty year old prohibition on sodomites donating blood. The Hill reports: If […]