Why It's Important to Understand The War to Enslave the States

civil-war-soldiers We read almost daily about the division between 'Left' and 'Right'; between 'Conservatives' and 'Liberals' in America. Many are wondering what is happening to our country today; why the GOP isn't conservative as it once was...and why electoral politics isn't helping at all. The reason is that in American politics, 'conservative' has never meant what […]

Pentagon Claims That Climate Change 'Enables Terrorism'

QDR 2014 In it’s latest Quadrennial Defense Review the Pentagon has said that climate change and ’erratic’ climate will cause increased terrorist activity. The four yearly reports highlight threats that face civilization and this years homed in on climate change causing an increase in terrorism. It also mentioned that rises in sea levels and other issues associated […]

The New Face of Obama’s Military

alg_obama_dont_ask_5 This ain't your grandfather's military. It's not your father's or even your older brother or sister's military. Today's military, Obama's troops, look nothing like the military we have come to know, love and respect, and I feel for so bad for our troops. Obama's new military has become a politically correct social experiment. And those […]

Can Americans Stop the Cartels? There’s an App for that!

phone In Part 1 of this series we presented basic American civics.  In Part 2, we critiqued the first five of ten proposed solutions to stop cartel rule over Washington D.C., ending the 150-year-long hijacking of our Constitution and counterfeiting of our money.  In this final article in the series we complete our critique, assessing the last five proposed […]

Driving Evolutionists Crazy - China's Jurassic Park Yields Major Dinosaur Find – Includes Skin And Feathers!

article-0-1C0E469500000578-396_634x480 A fossil bed in China that is being called “Jurassic Park” has yielded perhaps the greatest dinosaur soft tissue discovery of all time. According to media reports, “nearly-complete skeletons” have been discovered that even include skin and feathers. But of course if these dinosaurs are really “160 million years old”, that should be absolutely impossible. […]

Facebook Caves to Gun Grabbers in New Policy

facebook-guns Buckling under pressure from Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group to ban gun-themed fan pages, Facebook announced changes to its policy on March 5. Facebook calls these changes "educational and enforcement" measures regarding discussion of guns and other regulated items on its social networks. The changes, which also apply to […]

America’s Enemies & Homosexuals in the US Military

gay-army-drag1-600x345 According to the Leftist media outlet The Week, one of the greatest achievements in American history recently took place. The first on-base "drag show" in the history of the U.S. Military. The Week sets the scene: Troops based at the Kadena Air Base in Japan know how to party. On Saturday, six gay and straight service […]