Socialism for Dummies and Hipsters

socialism for dummies I am constantly amazed by young people who have drunken so deeply of the kool-aid offered by the left-wing. They actually believe the propaganda and lies used by Marxists. It's really quite sad to see so many that have been so completely bamboozled, no wonder we think our educational system is in the proverbial outhouse. […]

America: Unalienableville or Mafiaville?

Barack Obama The Essential Initial Question With religion broadly defined as the world view explaining or identifying the uncaused Cause, religion and politics are inseparable [1]. This means that given a political system, the most foundational question becomes "Which religious view shall be the coherent framework of our government?" Thought Experiment Consider two governments, both of which […]

Picture Me Rollin’: Against an Article V Convention

Article_V Picture yourself waking up Monday morning to see the news media proclaiming that over the weekend, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid had convened a secret meeting at Camp David to discuss how to make our government better.  With Democratic leaders and union bosses in attendance from each state, they called a "Convention for […]

Living Liberty

Liberty_Bell_2 Not too long ago, I posted on my Facebook wall a statement explaining how I have come to treasure various colonial preachers and their sermons; men like Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Mayhew, George Whitefield, and Cotton Mather, whose sermons and teachings greatly impacted the lives and thoughts of America's founders. Indeed, "[t]here is not a right […]