Four Washington Cops Tase Man To Death In A Parking Lot

taser-m261 Washington news station KOMO News report that police who responded to a distressed man in a parking lot used excessive force, tasing him FOUR TIMES to subdue him. The man, Ron Hillstrom later died. Ashley Patterson told KOMO: “I see four officers walking up on him and they’re like, ‘It’s the police,’ and he’s like […]

Evil is Powerless if the Good are Unafraid

ap_ronald_reagan_jef_120615_wg "Evil is Powerless if the Good are Unafraid" -Ronald Reagan Imagine with me for a moment if George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson never existed. Imagine history without Abraham, Moses, King David or the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Where would we be if these men did not exhibit leadership with courage and sacrifice […]

USDA Solicits for Submachine Guns with 30-Round Magazines

usdagun Breitbart is reporting that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently put up a solicitation on the Federal Business Opportunities website as follows: A May 7th solicitation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks “the commercial acquisition of submachine guns [in] .40 Cal. S&W.” According to the solicitation, the Dept. of Agriculture wants the guns […]

SC Judge Casey Manning Rules Speaker Bobby Harrell Can’t be Investigated by Grand Jury over Allegations of Corruption

casey manning A grand jury was ordered to stop investigating South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell. The judge ruled that only the Republican's colleagues and friends in the state House Ethics Committee can begin a probe into allegations of corruption against him. In 2013, the South Carolina Policy Council filed a complaint with Alan Wilson, Republican state […]

Obama HHS Appointee Sylvia Burwell Boasts Selective Enforcement of Obamacare at Confirmation Hearing

P1-BP780_SEBELI_G_20140410204025 South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune and Health and Human Services secretary nominee Sylvia Burwell had a testy exchange over Obamacare, in which she declined to promise she would share premium rates with Congress. In Burwell’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee, Thune went after Obamacare’s implementation, ranging from pushing several Obamacare deadlines until […]

The New Media Saved the Day at the Bundy Ranch

screenshot-BLM-leaving-Bundy-Ranch-540x376 There is an old saying that used to apply to the news media, "If it bleeds it leads." In other words, the news media loves to sell sensationalism. Remember the cry on the streets back when the local newspaper was king? "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" That was what the newspaper man barked as […]

Glenn Greenwald Slams ‘Pro-Government’ U.S. Media: ‘Neutered And Impotent And Obsolete’

130726_glenn_greenwald_ap_605 Glenn Greenwald, the journalist behind the Edward Snowden leaks, savaged the “pro-government journalists” ubiquitous throughout the American media, accusing The Washington Post and others of making journalism “neutered and impotent and obsolete.” Greenwald spoke with Amy Goodman on the left-wing radio and TV program “Democracy Now” about the politics behind his Pulitzer Prize-winning reports on […]

Is the Pro Life Movement Gaining Traction?

Dezvoltare-personala-spiritual-timetv-time-fericire-deznadejde-1024x656 According to the Family Research Council, there is a growing surge of support for the pro life movement. As Americans witnessed the horror that was the Kermit Gosnell story, the idea that babies can feel pain during an abortion procedure has slowly crept back into the collective consciousness of the nation.  When hearing the facts […]