Hamas-CAIR Puts out Hit List Against Islamophobes

10743937_864486570251447_758894304_o So. The Muslim Brotherhood front group Hamas-CAIR has decided to build and "islamophobic" website and design a hit list in the same manner as the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate list." The new site is Islamophobia(dot)com. According to the website, "Islamophobia is closed-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims. An Islamophobe is an individual who holds […]

"Leeding" America Down the Garden Path

6a0120a73c0f0d970b017c332154e0970b Below is an op-ed submitted to our local newspaper regarding our local Conference Center.  I wrote this in response to an article they published in today's paper, where city staff members and leaders are lamenting that the building they mortgaged our fire houses to build didn't receive a higher "LEED" rating.  The Conference Center project […]

Rand Paul Shakes Up Party with Foreign Policy Speech

RAnd-PAul-Ben-Swann-photo1 Speaking at the Center for the National Interest, Senator Rand Paul gave a game-changing speech on foreign policy. According to Vox, Paul gave, for the first time, a comprehensive picture of how he thinks about foreign policy. He revealed four basic principles of his foreign policy: First, "war is necessary when America is attacked or threatened, […]

Fed Finally Ends Stimulus

Quantitative-Easing-2010-Federal-Reserve The Federal Reserve signaled confidence in the U.S. economy and relieved a few GOP lawmakers Wednesday when it announced it will stop purchasing bonds to stimulate the economy. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed has kept interest rates at or near zero percent by purchasing bonds in an effort to reduce unemployment and get […]

Watchdog Group Uncovers Corruption and Scandal in State Department's Afghan Prison Construction

15029171294_3382f2fc02_k-e1414513862690 A government watchdog report has found serious corruption and scandal in the renovation of Afghanistan's largest prison, resulting in millions of dollars of waste and the conviction of a State Department employee. The Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) discovered that the Al-Watan Construction Company (AWCC) received a $16.1 million dollar contract from […]

2014 Vote Fraud in Illinois and Maryland? Republican Votes Being Counted for Democrat Candidates

voter-fraud Last week we reported on claims coming out of Chicago that Republican votes were being counted for their opponents. Jim Moynihan blew the whistle on the potential fraud: Speaking of vote fraud, the Great 2014 Vote Fraud has already begun. In Illinois, early voting began on Monday, Oct. 19, 2014. So Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote at Chicago's Schaumburg Public Library using a touch-screen […]

Houston Mayor Drops Subpoenas of Pastor’s Sermons

7693952126_91353c60a2_k After pastors from around the United States and the world mailed in sermons and Bible, which some reports claim upwards of 1,000 bible were sent to Houston Mayor Annise Parker's office, the mayor has drop subpoenas for pastor's sermons. The Houston Chronicle reports: The city of Houston will withdraw its controversial subpoenas of five pastors […]

New Documents Confirm Obama Plan to Import African Ebola Patients

obama-ebola-600x309 This is why my good friends at Fellowship of the Minds call him President Lucifer… Calling him President Obola is racist, according to the libs, but if the shoe fits… There simply are not words strong enough to explain who this man really is. It is no secret that America's handling of the current Ebola crisis has left something to be desired. The Obama Administration […]