DARPA Developing One Shot XG Sniper Scope

OneShotXG- In view of the ongoing militarization of law enforcement agencies across the country, anything the military is developing is of interest as it will most likely find its way into the back of one of the armored vehicles that police forces are so fond of acquiring these days. The United States Army is currently testing […]

The Importance of the Rule of Law

the-rule-of-law-1 The main difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that democracies operate by rule of law and dictatorships operate by fiat of the dictator.  There is no rule of law in a dictatorship, and there are no dictators in a state governed by the rule of law. This is a distinction that most Americans […]

Boston University Caves to Islamic Supremacist Demands

Screen-Shot-2014-02-13-at-11.43.55-AM Check out how Boston University officials turn themselves inside out to accommodate Muslim demands. Muslim supremacists said that taking down the US from within would be easy – they were right. Remember this is Boston, as in the Boston Marathon bombing — Anne works at Boston University (thanks to Inba): I work at a university library in Boston, […]

Rand Paul Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against NSA

rand-paul-nsa-lawsuit_custom-82a62de61b5bcea84c3a90d00d4e082819ea143c-s40-c85 On Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) finally put his money where his mouth is. Paul had been threatening a lawsuit against the National Security Agency for months. The Kentucky senator officially filed a class-action lawsuit against NSA, the Obama administration and various other security officials regarding the violation of the Fourth Amendment via surveillance programs […]

Obamacare: Thanks Obama for Looking Out for the Middle Class

money healthcare "Reinsurance for Early Retirees (ERRP)" Sec. 1102 found in Obamacare was a program (bailout) that provided $5 Billion in "financial assistance" for "employers" - businesses, unions, state and local governments plus non-profit organizations - offering health care benefits to their employees. Money for this program was a "bridge" for businesses and individuals after competitive insurance […]

Working in an American Auschwitz

auschwitz When I was but a wee child, actually a very young teen ager, I was blessed to have a teacher by the name of Mrs. Haley; aka: (respectfully) "Haley's Comet."  She taught a class that I suspect is not offered anymore, but was mandatory in my time; it was called "Civics." Mrs. Haley taught us […]

Citizens Have the Power to Control School Curriculum

education study books and apple Citizens can control the curricula taught in our schools. Parents sitting on curriculum-selection committees that choose textbooks can identify objectionable materials and protest before the state or district purchases the text book. Health curriculum has received a lot of attention lately, but citizens could have protected their children from exposure to an objectionable curriculum by […]