Grand Jury Decides to Let NYPD Officer Get Away With Murder

Eric-Garner Yesterday, we reported that a grand jury was deciding whether or not NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo should face criminal charges in the chokehold death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner. Garner's death was caught on video by at least two witnesses. The medical examiner ruled the man's death a homicide. Yet, a grand jury decided […]

Another 213,146 Americans Volunteer for FEMA Camps

FEMA-Roundup-600x328 There is no doubt that the American people are a good people. We are quite concerned about the direction in which this country is headed. But we aren't too smart. Recently over 213,000 people signed one of those "We the People" petitions asking begging the Federal Government to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist […]

The 12 Rules of Christmas - Do's & Dont's of Celebrating Christmas in Schools, Workplaces & Elsewhere

scrooge_800_800 Over the years, The Rutherford Institute has been contacted by parents and teachers alike concerned about schools changing their Christmas concerts to "winter holiday programs" and renaming Christmas "winter festival" or cancelling holiday celebrations altogether to avoid offending those who do not celebrate the various holidays. Hoping to alleviate ongoing confusion arising from political correctness […]

The Ferguson Endgame

civiliannationalsecurityforce If you're a police officer and anywhere close to retirement, you may want to consider doing so – retiring, that is. You see, whether you realize it yet or not, you're being hunted – witch-hunted. Let me rephrase that. Liberals hate to lose. They can't or won't accept it as a part of life, as […]

Ferguson 2.0: Will Grand Jury Indict NYPD Cop for Chokehold Killing?

Eric-Garner On July 17, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old NY resident, was confronted by the NYPD for allegedly selling "untaxed" cigarettes. Garner questioned the thugs officers about why he was being harassed. At least two witnesses filmed the incident, which clearly shows Daniel Pantaleo, one of the NYPD bullies, throw Garner into a chokehold – a move that was banned by the police […]

Report: EPA Lost Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars To Fraud, Poor Management

2014-11-12T001417Z_1_LYNXNPEAAB00B_RTROPTP_4_CUBA-USA-e1417552080502 Republicans are targeting wasteful and "egregious" spending at the Environmental Protection Agency, issuing a new report showing the agency has lost millions to employee scams, lax oversight and wasteful research projects. A report released by Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake found numerous examples of EPA mismanagement and excess, including employees illegitimately spending $15 million on […]