It’s Time to Bring Back the Black Robed Regiment

black robed regiment Pastor and state Representative Dan Fisher(R-OK) has rescued a crucial part of our history from near oblivion – namely, the role that many pastors played in our War for Independence. In his book, Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment (2013), Fisher examines the "patriot preachers" of the 18th Century, who led their congregations to battle […]

Louisiana Common Core Feud Hurdling Towards Courtroom

dt.common.streams.StreamServer Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's effort to repeal Common Core in his state is almost certainly headed to the courtroom following the failure of last-ditch negotiations between the governor and state Superintendent of Education John White, who favors retaining the controversial education standards. Gov. Jindal has attempted to block Common Core's implementation by issuing an executive […]

The Coming Christian Revolt

birmingham-water-hose-rainbow From behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular-"progressive." He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, "War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?" He then resumes shooting, all the while insisting that those uncooperative Christians who scatter for cover behind the word of […]

Gold And Silver – BRICS And Germany Will Pave The Way

A man walks past a signage decoration for the BRICS summit outside Sheraton Hotel, the venue for the third BRICS summit in Sanya, Hainan province April 14, 2011. Trade ministers of the five BRIC nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China and new member South Africa - gave no sign on Wednesday of being ready to make concessions to break a deadlock in decade-old talks to free up global commerce. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS) - RTR2L78N There is no one singular event that will ultimately loosen the manipulative shackles thatthe elite's central bankers have maintained on the PMs [Precious Metals], as evidencecontinues to mount that Western countries, and the US, especially, are going undereconomically and financially.  All central banks are insolvent, kept afloat by lies.  Theaccounting rules have been changed to allow […]

Congressmen Call for National Guard to Secure Border

National-Guard-at-border-700x466 Congressmen Steve King (R-IA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Thomas Massie (R-Ky), and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) are the few leaders in Washington who are trying to take action on America's southern border. The first item on their agenda: secure the border. In a press release this weekend, Rep. Jones called on border state governors to deploy their […]

Has Obama Sold Out “His” People?

ObamaDeception_Wide Be sure to forward this commentary to everybody you know who voted for Obama. Especially if they are black. Especially if they are burdened by white guilt. Especially if they think that Obama cares about "regular" people. Especially if they think he gives a rip about poor black kids. Especially if they think he wants […]

Obama Enriches Immigration Lawyers via Illegal Immigrants

safe_image The man occupying the White House, along with his Democratic Senate ilk, have repeatedly bombarded the American public with "immigration reform" rhetoric. The oft repeated phrase is "our immigration system is broken and needs reform." In an article in April, the question was posed, "What is wrong with the immigration law as it currently stands […]

Using Children for Warfare on Our Border & Elsewhere

children_on_border Civilization has devolved.  I'm trying to think of any other time in history, other than recent history, where grown men used children as tools and shields in war.   I am aware of sexual exploitation of children in failed civilizations of the past, and sacrificing children in ancient pagan rituals.  But somehow this seems a bit […]

Marvel ’ous Diversity

os-major-changes-comic-book-history-pictures-016 It is said that "love" is all you need. That may be true for us mere mortals, but what about non-mortals? What about the comic superheroes that so many have grown up with and have, over the last several years, become big budget action movies – box office smashes? It seems "diversity" is all they […]