Propaganda 101: Operation Mockingbird Continues

71Gyj6WRxwL._SL1024_ Most Americans are under the influence of TV and radio sources for the daily dose of propaganda. Not understanding they are being lied to and made to believe a lie, it becomes a formidable task to get folks to see the light. They want to see, it's just the lie is so big, so pervasive […]

This Is What Happens When Liberal Depravity is Normalized

feminist_takeover Authors warning: EXTREMELY graphic sexual, horrific content and images. The creeping crud that is Liberalism, the modern day hydra head of Relativism as espoused by Protagoras, has so permeated our society to the point that we are desensitized to much of the decay. The scourge of libertine perversion has myriad heads – like the Hydra […]

Doctor Explains the Dangers of Physician Assisted Suicide

Philippines 6 Sometimes, it seems like those who would relish in furthering an evil agenda are legion.  In almost every institution, evil, and the sinister intentions it harbors, has found a way inside; and, more importantly, has taken over.  Sadly, it was transported there from within the hearts of men. So, perhaps, we only have ourselves to […]

The American Oligarchy

Am-Oligarchy We are fundamentally changing, it's been coming for decades but it is more noticeable now because we have Internet, wireless devices, pocket size encyclopedias encapsulating libraries around the world, and instant access to real news around the globe. We see how the main stream media has become the spokesperson for the ruling elites, corruption rules […]

Are Christians and Muslims the Same?

cross "Offend a Christian and he is obliged to pray for your salvation. Offend a Muslim and he is obliged to murder you." So observed conservative journalist Robert Stacy McCain in the wake of this week's horrific Charlie Hebdo massacre in France. And then we have Islam's useful idiots – the politically correct set: secular-"progressive" media-types […]

Lead Charlie Hebdo Investigator Commits Suicide

Helric-Fredrou A Police Commissioner with SRPJ (Service Régional de Police Judiciaire), Helric Fredou, was found dead in his office early Thursday. It is being reported that he took his own life with his service weapon. Fredou was the 2nd highest ranking official in the department and was involved in the early investigations into the Charlie Hebdo massacre. […]