US Intervention in Ukraine - Can We Afford It?

Soldiers-in-Ukraine-s-Crimean-peninsula-jpg Officially, US debt stands at more than $17 trillion. In reality, it is many times more. The cost of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq may be more than six trillion dollars. President Obama's illegal invasion of Libya cost at least a billion dollars and left that country devastated. The costs of US regime […]

Game Changer: “Your Cost of Living Will Quadruple”

dollar shrink It’s no secret that the U.S. government is in serious fiscal trouble. So much so that our Treasury Secretary recently noted that should the debt ceiling fail to be increased, the fall-out would be “catastrophic” and last for generations. Given that sobering report, consider that everything in America, from food to fuel, is subsidized in […]

Mother Jones Welcomes CPAC into the Fold

cpac-sign-630-354 Once again, the list of people who were not invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, is making more news than the event itself. CPAC's latest purge has won praise from the uber-left organ Mother Jones. What could be more illustrative of how far CPAC has departed from rational, reasoned conservative […]

Spartanburg County, SC Shorted $20 Million - Pays Twice in Taxes for Services: “The Law is Not Being Followed”

spartanburg-20-mil According to Spartanburg County Council District 6 Representative Roger A. Nutt, county residents have been paying twice for services and have been shorted $20 million by the State of South Carolina. "For those of us fortunate enough to live in Spartanburg County," explained Nutt in a newsletter to constituents. "It means that over the last 5 years […]

Between Anarchy and Tyranny, There is Liberty

liberty The problem with anarchy is that it must become organized to accomplish anything.  Then like militant apathy it declares war against the machine never realizing that it is merely another cog in the wheel that grinds itself to dust.    The Law of Liberty defines that space where an individual is secure and free to live […]

Barack Obama’s Betrayal of the Youth of America

obama-youth In the 2008 presidential election, over 68 percent of those in the age demographic of 18-33-year-olds voted for Barack Obama. Just before Obama's second term in office, at the 2012 Republican National Convention, the Republicans sadly were dressed up as if they were going to an Elvis concert (sorry folks, Elvis died in 1977), forgetting […]

RT’s Abby Martin: “RT Tows Perspective of Russian Foreign Policy Just As…Entire Corporate Media Tows Perspective of US Establishment”

o-ABBY-MARTIN-facebook-700x350 After speaking out in opposition of Russia's invasion of Crimea, RT's Abby Martin spoke with CNN's Piers Morgan about corporate media and its kowtowing to advertisers. Morgan starts the interview by asking Martin about coworker Liz Wahl work resigned on air in protest of what the Russian government is doing. Martin said that she supports Wahl and […]

Illegal Immigration Invasion - Demographics are Changing by Force & It’s All About Getting Votes & Keeping Power

border-crossing-ann-coulter-voter-fraud-620x412 Listening to the lame stream enemedia reports especially by MSNBC, Americans are being told that the demographics are changing. These Obama mouthpieces appear to be proud of that fact. But, if the demographics are changing, in what direction are they changing, why and for what purpose? According to a theory by conservative commentator Ann Coulter, […]