Obama Admin Pushes Coloring Book to Stop the Hoax of Global Warming

Stop-Global-Warming-Wallpaper Perhaps frustrated with a public that is lacks burning enthusiasm for environmental causes, the Obama administration is turning to a new strategy: Get them on board while they're in preschool, with coloring books. Buried within an Obama administration announcement of a major effort to increase anti-global warming education in American schools is a peculiar notice: […]

Marijuana – The Gateway Drug

marijuana How often have we heard that? For many users and abusers of drugs, marijuana is but a gateway drug for other substances that are far worse. I happen to believe, at least for some, that this is true, but that's not the Gateway to which I'm referring. The gateway I'm talking about is the one […]

Obamacare and a Bundle of Cash

HEALTHCARE-MONEY-INVEST_1381079201528_3376660_ver1.0_640_480 I've watched Americans cheering in mass hysteria for the Affordable Care Act of March 23, 2010, that would provide health insurance for 15 percent of Americans who either could not afford health care premiums, were denied insurance based on pre-existing conditions, or chose not to purchase insurance, gambling on their good health and immortal youth. […]