Muslims Demand Tax-Funded Halal Food in Public Schools

542-de-Blasio-muslim-halal-meals-city-schools The relentless push to Islamicize the public square, and in this case the public school, escalates in New York City. Fresh on the heels of Muslim school holidays comes this demand for halal food in the New York City public schools. According to the well-coached children making the demand, the vegetarian option is not sufficient […]

Flight MH370: Scenario Sixty-Seven

Malaysia-Airlines-Missing-Flight-MH370-Could-Be-in-Gulf-of-Thailand Everyone this side of the grave seems to have a theory as to what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and where that plane may be; intact or otherwise. I don't. Many people are aware of the fact that I have friends in many strange and foreign lands to include Iran, Saudi Arabia, […]

The 'Jihadi Fire Ant' Attacks Scholar Walid Phares

WalidPharesTheCrisisinLebanonandSyria41113 It was not shocking to see the "Islamist lobby," both Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Iranian regime operatives, attacking Walid Phares for his new masterpiece -- The Lost Spring: US Foreign Policy in the Middle East and the Catastrophes to Avoid -- that will come to light next week. Observers were expecting a serious reading and critique […]

Perfect Example of Leftist with Treasonous Tweets

bill-of-rights-hero-lg Leftist with treasonous tweets is becoming the norm for today's society The left is an amazing subculture of people. They are classless, rank, indelicate, dishonest, and vapid. Those are their good qualities. They firmly believe they have the correct motivation in life, the correct understanding in life, and the correct way of bringing about a […]

Potent Propaganda: The College Debt Bubble Is Set to Explode

edumacation This month President Obama issued a directive that will penalize “for-profit” trade schools because students are amassing huge levels of debt they can’t pay off. According to the President and the Department of Education these specialty training schools promise to train students and prepare them for a career in everything from computer design to personal […]

Democrat Sponsored "Income Inequality" & the Law of Bad Ideas

600-view Debate rages over "income inequality". CEOs makes hundreds or thousands of times more than workers. That is one aspect of income inequality. And it's easily explained: The Fed's inflation policies, bank bailouts, Fractional Reserve Lending, and crony capitalism are to blame. That blame is nonpartisan. Rather than attack the problem, "progressive" partisans howl over minimum […]

Are World War III Plans About to Backfire?

World_War_III_Infobox It appears that the more than $3.5 trillion that American taxpayers have paid to the war industry since 9/11 is not enough.  Reading the Ukraine news lately, we see the age-old pattern: a tiny cohort of insanely wealthy men is attempting to spark World War III using the same tactics they used to spark the […]