trans Hold on. Courage, Matt, courage. Breathe. OK, I'm ready. This is it. I'm coming out. I want the world to know. I'm a black, lesbian platypus trapped in a white, straight guy's body. This is my truth. It's my experience. It's how I identify. It's my reality (actual reality notwithstanding). Transracial, transgender, and transpecies lives […]

The Culling of Humanity

Front view of human skull over black background One of the leading, hardest working researchers in Alternative Media is Deborah Tavares. From her main website, Stop The Crime.Net, to her numerous companion websites, Deborah's research and accompanying information is second to none. Joining Deborah on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show was usual host, Jason Van Tatenhove, and guest-host Rich Scheben. Rich was invited […]

They’re Waiting For A Provocative Incident: “Obama Is Trying To Force A Confrontation So That He Has A Pretext To Declare Martial Law”

obama-martial-law What is the purpose of Jade Helm? How does it relate to the political and economic environment facing the United States? And what are some possible scenarios that may take place in coming months and years? If you think this massive military operation is just another exercise to prepare American soldiers to face a foreign threat […]

Michelle O. 'Sees Herself' in British Muslim Women

101110_michelle_headscarf_522_ap_regular Michelle Obama recently visited the U.K., where, according to The Mirror, she "compared her struggle to succeed as a young black woman in America to the experience of inner-city Muslim girls." She "struggled to hold back tears," said the Mirror, as she spoke to an audience of hijab-wearing Muslim girls at the Mulberry School for […]

Seneca’s Cliff: Greece, Debt and Paper Silver

Price-Of-Oil-Causes-A-Junk-Bond-Crash-Public-Domain-300x300-520x245 The path to growth is gradual but the road to ruin is rapid.  – Lucius Seneca, Roman philosopher We hosted Steve St. Angelo at the Shadow of Truth for a fascinating, if not startling, look at the big developments that look to have the west – and possibly the entire world – headed for an […]

Black Lives Matter (Even in the Womb)

fbc In the wake of Wednesday's tragic murder of nine image-bearers of God in Charleston, one predictable path that has been chosen by virtually every mainstream media mouthpiece speaking on the matter is that of "race." I put the word race in quotes because in reality, there is but one human race, though everything that we are […]

Will The US Supreme Court Endorse Immorality?

supreme-court When The US Supreme Court finally hands down their long-awaited decision on the definition of marriage, will this once honorable body endorse immorality, thereby losing any credibility they may still have, or will they come to their senses and realize that such a decision will literally destroy mankind as we have known it? If the […]