Jihadist Group Hacks US Central Command Twitter Account - Uploads Pentagon War Game Scenarios & Personal Details of Military Members

2 US Central Command (@Centcom), the unified military command responsible for security across the Arabian Peninsula and into the central Asia region, has had their Twitter account compromised. Cyber Jihadist claiming to be linked to ISIS were actively tweeting and uploading hacked war-game scenarios and other details that include phone numbers and email addresses for U.S. military […]

APD Cop Shoots…Cop During $60 Drug Bust

police-shooting The APD just can't stay out of the news. This time, though, they didn't shoot a "civilian." From the Albuquerque Journal: It was an undercover operation to bust two men for selling $60 worth of methamphetamine, but things didn't go as planned. An Albuquerque police lieutenant shot a fellow officer who was working undercover in […]

‘The Republic is No More’ Ron Paul Warns: “Police brutality and militarization may induce a violent event far beyond Ferguson”

ronpaulpolicestateshtf In a stark outlook and set of predictions for 2015, former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul cautioned that America has descended into a police state where liberties are "under siege" and further violent events and inner city turmoil, such as that seen in Ferguson, were likely to occur: If Americans were honest with themselves […]

Propaganda 101: Operation Mockingbird Continues

71Gyj6WRxwL._SL1024_ Most Americans are under the influence of TV and radio sources for the daily dose of propaganda. Not understanding they are being lied to and made to believe a lie, it becomes a formidable task to get folks to see the light. They want to see, it's just the lie is so big, so pervasive […]

This Is What Happens When Liberal Depravity is Normalized

feminist_takeover Authors warning: EXTREMELY graphic sexual, horrific content and images. The creeping crud that is Liberalism, the modern day hydra head of Relativism as espoused by Protagoras, has so permeated our society to the point that we are desensitized to much of the decay. The scourge of libertine perversion has myriad heads – like the Hydra […]

Doctor Explains the Dangers of Physician Assisted Suicide

Philippines 6 Sometimes, it seems like those who would relish in furthering an evil agenda are legion.  In almost every institution, evil, and the sinister intentions it harbors, has found a way inside; and, more importantly, has taken over.  Sadly, it was transported there from within the hearts of men. So, perhaps, we only have ourselves to […]