Is Chris Christie Done?…I Hope so

christie-gwb The republicans had better look elsewhere for a candidate and not because of "Bridgegate." Remember back when, when we all loved Chris Christie. Ann Coulter swooned over him. We loved his fire and passion. Remember how he fooled us all?  Then we wised up (at least some of us) after looking at him a little closer. Colin Powell […]

Boston’s Continuing Abuse of Free Speech

81c0a4f21f37cf7ec31abaf78275118b In fighting for free speech in Boston, we are showing up the inconsistency and self-contradictions of those who would limit our freedom of speech and the truth about jihadist savagery. It all started when, as we have done in many other cities over the last few years, my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or […]

Shocking Revelation about Gold Mining Companies

gold-mine Within the first week of 2014 U.K.’s Royal Mint announced they had completely sold out of sovereign gold coins. On the other side of the pond, the U.S. Mint reports that the sale of silver coins hit an all-time high at the end of 2013, proving that demand for physical precious metals has not abated. […]

Employment vs. Jobs Discrepancy - December 2013

employment application The wide discrepancy between jobs and employment continues for a third month. Jobs vs. Employment Discussion Before diving into the details, it is important to understand limits on data, and how the BLS measures jobs in the establishment survey vs. employment in the household survey. Establishment Survey: If you work one hour that counts as […]

Socially Engineered Equality will Cost Us Our Freedom

harvard graduation Many liberal theoreticians would argue that the striving for total equality is what drives many of their policy initiatives. Surely we can all relate to some reference made by a liberal politician concerning the "fairness" of life in American while cries are currently made to fight income inequality and raise the minimum wage. Liberals tend […]

Omaha Toddler Gets Reprieve From Thug Life... For Now

thug-life The Omaha toddler, who was videotaped engaging in a despicable, profanity-laden dialogue with two irresponsible caregivers, was removed from the aunt's home along with his 17-year-old mother and two other children. According to Douglas County court records, the children were placed in protective custody because relatives continually allowed known gang members into the house. As […]