Barack Obama, Will You Please Shut Your Pie Hole?

2014-01-29T034740Z_1_CBREA0S0AJJ00_RTROPTP_4_USA-OBAMA-SPEECH-e1392307948740 We all know that you are an experienced Southside Chicago community organizer. And what do community organizers do? They give inflammatory speeches. Mr. President, we know that with the aid of modern electronic teleprompters, you now have the reputation of being an outstanding speaker. Well, at least your supporters in the mainstream media tell us […]

Refuting the Claims of Lawrence Torcello that Global Warming Deniers be Jailed for Public Misinformation

LawrenceTorcello If you are an individual who doesn't accept all the scientific information that supports global warming, now dubbed "climate change" by its proponents, assistant philosophy professor Lawrence Torcello of Rochester Institute of Technology believes that you should be sent to jail, according to his essay, "Is Misinformation about the Climate Criminally Negligent" and reported by […]

What Will Happen When The Big One Hits California?

Earthquake-Freeway-Collapse On Monday, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake threw the city of Los Angeles into a bit of a tizzy. The ground shook, people screamed and news anchors ducked under their desks. But it was just a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. So what would happen if the “Big One” hit California? What would happen if an earthquake hundreds […]

Virginia Legislature Commends Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center Which Operates as Hamas Front Group

Anwar-al-Awlakis-mosque-AP The Virginia State Legislature this month passed a joint resolution commending the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center on the 30th anniversary of its founding. This is the mosque that the Treasury Department's Enforcement Communications System (TECS) says is "operating as a front for Hamas operatives in U.S." and "is associated with Islamic extremists."  It adds that Dar Al-Hijrah has been investigated […]

Dead Bankers, Common Core, and Destruction of the Middle Class

stop-common-core-meme-generator-children-of-the-core-stop-common-core-795031 Coincidence? No! The implementation of Common Core Standards is part of the educational plan to strip children of their self-determination and to establish a one-world economy. The educational system is not intended to accomplish this act alone. The impending collapse of the financial markets will complete the mission. According to the Canadian Free Press, changes […]