Dead Bankers, Common Core, and Destruction of the Middle Class

stop-common-core-meme-generator-children-of-the-core-stop-common-core-795031 Coincidence? No! The implementation of Common Core Standards is part of the educational plan to strip children of their self-determination and to establish a one-world economy. The educational system is not intended to accomplish this act alone. The impending collapse of the financial markets will complete the mission. According to the Canadian Free Press, changes […]

The Time Has Come for a New Declaration of Independents

0713dec On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the American people informed the British that they were no longer recognized as their leadership. This meant that they no longer considered themselves as dependents upon the British to establish the rule of law or commerce, and set themselves to be independents to make […]

State-Sponsored TV Anchor Threatens: Russia Is “Realistically Capable of Turning the United States Into Radioactive Ash”

America-in-Ashes As a preface to the following excerpt from Russian State-sponsored television, it’s import to note that freedom of speech in Russia has been effectively eliminated in recent weeks. Laws and regulations set to punish anyone who speaks against the state have been authorized, and as of this morning, web sites that disseminate opinions contrary to […]

Muslims Demand Tax-Funded Halal Food in Public Schools

542-de-Blasio-muslim-halal-meals-city-schools The relentless push to Islamicize the public square, and in this case the public school, escalates in New York City. Fresh on the heels of Muslim school holidays comes this demand for halal food in the New York City public schools. According to the well-coached children making the demand, the vegetarian option is not sufficient […]

Flight MH370: Scenario Sixty-Seven

Malaysia-Airlines-Missing-Flight-MH370-Could-Be-in-Gulf-of-Thailand Everyone this side of the grave seems to have a theory as to what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and where that plane may be; intact or otherwise. I don't. Many people are aware of the fact that I have friends in many strange and foreign lands to include Iran, Saudi Arabia, […]

The 'Jihadi Fire Ant' Attacks Scholar Walid Phares

WalidPharesTheCrisisinLebanonandSyria41113 It was not shocking to see the "Islamist lobby," both Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Iranian regime operatives, attacking Walid Phares for his new masterpiece -- The Lost Spring: US Foreign Policy in the Middle East and the Catastrophes to Avoid -- that will come to light next week. Observers were expecting a serious reading and critique […]