Why is Karl Rove Protecting Hillary Clinton?

Rove: Won’t go away. The man known as 'Bush's Brain' and who Bob Woodward says will just 'never go away' is championing the perpetuation of a failed Republican strategy. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Karl Rove actually asserted that if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, Republicans should not attack her. As for why Rove might be insisting on a […]

Will You Stay A Slave?

black-man-in-chains In the 1977 miniseries "Roots," the most remembered and replayed scene for most people is the one where a young Kunta Kinte is being whipped because he won't take a slave name. However, the scene that should be the most remembered because of its troubling content is when a grown Kunta Kinte finds his old […]

Colorado Fracking: To Frack or Not to Frack?

co drilling Colorado is debating two bills on fracking. Though they're on the opposite sides of the political spectrum, they both deal with the increasingly local nature of the fracking battle in the state. One – the Right to Local Self Government Act – would give local governments the right to ban any corporate activity they see fit, with […]

Our State of Police

270905police_state America does not have a police state. Yet. East Germany had a police state. Syria has a police state. In police states, the government is afraid of the people. Our government is not all that afraid of us. Despite the liberal paranoia about militias and assault rifles, the training drills and TV shows where survivalists […]

Republicans Say Obama Violating Constitution – Little Can Be Done About It As Republic Offers Its Last Prayer

ozartsetc_obama_burning-constitution_jon-mcnaughton_00 Yesterday in the National Review, Deroy Murdock nailed it. His article titled "The United States of Decline" with the subheading, "America unravels at an increasingly dizzying pace," succinctly laid out why we're headed for doom. The day before, the Drudge Report ran a headline from Fox News that read: "Republicans: Obama Violating Constitution, but little […]

Why Marxists Are Characterizing Patriots As Terrorists

Military-Flags-Usa-Navy-Concrete-Dont-Tread-On-Me-Gadsden-Flag-Fresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper- An Ohio National Guard unit conducted an exercise that depicted an uprising of "antigovernment," pro-Second Amendment supporters this past January. This is not the first time that state guard units have engaged in such training exercises. Even as a young marine I remember being conditioned to believe that we would be deployed against rioting American […]