Trans Pacific Partnership is Not Good for Liberty

SLC_NAFTAonSteroids Noam Chomsky recently told the Huffington Post that the Trans Pacific Partnership (or TPP) is a "neoliberal assault" to further corporate domination.  While most of the author/activist's basic assertions and concerns are correct, his focus on the corporate world is one aspect of this dangerous treaty.  It's not simply corporate power which would increase and become more […]

Tea Party Candidate Joshua Black: Obama Should be Hanged

joshua black Back in October, I laid out simply facts that clearly demonstrate the Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor, as defined in the US Constitution. With treason comes a traitor's death. Now, one Republican has taken that very stand. Florida Congressional candidate Joshua Black (District 68) tweeted out his assertion on Monday saying that he was […]

Raw Milk Could Be Legal in Maryland… Again

raw-milk-2 A proposed Maryland bill would restore the right of the states' citizens to participate in cow shares, or cow boarding, to obtain raw milk.  Maryland citizens lost the right to raw milk via cow shares in 2006, when the appointed director of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene redefined the word "sale" to […]

Retail Stores Drop Part Time Workers Healthcare Coverage - Thank Your Employer or Obamacare?

target-stores-obamacare-collage Obamacare does not mandate healthcare coverage for part-time employees (defined as those working less than 30 hours a week). As a direct result, numerous retail stores including Trader Joe’s and Home Depot have already stopped offering healthcare plans to part-time workers. Today, Target, the second-largest U.S. discount retailer by sales with about 361,000 total employees […]