One God - One Law

law The past week I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver's license. As I stood in that first line, a rather long line itself, I had the distinct impression I was in a foreign country. The language I heard all around was not English. The greatest jab was as […]

Shall We Overcome The Slavery That Is Oppressing Us?

SwastikaGay1 Some may wonder how refusing service or employment to a homosexual is any different than refusing service or employment to a Black person who cannot change his skin. The answer is this: Black people have sadly been maligned over the years with a variety of descriptions that range from "thuggish" and "menacing" to "ghetto." Colin […]

Police Chief Shane Harger - A Target of Tyranny?

Shane-Harger Supporting tyranny, corruption, and oppression in the name of ignorance is no excuse. While people from all across the nation have been begging, pleading, and demanding police officers to stand upon their oath, to stand against the corrupt, (here, here,) murdering, abusive, criminal tyrants” that wear their “costumes” as a uniform of power and control. […]

CBO: Raising Minimum Wage Will Cost 500,000+ Jobs

Minimum-wage-photo-123013 A new CBO study shows ObamaCare Magnifies Minimum-Wage Job Losses. The Congressional Budget Office weighed in on President Obama's proposed $10.10-an-hour minimum wage, saying it could lead to job losses that range from "very slight" to "1 million." But in a footnote, the nonpartisan number cruncher explained that near-term job loss may be higher because […]

More Hospitals Closing Due to Obamacare

RTX16H9I_opt-e1387385916311 It seems lately in America we are going around one mulberry bush or another. If it isn't unemployment, the debt crisis, unconstitutional executive orders, NSA spying or the various other problems including the numerous scandals overshadowing the Obama administration, it's the Affordable Care Act aka the UnAffordable Care Act or Obamacare. The State of Georgia, […]

Obama's House Negroes

obamas house negroes freedomoutpostdotcom If Obama is anything, he is a contradiction. As the first dark-skinned afro-haired President, Obama represents the moral triumph of a country that has politically expiated for her slavery. Yet the most consistent thread to be identified in Obama's policies is that of betraying Americans of their unalienable rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit […]