John McCain Censured by Maricopa County Republican Party

john mccain spaz Following in the footsteps of his fellow partner in crime Lindsey Graham, Arizona Senator John McCain was rightly censured by the Maricopa County Republican Party for failing to stand behind the Republican Party's principles and siding with "liberal Democrats" too many times over the years. The vote for the censure was 1,150-351 in favor of […]

Confronting Bully School Boards about Common Core

CommonCore-500x219 Citizens have been censured, silenced, and threatened by school board members who protect a political agenda rather than serve the people who elect them. Some school board members themselves have been subjected to this abuse from their fellow board members. Citizens who stand up to these tyrants are finding public and legal support. Education should […]

Young Patriots Look to Take Back Montana, then the Republic

 I cannot speak to what you were doing at the tender age of 22, but I was certainly not doing anything of real significance.  However, that's not the case for Montana's younger generation.  Representative Sarah Laszloffy (HD 57), age 22, headlines a ground-swell of youthful patriots with one goal in mind… first take back Montana, then take […]

Is Chris Christie Done?…I Hope so

christie-gwb The republicans had better look elsewhere for a candidate and not because of "Bridgegate." Remember back when, when we all loved Chris Christie. Ann Coulter swooned over him. We loved his fire and passion. Remember how he fooled us all?  Then we wised up (at least some of us) after looking at him a little closer. Colin Powell […]

Boston’s Continuing Abuse of Free Speech

81c0a4f21f37cf7ec31abaf78275118b In fighting for free speech in Boston, we are showing up the inconsistency and self-contradictions of those who would limit our freedom of speech and the truth about jihadist savagery. It all started when, as we have done in many other cities over the last few years, my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or […]

Shocking Revelation about Gold Mining Companies

gold-mine Within the first week of 2014 U.K.’s Royal Mint announced they had completely sold out of sovereign gold coins. On the other side of the pond, the U.S. Mint reports that the sale of silver coins hit an all-time high at the end of 2013, proving that demand for physical precious metals has not abated. […]

Employment vs. Jobs Discrepancy - December 2013

employment application The wide discrepancy between jobs and employment continues for a third month. Jobs vs. Employment Discussion Before diving into the details, it is important to understand limits on data, and how the BLS measures jobs in the establishment survey vs. employment in the household survey. Establishment Survey: If you work one hour that counts as […]