There’s a Fight to Keep Nancy Pelosi Away from the Gavel

Pelosi-March Recently the National Journal ran a story crediting Florida Republican David Jolly's victory, in part, to reminding people that a defeat could move U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi "one step closer to reclaiming the speaker's gavel." If the Republican Party were serious about winning in order to reclaim the country for Conservative values – which they […]

NASA Promotes Communist Agenda in New Research Study

Communism-nasa The National Aeronautics Space Administration, also known as NASA, has been most known for its leadership in space exploration through manned missions to the moon and operation of the Space Shuttle. However, not long ago, Obama instructed NASA to engage in Muslim "outreach" as its main purpose. NASA also funds research studies. The latest study […]

Consumer Reports: “Stay Away From”

consumer-reports-logo_July_2010 One of America’s most well known and trusted organizations has given potential health care seekers yet another concern over the Patient Affordable Care Act. According to Consumer Reports the government’s web site, which is the primary entry point for millions of people needing to sign up for health care plans, is a “mess.” Citing […]

Global Warming and the Implementation of Agenda 21

agenda21 Yesterday, I wrote an article regarding the comments made by assistant philosophy professor Lawrence Torcello in his essay, "Is Misinformation about the Climate Criminally Negligent." While we all know that global warming is a ruse forced on the public in order to subjugate us further to government in preparation of the New World Order, the […]

Know Thy Enemy: If You’re Supporting a Candidate that Enables Any of These 4 Things, You’re Supporting Your Opponent

600x4082-600x345 Each week we will take some time to go through my 10 Commandments of Political Warfare from my new book Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again. My 10 Commandments of Political Warfare provide a blueprint for defeating the Statist Marxist Left in America. However, before we can devise a plan to defeat our opponent, we must first know our […]