Ares Armor Raided by ATF - Gun Advocates Respond

ares Federal Judge Janis L. Sammartino revised her previous decision, which allowed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to raid Ares Armor, a firearms parts seller in San Diego. The ATF raided the company in order to gain access to a list containing more than 5,000 names of customers who had purchased an EP Armory […]

US Looting Gold from Ukraine While No One is Looking?

Ukraine-gold The Global Elite (GE) have made themselves wealthy off of the resources (both financial and natural) of other countries for decades. This is one of the reasons why wars, military conflicts, and civil unrest works so well for them and why they continue to do what they can to ensure that society is always in […]

Coffee Shop Owner Encourages Gun Toting Baristas

coffee-gun The owner of a coffee stand in Washington state is allowing her employees to bring guns to work. Sara Chapel owns Jitterz Java in Spokane. After the stand was robbed three times in a month, she’s had enough, and told KXLY she refuses to let her staff be victimized anymore: “It is just a little […]

The Craft – Government Control of Thought Via Media

pmp_MINISTRYHEADER Since man has been under the "powers that be," the "powers that be" have constantly striven to maintain control through craft. The manner of control used today is primarily (within the United States) accomplished by maintaining the thought process and beliefs of the general populace via the media. Because this column is not written for […]

Did The West Create Chaos In Crimea and Ukraine?

UkraineProtests While western media and politicians are up in arms about Russia’s “Invasion” into Ukraine, they are not admitting to how western nations like the United States are involved in creating the power vacuum in the first place that Putin is taking advantage of. Crimea overwhelmingly votes to leave Ukraine for Russia, as 60,000 troops are […]

The Constitution is Supposed to Protect Us From Washington

the constitution The US was established as a Constitutional Republic. The Founding Fathers provided us with three vital documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and its amendments, called The Bill of Rights. Taken together, these documents establish the philosophic bases of our government and set up a foundation from which all laws in our nation proceed. […]

There’s a Fight to Keep Nancy Pelosi Away from the Gavel

Pelosi-March Recently the National Journal ran a story crediting Florida Republican David Jolly's victory, in part, to reminding people that a defeat could move U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi "one step closer to reclaiming the speaker's gavel." If the Republican Party were serious about winning in order to reclaim the country for Conservative values – which they […]

NASA Promotes Communist Agenda in New Research Study

Communism-nasa The National Aeronautics Space Administration, also known as NASA, has been most known for its leadership in space exploration through manned missions to the moon and operation of the Space Shuttle. However, not long ago, Obama instructed NASA to engage in Muslim "outreach" as its main purpose. NASA also funds research studies. The latest study […]

Consumer Reports: “Stay Away From”

consumer-reports-logo_July_2010 One of America’s most well known and trusted organizations has given potential health care seekers yet another concern over the Patient Affordable Care Act. According to Consumer Reports the government’s web site, which is the primary entry point for millions of people needing to sign up for health care plans, is a “mess.” Citing […]