Obama’s Secret Drone Assassination Memo Released

drone The United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a Freedom of Information Act request be granted with regard to a memo which has been used to justify the assassination of American citizens by drone strikes on foreign soil. While Congress made threats to obtain these documents, they never followed through. The memo […]

Study: Man-made Aerosol Emissions Have Helped Cool Planet

coal-fired-power-plants Researchers with Israel’s Weizmann Institute have found that man-made aerosol emissions have had a net cooling effect on the planet since the Industrial Revolution. The idea is that few clouds may have populated the skies before the Industrial Revolution, but the increased aerosol emissions from man-made industrial sources may have actually increased cloud cover on […]

30 Signs That You're One of Those "Crazy Preppers"

FoodPreps With all the recent talk in the news about “Doomsday Preppers” and the demonization in the media, you have to be aware that you’re considered a little….different. The fact that you are self-reliant is such an oddity to most that, frankly, they find you to be either nuts, a little bit scary, or both. According […]

Dave Brat’s $1,000 Earthquake

Brat_2 Truth is one of the most powerful forces on earth. And perhaps the force most feared by compromised politicians. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's crushing defeat came at the hands of a virtual unknown college professor, one who overcame a 26 to 1 funding disadvantage in which 377 Political Action Committees (PACs) contributed to Cantor's […]

Central Banks to Require Biometrics Banking

technos_reconnaissance_de_f-2 You think the big brother surveillance state is getting creepy here in America, check out what central banks are doing in other countries. Via All Africa: In line with the ongoing initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Bankers’ Committee (comprising Chief Executives of the nation’s deposit money banks), banks across the […]