America Has Become a Rationing Society

Israel_Austerity There are two types of societies, production societies and rationing societies. The production society is concerned with taking more territory, exploiting that territory to the best of its ability and then discovering new techniques for producing even more. The rationing society is concerned with consolidating control over all existing resources and rationing them out to […]

Turning Americans into Snitches for the Police State: ‘See Something, Say Something’ and Community Policing

shutterstock_214936852-1000x641 "There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in. I had found a shocking fact. It wasn't the secret police who were doing this wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was the ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors."—Professor Robert Gellately If you see […]

Overburdened Denver Courts Take On Immigrant Children Cases

immigration-central-america-getty-images-e1403271397138 Denver's already overburdened immigration courts will be taking over video asylum hearings for the relatives of an estimated 600 women and undocumented children who were detained at the U.S.-Mexican border, even though the court is understaffed and backlogged by more than 8,000 cases. Denver judges are taking over the task from those in Virginia, after […]

John Quincy Adams Speaks on Immigration

john-q-adams-closeup Immigration is a hot topic today, mostly because immigration laws are being ignored by the current administration, to the point where we are now embracing lawlessness in this area. Not only does this lawlessness cost the American taxpayer and endanger the society by possible epidemics of diseases long eradicated in our society, but it also […]