Wyoming Governor Vetos Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill

MattMead_Portrait_2011 Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead Tuesday vetoed SF14, the civil asset forfeiture reform bill. The bill had gained wide approval and was riding a recent tidal wave of attention on the issue of civil asset forfeitures. According to documents provided to TheDCNF, the governor touted the importance of cutting the profit from illicit drug activity. He praised civil […]

Who’s the Real Killer?

liberty-government-police-state-720x340 Recently, I interviewed Rob Richardson from Off Grid Survival. One of the main topics we explored was the out-of-control police state in this country and the impact it is having on our neighborhoods and psyche. In doing the research for that interview, I came across several very disturbing articles regarding SWAT attacks perpetrated against citizens. […]

VA Plays Fast & Loose with Veteran Claims

This photo was taken by a VA employee in 2014; at the Oakland VA Regional Office. THESE are THE 13,184 Informal Claims that the VARO neglected then lost after a DECADE! Tampa, FL – Several months ago, six (6) current and former employees of the Oakland VA Regional Office (VARO), brought an outrageous story to our attention; of 13,184 unprocessed veteran claims that were found by employees at the VARO in 2012. They had contacted Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) and the VA Office of Inspector General […]

Obama Blames Criticism of Islam for Jihad Violence

2015-02-19T160136Z_1_LYNXMPEB1I0LC_RTROPTP_4_USA-SECURITY-e1424374233446 It's official. In other words, Obama said it, so it must be true – that will be the low information public take on it, anyways. Obama declared on Thursday that Americans, along with Europeans and journalists, are "inviting jihadi violence" by criticizing Islam as well as protesting the immigration of Muslims. Isn't that like blaming […]

Obama State Dept. Claims “Terrorist” is a “Christian” – But He was Funded by Muslim State Sponsor of Terrorism that Worked for Obama’s Brother

Harf_Kony After State Department spokesman Marie Harf embarrassed herself by suggesting that ISIS terrorists needed jobs to prevent them from becoming terrorists, she doubled down, as Shoebat.com reported but she also did something unbelievably egregious. While appearing on Morning Joe, Harf invoked the name Joseph Kony as an example of a Christian terrorist. Doing so was nothing short […]