EPA To Unilaterally Push Cap And Trade On Carbon Emissions

McCarthy testifies before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on her nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Despite being soundly rejected a few years ago, cap-and-trade will get its U.S. encore but not in Congress. The Obama administration will likely use its executive power to unilaterally impose carbon dioxide emissions trading systems. The Environmental Protection Agency will unveil regulations for existing U.S. power plants early next month. For months, onlookers have speculating […]

Kim Kardashian Wedding, Kids React To Old Computers, And A Cat Plays Jenga - The US has become a Society Addicted to Entertainment

Kids-React-To-Old-Computers The disconnect between what Americans should care about and what Americans actually do care about is really quite frightening. You see, the truth is that far more Americans are drawn to articles with headlines such as the one above than to news stories that actually talk about substantive issues of real importance. Don’t worry – […]

Why We’re Mad as Hell & We’re Not Going to take it Anymore

tea party Many inside the beltway sub-culture who rarely, if ever, venture outside the 202 area code, except to venture to the 212 area code, have reactions ranging from disbelief to sneering condescension regarding the primary challenges being mounted against Republican incumbents. But if they actually took the time to talk to the people they claim to […]

What Law is – What Law Isn’t – Why it Matters

law_books Last year, the legislature in my state of Maryland, enacted something called Senate Bill 281. This "enactment" (notice, please, that I am not calling it a "law") blatantly violates the God-given right for Marylanders to keep and bear arms for their individual and common defense, and its purpose and intent run contrary to the clear […]

Obama’s Plan to Equalize Educational Opportunities will Render State Governments Obsolete

Barack Obama President Obama's efforts to push Regional Equity Taxation will control property taxes, limit the development of "greed- filled" suburban communities, render state governments obsolete,   undercut state autonomy in education, and create an environment where states are forced to accept federal educational policies — all requirements for successful redistribution of wealth. Nations that redistribute wealth in […]

Racism in 2014 America is not the Racism of Past Decades

obama_holder_final-460x307 In an article published last year in Time Magazine, John McWhorter, an associate professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, brings the problems of racism among young blacks clearly to mind (1) that among many black people racism against white people runs rampant; (2) that 50% of all murders committed in the US […]

A Warrior's Plea to Stand Against Tyranny

leonidas As I think about those who have paid with their lives to protect our freedom, I wonder what they are thinking now as they watch us throwing it away without much of a fight. I know many veterans are asking themselves, "Do the American People want those who have already served or are currently serving, […]

Hamas-Tied CAIR-Canada NCCM Advances Libel Suit against Prime Minister Harper for Saying It Has Hamas Ties

stephen harper Litigation jihad. The Hamas-tied group CAIR, aka the National Council of Canadian Muslims, is moving ahead with its libel suit against the Harper government. Before the Canadian Prime Minister's official visit to Israel last year, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), the Canadian branch of the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), wrote to PM […]