More Welfare Jihad: US Tax Dollars Pay for US Mosque Security

r-ISLAMIC-CENTER-OF-AMERICA-EXPLOSIVES-large570 According to at least three surveys and studies, over 80% of the mosques in the US teach, preach and advance jihad. Fresh on the heels of Robert Spencer's groundbreaking expose on the Oklahoma beheader's mosque — revelations of jihad recruitment, hatred of the US and Israel and support of the caliphate, could our taxpayer dollars be worse spent? In […]

Former DOJ Attorney is Suing to Have Obama Deported

deport-obama-600x417 Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is suing to have President Barack Hussein Obama deported. "In sum, deportation proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken, a full evidentiary hearing held, and Barack Hussein Obama should be removed from the United States," Klayman wrote in the petition. Barack Hussein Obama? […]

Obama – Muslim/Iranian Sympathizer

staff_obama_islam_500x279 A few nights ago Mark Levin had on his program Michael Leveen. They discussed Michael's disclosure of a trip ambassador William G Miller took to Iran on behalf of Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election. Yes, before Obama became president. Powerline reprinted a portion of Leveen's post that he discussed with Mark: "During his […]

Would You Like Fries With Those Taxes?

BK Fast food… greasy cheeseburgers, salty fries, and Diet Cokes in Styrofoam cups so large you could wash your feet in them. What could be more American? Well, maybe not so much anymore. You see, one of the biggest fast food giants – Burger King – is trying to "divorce" America and re-establish its business in […]

Obama Represents What America Has Become

151125_barack_obama_prezydent_stany_zjednoczone_flaga It is easy to criticize Obama as the most incompetent, dangerous president in our history, and it is easy to castigate the electoral system for setting us up to fail, but the truth is that Obama is us and the electoral system is of our creation.  Obama and the system are only reminders of who […]

Hitler and Obama - A Tale of Two Demagogues

hitlerOBAMA_1 On April 30th of 1945, a drama of epic proportions was coming to an end in the German capital city of Berlin. With the Soviet forces only a few hundred meters from the Fuehrer bunker, Adolph Hitler finally accepted that all was lost and committed suicide. Germany was beset from both the east and the west; the once mighty Deutsche Wehrmacht (German […]

Constitutional Sheriffs Who are Protecting Liberty

ConstitutionalSheriffHeader1 An increasing number of county sheriffs are rising to resist federal overreach in their counties.  About 100 of them met in mid-September at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.   The gathering was organized by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association -- a group that was formed by former Sheriff Richard Mack.  It […]