CDC Whistleblower: CDC Hid Vaccine Link to Autism

vaccine D.C. Clothesline has been a bit behind on this story, but thank God for John Rappaport atVaccines have been suspected to be linked to changed its story about Ebola recently. Now they are Ebola's arrival in America is inevitable. However, there are many who also believe that profits for big pharma (and big agra)? have been ridiculed for it, now there is […]

War Or Peace?

isil "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a […]

Bringing Up Baby Jihadists

jihad We've all heard the saying: "There are no bad children – only bad parents." I would add that bad teachers and other role models such as religious leaders, coaches, sports figures and Hollywood dopes can also adversely influence children. For example; seeing a kid who constantly uses foul language, has a quick temper or bullies […]

Lessons To Be Learned From Ferguson

195457744 As I write this, there are still more questions than answers being created by the tragedy in Ferguson, MO. You know the story. At least the parts of the story that best serve the political interests of those involved. Black teenager shot and killed by a white Ferguson policeman. Local residents, and others from as […]

Islam and Obama’s Escape from Planet Reality

obamas escape from planet reality Just minutes after defending Islam in a speech about the beheading of James Foley by the Islamic State (ISIS), President Barack Obama was back on the golf course. There's something quite significant and symbolic about the President rushing to the golf course to avoid the horrors of a beheading. It's analogous to the mental running […]

Keeping Racism Alive: Ferguson, Missouri

On patrol with St. Louis Police Tacital Team The race hustle is big money.  If you Google the 2012 fiscal year budgets for the most obvious federal agencies whose role is to favor blacks, EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), HUD (Housing and Urban Development), OFCC (Office of Federal Contract Compliance), and the Civil Rights Commission, their combined budget for FY 2012 was roughly […]

Justice - the Guardian of Liberty

justice There is a monster loose in America. It is a tyrannical monster whose perfidy grows every day. He is intelligent, educated at the most elite institutions and is holding some of the most powerful and prestigious positions in our land. He's at his worst when all decked out in black. In the past month alone […]

10 Things that Would Start an Armed Revolt in America

revolution One of the things I am often asked is what event might justify and cause Americans to bear arms against their own government. That Cliven Bundy thing was a close one. It's a good thing that the BLM doesn't do that everywhere. So what would cause a Revolution? It is a tough question to answer without a crystal ball. But with Revolution being […]

American Veterans Give Obama Cold Shoulder

1409077171972_wps_1_Audience_members_listen_a On Tuesday, Barack Obama was met with tepid applause and awkward silence as he gave his first speech to the American Legion convention since 2011. Veterans have had it with Barack Obama's treatment of them, his arming our sworn enemies and his treasonous actions involving the Muslim Brotherhood and the release of Taliban commanders for […]

Islamic Leaders Demand Retraining of Law Enforcement Exposed to Jihad Doctrine & Disciplinary Action for Producers of Counter Jihad Materials

seh-darn-CAIR-500x314 As jihadists wage bloody and violent war across the Middle East and Africa, the response of American Muslims and their leaders is not to protest and denounce jihadic doctrine and develop programs to insure young Muslims do not join the Islamic army. No, their response is to demand to disarm law enforcement and counter terror […]

Obama’s Pentagon Admits It Wants To Grow ‘Military To Military Relationship’ With Country That Supports Terrorists Like The Ones That Hit Pentagon

article-2647208-1E6E500400000578-304_634x435 If there are two nations the U.S. continues to align with for seemingly very inexplicable reasons, they are Turkey and Qatar. Both of these nations support Hamas. Yet, when asked about concerns over Qatar's support for terrorism in the context of the U.S. partnering with that nation, Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby deferred […]