Whose Responsibility is It?

responsibility-1 God makes all of us to be round pegs in round holes. In a free society if we end up a round peg in a square hole…..that's on us. There is no feeling worse than believing we have squandered our talents, wasted our life, and made no difference in our short time upon the world […]

The Obama Administration is Deliberately Targeting Veterans

obamas-finger The deliberate targeting of Veterans rights and benefits by the current administration must end. There is only one way to do so...DO NOT RE-ELECT these backstabbing, lying miscreants. Step back for a moment...think about all the things that have been stripped off or reduced for Veterans under this President: Post 9/11 GI Bill... (Very quietly)...break […]

Trans Pacific Partnership is Not Good for Liberty

SLC_NAFTAonSteroids Noam Chomsky recently told the Huffington Post that the Trans Pacific Partnership (or TPP) is a "neoliberal assault" to further corporate domination.  While most of the author/activist's basic assertions and concerns are correct, his focus on the corporate world is one aspect of this dangerous treaty.  It's not simply corporate power which would increase and become more […]