How the Left Blurs the Concepts of Individuals vs Collectives

Metro206 Once upon a time in our America, each and every citizen was referred to as an independent individual, possessing an independent mind and body, and an independent future which each of us could forge for ourselves. Every school child was encouraged to think and act as an independent human being, possessing a character that distinguished […]

Illegals Invading US with Potential for Mass Outbreak of Contagious, Infectious Diseases

border-illegal-aliens-flag In a previous article on Freedom Outpost, it was reported that the influx of illegal immigrant children were crossing the southern border of the US with many contagious, infectious diseases, such as chicken pox, scabies, MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) infections, and tuberculosis. Yesterday, Newsmax reported that US Border Patrol agents have discovered four cases of […]

100% of U.S. Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants

immigrantsap The Center for Immigration Studies reports All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants.  Actually, greater than 100% of jobs went to immigrants because the number of non-immigrants holding a job is  negative, and the total must equal 100%. On a population adjusted basis, the numbers look horrific. Population-wise, native US citizens account for two-thirds […]

Opium Wars – 175 Years and Still Going Strong

opium-fields-13 This all started back in 1839 and has grown to become a global scourge. You can thank the banking cartel for their humanitarian efforts later, but now let's look at one of their greatest contributions to man-kind. Not only have they dedicated themselves to destroying silver, but in the process they found a way to destroy neighborhoods, […]

Operation Paperclip: Nazis in America

projpap Few Americans have heard of Operation Paperclip. Among those who have, the majority do not know its true extent because the U.S. government has successfully concealed most of the facts surrounding the project. Instead, the government has passed it off as a short-term operation limited to an innocent investigation of Germany's scientists after World War […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Alexandra Plays Immigration Expert: Securing Border is a “Hoax” Politicians use so “We Can Sleep Better at Night”

pelosissundance2013-16_9 News agencies, well the liberal alphabet ones, seem to think that anyone with a last name connected to a political figure is an authority on issues surrounding America today. Case in point, MSNBC interviewed Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra, who ended up making the claim there's no way to secure the southern US border. In the […]

Justina’s Law Introduced in Wake of Pelletier Nightmare

Justina-Pelletier_21-620x348 It's hard to determine where the tragedy begins and the travesty ends. It's a story that has gripped and enraged a nation. It's a sordid tale of governmental tyranny, child imprisonment and endangerment, harmful and unethical medical experimentation, as well as a number of gross conflicts of interest. This is the story of a child, […]

Federal Judge Upholds Colorado Gun Laws as Constitutional

gun-laws-21 A federal judge upheld Colorado's controversial new gun control laws Thursday, ruling that limits to the size of ammunition magazines and requirements for universal background checks are not unconstitutional. In her 50-page written ruling, U.S. District Chief Judge Marcia Krieger took pains to note that her ruling wasn't an "opinion as to whether a law is […]

IRS Admits to Illegally Leaking Confidential Tax Return Information Used Against Mitt Romney in 2012

IRS-SCANDAL Barack Obama has called it "phony." Lois Lerner proclaimed her innocence before pleading the fifth. Then the IRS "lost" her emails. John Koskinen acts like nothing ever happened and gets patted on the back by liberals who have been through extended sensitivity training.  In spite of all this, the IRS is obviously guilty of breaking the law on several fronts. This is just […]

Scotland Mosque Prayer Leader Who “Never Ever” Showed Signs Of ‘Radicalization’ Calls Upon Muslims To Wage Violent Jihad In Iraq & Syria

scotland-mosque Another moderate Muslim leader until … he wasn’t. “A well-integrated member of society” who “never ever” showed any radical tendencies until …… he did. Abdul Rakib Amin — who is seen in a jihadist video — grew up in northeast Scotland, where he volunteered as a prayer caller. Stay on top of what’s really happening. […]