Militant Homosexual Activists Pelt German Christians With Eggs, Spit, And Bags of Feces

e4db490ed7efeec5cc547196e86dcf04 In Baden-Württemberg and Cologne Germany, Christian parents and their children organized a peaceful gathering to protest the overt "pro-homosexual" curriculum in their schools this week. Over 1,000 Christians came together, and in a region that is decidedly conservative, they gathered to protest the movement that aims to destroy traditional values for good. Sound familiar? This […]

US Muslim Students Violently Threaten Pro-Israel Peers

muslim-students-association The goose-stepping Hitler Youth are stepping up their war on the Jews, and increasingly college campuses are training ground for haters and destroyers. It's not just in Europe, the U.K., Ireland, et al, but here in America, too. Adam Kredo reported at the Washington Free Beacon last week that "pro-Palestinian activists on the University of Michigan campus […]

Tax Payer Funded Aid to Ukraine Is a Bad Deal for All

Ukraine supporters raise their hands Last week Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill approving a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine and more sanctions on Russia. The bill will likely receive the president's signature within days. If you think this is the last time US citizens will have their money sent to Ukraine, you should think again. This is only the […]

The Top Joe Biden Gaffes since January

joe_biden "Stupid is as stupid does." One would say that anyone who voted for Obama the first time made a bad choice due to "having the wool pulled over their eyes." Those same individuals, who voted for Obama a second time, would be considered stupid since Obama exposed his total incompetence to hold the office of […]

Down to Earth Prepping and Guns Everywhere

Emergency-Preparedness-Checklist-1024x682 This week's guest is Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper. Ms. Luther's work focuses on "down to earth" preparedness. During our conversation, we discussed topics such as practical preparedness and the reasons to keep it simple. We also discussed emergency currency, what makes sense, reasons for keeping an emergency bank roll and what types of […]

Hamas-CAIR Pressured ABC to Cancel Show that Creator Says was “Pro-Arab, Pro-Tolerance”

CAIR Brooke Eikmeier, creator of the now-canceled ABC Family show Alice in Arabia, is upset that the network has canceled, sight unseen, what she describes as a "pro-Arab, pro-tolerance" TV series. Alice in Arabia was canceled under pressure from the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), as I wrote last week. Hamas-CAIR was claiming that the show was going to be […]

SC Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana For Seizure Treatment

tom-davis-pic1-700x498 To help reduce the hundreds of seizures Mary Louise Swing suffers, her mother, Jill, planned to move the pair from South Carolina to Colorado, where Mary Louise could receive cannabidiol oil (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical extracted from marijuana that could reduce the number of seizures she has. Those plans were put on hold when the […]