How John Newton Came to Know Amazing Grace

2007_amazing_grace_020 "Amazing grace! How sweet the sound,That saved a wretch like me!I once was lost, but now am found,Was blind, but now I see." These were the words of John Newton, a former slave ship captain, who died DECEMBER 21, 1807.At age 11, his mother died and he went to sea with his father.Young John Newton […]

Is It Time To Garnish The IRS’ Pay?

irs22 The IRS has abused its power and misused its resources, so it deserves the budget cuts it got in the 2015 spending bill, a leading anti-tax group argues. "If the IRS wants to see an increase in its budget, it probably should stop harassing conservatives," Americans for Tax Reform spokesman John Kartch told The Daily […]

Major Retailers told to stop selling Toy Guns

illegal-toy-guns Major retail stores in New York are coming under fire by the tyranny being imposed upon them by pretended legislation. Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart and other retailers have been sent cease and desist letters by Attorney General Eric T. Scheiderman telling them to stop selling toys guns, which he claims are a violation of state law. […]

Are Cuban Cigars Worth All The Excitement?

Cuban-cigars As you've probably heard, the U.S. and Cuba are friends again. Well sort of. Travelers will be able to bring back $100 worth of Cuban cigars, which is pretty cool. But, what's so special about Cuban cigars? First off, as Vox reports, they're just better. Some say that cigars made in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, […]

City Limits Employees’ Free Speech

free-speech Individuals living in South Pittsburgh City, Tennessee, will now find that transparency and civic engagement as it relates to city business will now be curtailed. In a stunning 4-1 vote of city commissioners in a December meeting, " all elected officials, city employees, city contractors, volunteers and anyone else doing official business with the city" […]