Voter ID May Make A Comeback In Wisconsin

Second1-1024x1020 As the midterm elections draw closer, Wisconsin state attorneys are asking a federal appeals court to strike down a judicial block on voter ID laws, Bloomberg reports. Originally signed in 2011 by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the bill mandates that voters present government-issued ID before being able to take part in elections. However, in April of […]

EU Climate Commission Dismantled Amid Economic Struggles

Smoke European Union leaders announced they will be consolidating energy and environmental goals under a new commissioner, effectively axing the intergovernmental groups' climate arm as green policies are making it harder for citizens to pay their power bills. Former Spanish agriculture and environment minister Miguel Arias Canete was tapped by the EU Commission to take over […]

Third Hostage David Haines Beheaded by ISIS

New-isis-story-body-600-1 In a video released Saturday on a website associated with the group ISIS, British aid worker David Haines was executed, making him the third Western captive to be killed by the extremist group in recent weeks, according to CNN. The video, entitled "a message to the allies of America," was produced similarly to the videos that […]

The Star-Spangled Banner Celebrates 200 Years

Fireworks_556 On SEPTEMBER 13, 1814, just weeks after they burned the U.S. Capitol, the British attacked Baltimore, Maryland-the third largest city in America.On their way, they caught an elderly physician of Upper Marlboro, Dr. William Beanes.The town feared Dr. Beanes would be hanged so they asked attorney Francis Scott Key to sail with Colonel John Skinner […]

Liberian Doctor: Blames U.S./West for Engineering Ebola “These citizens do not deserve to be used as guinea pigs!”

EbolaCapitol I ran into a very interesting article online that was published this past week by Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia. This article was published in the Liberian Observer and has garnered lots of criticism from fellow academicians. This is a much respected "mainstream" source in Liberia, so it might be the […]

Ebola Survivor Donates Blood to Treat Infected Doctor

kent-brantly Dr. Kent Brantly was the first American to be transported to the U.S. for treatment of Ebola after he became infected while volunteering in Liberia in July. As part of his treatment, Dr. Brantly, who works with the missionary group Samaritan’s Purse, received a unit of blood from a 14-year-old boy who survived Ebola. Now […]