Putin Prepares to Win While Obama Prepares to Surrender

obama-traitor-to-russian-invasion Does anyone really think that any nuclear-armed nation, whether it would be the United States, China, or especially Russia, will ever accept defeat to a rival nation in conventional warfare without subsequently inflicting the maximum penalty on its opponent? There is little question in most experts minds that the loser of a "conventional" World War […]

White House Wants Better Schooling For Juvenile Delinquents

867bd5133f9f4529b87e53b6fba15a9c-e1377642557341 Education for America's juvenile delinquents is in dire need of improvement, argued Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Monday, as they released new guidelines for state and local governments. Holder and Duncan announced the new guidelines during a press conference at the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center School in Alexandria, Virginia. The […]

Could The U.N. Take Control of The Alamo?

alamo_tx San Antonio politicians and leaders are working to get the Alamo designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site, which is part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or Unesco. If that happens, the U.N. could have influence in the way Texas manages and takes care of the Alamo. Besides the Alamo, […]

It’s Not Protesting – It’s Kidnapping

Lay08 Wynwood New Hmg You know, I'm as sympathetic as the next guy if someone gets bullied by a rogue cop.  I can't stand the idea of random checkpoints, unless a bandit is on the loose.  I think that militarization of the police is a real thing.  I've seen terrifying video of cops hassling gun owners, kids, blacks, and […]

House Chooses New Cold War With Russia

The-New-Cold-War-1 Last week, the US House voted overwhelmingly in favor of an anti-Russia resolution so full of war propaganda that it rivals the rhetoric from the chilliest era of the Cold War. Ironically, much of the bill condemns Russia for doing exactly what the US government has been doing for years in Syria and Ukraine! For […]