Men, Made of Sterner Stuff

founding-fathers The smoke has cleared, and John Boehner, the neo-progressive Obama-enabler, has retained his House Speaker position. Despite a clear and unequivocal message sent by many millions of Americans and conservatives, the dissenters in the House who would have removed Boehner numbered only twenty-five -- twenty-five men and women of conviction, out of two-hundred thirty-six. That […]

How Did We “Fundamentally Change” So Fast?

common-core How did American culture fall prey to the lowest common denominator in our country? When did we start admiring primitive cultures and considering them superior to our western civilization, giving in to their needy and outrageous demands no matter what happens to our own citizens? How did the western world fall prey to Marxist-Leninists, to […]

South Carolina Considers Mandatory Gun Education At School

sc gun education A pair of bills filed in each house of South Carolina's legislature aim to eliminate the zero-tolerance attitude towards guns in schools by allowing or even mandating gun safety and Second Amendment-related curricula. State Rep. Alan Clemmons, who introduced the House bill, says he was inspired to act by the story of a student who […]

GAO: TARP Bailouts Are Going To Cost Taxpayers Billions

US Secret Service Uniform Division offic Although some Troubled Asset Relief Program investments have returned a profit to taxpayers, a new report says non-housing programs overall will likely cost taxpayers billions. According to a report published by the Government Accountability Office on Tuesday, as of Sept. 30 the Department of the Treasury had exited four of the nine non-housing programs that were active, […]

Wine’s War on Women

A woman drinking a glass of white wine It seems the most put upon and abused people in American society today are blacks and women. Blacks apparently have it worse, judging by the reporting. If you were to judge their state by reports of the "black community," you would think most everybody is at war (figure of speech) with the black community. Conservatives […]