Daily Beast: Boko Haram Terrorists are not "Islamic"

boko-haram-Reuters On the very day that the devout Muslim group Boko Haram released a video of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, clad in burkas and being forced to recite the Qur’an, author Dean Obeidallah declared in the Daily Beast that “The Nigerian terrorist group that kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls has nothing to do with Islam, and it’s […]

Colorado Obamacare Director Gets A Raise And A Bonus

Fontneau-on-go-live-day The CEO of Colorado’s Obamacare exchange was given a $14,000 bonus and a 2.5 percent cost of living raise on Monday, even as the exchange struggles for ways to pay its bills in the coming years. Patty Fontneau is now the third highest paid director of a state-run Obamacare exchange, earning more than $195,300, according […]

Charleston SC Becomes 9th GOP County to Censure Lindsey Graham

lindseygraham-sad The Charleston County Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Lindsey Graham by the vote of 39- 32 tonight. This makes the 9th local Republican Party to censured Graham this election season. The Charleston County Party is located in the "low country" which is considered a Graham stronghold. The fact that Graham was censured by executive […]

School Seizes Teen’s Lunch - Mom Pays Debt For Every Student

amanda keown In Memphis, Tennessee, a high school student was denied access to the school lunch program because his mother has been identified as having an outstanding balance. The teenager said he was "embarrassed … especially in front of the whole class" because the cafeteria official refusing to give him lunch did so in a public forum. The teenager's […]

Could Florida MicroBreweries be Killed by Cronyism?

Cigar City Brewing Co. The Florida Wholesale Beer Association has helped to craft a law that will restrict how microbreweries sell beer. The Florida State Senate just passed SB 1714, a bill which was crafted and supported by Florida Wholesale Beer Association. The bill restricts how much craft breweries can sell directly to consumers The way the bill is […]

Learning from Nature and Nature's God

1208-Texas-Ten-Commandments_full_600 Contrary to the 20th Century Zeitgeist, it turns out that many things we needed to learn, we didn't learn in kindergarten... or college. In none of our government school [1] classes, did we learn about the "self–eviden[cy]" [2] essential to self-government. Unfortunately, those of us who attended private school did not learn much about natural […]

Biden 2016? Uncle Joe Blasts Clinton Administration at Fundraiser

biden Vice President Joe Biden reportedly attacked the Clinton administration's record on economic inequality during a closed-door Democratic fundraiser in South Carolina on Friday, prompting renewed speculation that the former Democratic senator will run against presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2016. CNN's Peter Hamby was told by three separate sources at the fundraiser […]