Nullify the EPA, They’ve Earned It

EPA With a proposed $8.2 billion budget and over 15,000 employees to provide for, the "Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)" has come a long way since President Richard Nixon signed an executive order to begin their unconstitutional work in December of 1970.   The purpose of the EPA, as stated on their website, is to "protect human […]

The 25 Elements of Martial Law under Jade Helm

jade-helm-banner In early May, I published an article in which some of the Jade Helm leadership were expressing concerns that the mission was so compartmentalized that it left many questioning the operation. I am told that some details about the nature of the martial law principles that Jade Helm is practicing are beginning to leak out. This […]

Report: All Out War as Russia Prepares To Deploy 50,000 Troops To Ukraine: “Cities Burning, Hundreds Dead”

menacing_russian_bear The second Ukrainian ceasefire appears to have fallen apart as reports from around the country indicate that heavy fighting has resumed. Though Western media has yet to report on activity that began Sunday, independent journalists and eye witnesses have been updating social networks with photos, videos and first-hand accounts. It's all-out war in the Ukraine, […]

Climate Change Is Abnormal

map-611 Ever wonder where Brits vacation? Me either, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Evidently, a lot of people from the UK holiday on the Mediterranean Sea. They head to the beach resorts in Spain and Portugal and other coastal countries. Well, "Holidaymakers fleeing the UK for their traditional summer break are likely to opt for […]

15 States Finally Standing Up Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Regulations

dcillegitimate Fifteen State Attorney Generals have filed suit against Obama's Environmental Protection Agency for their sweeping and unconstitutional carbon regulations. The fifteen states who petitioned the court on Thursday are West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. If you are like me, you are wondering […]