Washington Times Ad Exposes Obama: “America It’s Time to Wake Up and Smell the Jihadi”

smell-the-jihadi-2-600x337 A scorching "advertorial" ran in yesterday's Washington Times National Weekly (printedition). With an ex-CIA employee, Clare Lopez, calling Barack Obama a radical Islamic enemy of America and pointing out that he has switched sides in the war on terror, the gloves are finally coming off. There finally seems to be an awakening going on as to who Barack Hussein Obama actually represents. This […]

CDC Confirms Ebola in Dallas

1406989534000-34310441001-3708993850001-Ebola We have been reporting on Ebola for some time now and the considerations of an outbreak in the United States. Today, Ebola on American soil is a reality. The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that one person in a Dallas, Texas hospital has been diagnosed with the first case of Ebola in the US. […]

Obama: "I Got Bad Intelligence Regarding ISIS"

safe_image So, once again, Barack Obama blames someone else for his failures. Let's see...he's blamed former President Bush, Republicans, the Tea Party, Conservatives, Congress…and the list goes on and on. It's always somebody else's fault. It's sad, really, when the leader of the free world hasn't got the guts to stand up and just admit he's made […]

Exposing the Climate Change Hoax

l_tp-50 Wow! With President Obama calling for some sort of "Climate Change" operation, one has to wonder just what is going on, especially since the very idea of Obama's plan for "Climate Change" has been turned down by the entire Congress from both sides of the aisle! But once we dig into some articles from back […]

Apple: New IPhone 6 Locks Out NSA

Iphone-6-700x467 As reported previously, the NSA has complete control of your Iphone. The Snowden revelations of the backdoors on personal computers and cellphone has changed the market's demand for security and privacy. The New York Times is signaling the end of the Snowden-era with Apple's release of the latest iPhone. According to the Times, the National Security Agency and […]

Will American Soldiers Fire on US Citizens?

soldier-and-flag-300x225 Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show recently penned, The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens. Whether you agree or disagree with his analysis is up to you, I am not here to say they will or will not. Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, penned Rebuttal: Here's Why I Do NOT Believe American Soldiers Will Fire […]

Canadian ISIS Jihadi Emerges 6 Weeks After Reported Death to Warn of NYC Terror Attack

Farah-Mohamed-Shirdon-600x348 Six weeks ago, it was reported that Farah Mohamed Shirdon (A.K.A. Abu Usamah Somali) was killed in action. That intelligence proved to be incorrect. Last week, the former Calgary resident, resurfaced in an interview with Vice.com. It appears he is alive and well, festering with hatred and currently fighting in Iraq. Among other things, Shirdon talked about having brothers organizing to bring another […]

New York Fusion Center Declares Oath Keepers, Other Liberty Groups as ‘Extremist Threats’

Oath-Keepers-250x250 The New York State Intelligence Center — a known Fusion Center with the stated purpose to, "collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information and intelligence data regarding criminal and terrorist activity relevant to New York State" — issued a Counter Terrorism Bulletin last June identifying Oath Keepers in addition to other liberty related groups as "far-right extremist group […]

Islamists Call for Worldwide Jihad

Flag_of_the_Islamic_State_in_Iraq_and_the_Levant.svg_ A call for worldwide jihad has gone out, asking for Muslims to attack, by any means, the communities where they live. No longer are the "faithful" required to go to the Islamic State to wage war on the infidel. ISIS is calling for the slaughter of Americans, the British, French, Australians and Canadians in their/our […]