MSNBC Host: Harry Reid is "Blinded by Hatred"

Reid-Schumer-AP-Photo-J.-Scott-Applewhite-420x315 Earlier this week MSNBC’s Morning Joe team sat down with the often-villainized billionaires Charles and David Koch. The Koch brothers are demonized by liberals as the epitome of everything that is wrong with capitalism. Is it because the billionaire brothers are unethical or use their money to wreak havoc upon our planet? Nope. It’s because […]

Republican Congressman Supports Muslims Following Sharia Law – Then Claims He Doesn’t Support Sharia

imrs Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger is one of many who are confused as to what the foundations of the united States are about. According to a letter that was posted to his website, Kinzinger claims the same protection of Muslims to implement Sharia is protected under the Constitution. "While our Founding Fathers thoughtfully prohibited the establishment of state […]

Rush, the Big Voice on the Right

rush_limbaugh7 In a recent article in the National Review, Rush Limbaugh, the God Father of conservative media, recently catalogued how he not only birthed but also nurtured the growth of an alternative voice, alongside what he aptly calls the "state-controlled media." I can remember the first time I heard him in 1986. I was so excited […]

Legal Immigration Is an Honor Denied

passport Millions and millions of legal aliens past and present must feel pretty betrayed and foolish that they have followed the law, spent endless hours filling out paperwork, paid expensive fees, waited and waited, traveled to immigration offices sometimes in faraway places at great cost to them, subjected themselves to interrogations, fingerprinting, medical tests to prove […]