Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett: Muslims Can't Be Trusted

John Bennett islam Finally, there are some people standing up and stopping the nonsensical claims that Islam is a "religion of peace" and have stopped referring to those who are actually following the teachings of Mohamed as "radical." Oklahoma State Representative John Bennett, in the wake of the beheading that took place by Islamist Jah-Keem Yisrael, at a […]

Modern Environmentalism: Inspired by Nazis

Nazi_Symbol Mark Musser describes how "God granted Adam and Eve a substantial amount of autonomy over the natural world." Some environmentalists believe that this Biblical command is one of the reasons why the planet is in ecological distress, coupled with the population explosion, the industrial revolution, the unrestrained pollution, our obscene wealth, and western living standards. […]

Obama: The Man Who Knew Nothing

640_obama_tan_suit The quintessential question of Watergate was "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" Obamagate, the vast scandal that encompasses an entire presidency, offers a preemptive answer. Obama didn't know anything, and he never knew it. At least, not until, like smuggling weapons to druglords, bugging journalists, IRSing his political enemies, and […]

Woman Sounds Off: Quit Putting Deer Crossings in High Traffic Areas…They Keep Getting Hit

deer-crossing-1 If we would just quit putting deer crossings in high traffic areas, fewer deer would be injured, and we would potentially avoid hundreds of thousands automobile accidents and possibly save billions of dollars. The DMV reports: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are 1.5 million car accidents involving deer per year. And, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, […]

Jersey Customs and Border Agent: “They are assuring the public everything is being done, but it is not…”

Newark-Liberty-International-Airport-2-600x391 Last week we had a major scare at Newark Liberty International Airport. A passenger was removed from a plane after arriving from Liberia. The passenger was reported to be vomiting on the plane and was escorted off the plane by CDC workers in Hazmat gear. But it gets worse… For some unknown reason, the remaining passengers were left on the plane […]

Why the Home Rule Charter Must be Stopped

charter-sign-redraw-small2-220x162 Politicians and bureaucrats are always trying to slip one past the public, but this 'Home Rule Charter' in WA State is unbelievable.  I realize that this pertains to the county and state that I live in, but if this charter passes, it will be a model for other states, especially democrat-controlled states, to follow, and they will attempt […]

The War on Men

war-on-men I'm not saying the NFL thing is much ado about nothing. It isn't. What these players did is inexcusable, but domestic violence amongst NFL players is not an epidemic – not by a long shot. Yet, you'd never know it by the media uproar – the wall to wall coverage – the public outcry and […]

What David Rockefeller Really Thinks

nwo-pyramid1 A few days ago, a colleague and I were having a conversation about current events, and he stated that he agreed with most of the things that I publish, but not all.  Of course, inquiring minds want to know, so I posed the question.  Basically, he said that he agreed with most everything except for […]

Doubletalk: Deciphering the Official Line on Ebola

2453017907 Deputy Head of the World Health Organization Bruce Aylward has warned that Ebola cases are increasing. The BBC reports: "The disease is entrenched in the capitals, 70% of the people affected are definitely dying from this disease, and it is accelerating in almost all of the settings," he said. This is an increase of 20% from the […]

Costly Internet Tax Could Be On The Horizon

internet-tax-f Web users will face billions of dollars in new taxes if Congress allows a ban on Internet taxes to expire in December. The Internet Tax Freedom Act prevents state and local governments from taxing Internet use and has been reauthorized every three years since 1998. If it is not reauthorized in December, consumers and businesses […]