Every NFL Stadium Is a FEMA Camp in Hiding

2 You ever heard the old saying "My husband would live at the stadium if we could"? This is the lament of every football widow. However, the husband may soon get his wish and the wife may indeed become a widow in the true sense of the word. The Tyranny That Is the NFL The NFL […]

Top Mexican Drug Lord Threatens Donald Trump

Perfect While most celebrities and politicians would lay low after a threat from one of the world's most powerful drug lords, it's clear that backing down isn't in Donald Trump's vocabulary. This especially since it is Joaquin Guzman, the top Mexican drug lord known as "El Chapo" (the midget), escaped from his maximum security holding cell Saturday morning in Mexico, who […]

The Job of an Elected Official

uscongress-620x300 Want to know why America has gone astray from its charter as envisioned by our founding fathers? Simply ask any elected official, "What's your job responsibility?" The answer usually provides insight into where the problem begins. Three years, ago, a former county commissioner said, "Our job is to pave the roads, fund the schools, and […]

Muslim Convert SON Of Boston POLICE CAPTAIN Charged With Plotting Islamic State (ISIS) Attacks On College Campus

ht_ciccolo_Napanee_HR_CROP_lf_150713_16x9_992-1-e1436819896857 "Abu Ali al-Amriki attempted to stab a nurse in the head with a pen during a routine screening, "leaving a hole in the nurse's skin." Obama scrubbed all counter-terror materials of jihad and Islam. Law enforcement departments across the country were force fed "Muslim sensitivity" training instead of jihad awareness education. Scholars on Islam like […]

Free Speech Defeat: Insisting Government Is Exempt from First Amendment Scrutiny, Federal Court Cancels Redskins' Trademark as Offensive

The-Washington-Redskins-Whats-In-A-Name In a ruling that comes on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent declaration that the government can discriminate against expression that takes place within a government forum (e.g., government-issued Confederate license plates), a federal court has ordered the cancellation of the NFL Redskins' federal trademark registrations on the grounds that its name is […]

Honoring a Fallen Soldier and His K-9

Screen-Shot-2015-03-10-at-3.43.57-PM In a video that continues to make its rounds across the internet, the Delta Airlines Honor Guard remembered a fallen soldier and his K-9 in a brief ceremony as the soldier was brought home. The event took place took place on February 13, 2013, but has recently spread in viral fashion across the internet in […]

Why MLK Would Have Opposed Sodomite "Marriage"

t1larg.mlk_ Ever notice how the secular left conveniently omits the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a devout Christian minister? While, historically, there have certainly been apostate "Christians" who, in the name of Christ, have abused and taken out of context certain biblical passages to support slavery, segregation, racism, and other evils – it […]

The New Nationalism Is Latino-Centric

Mexican-flag When one mentions nationalism, for most people, it conjures up a vision of national pride. A "USA, USA - we're number one," love for America. Some might even refer to this as jingoistic. Well, not anymore - at least, not for ThinkProgress and some in Hollywood. You see, ThinkProgress writes: "Latinos Are Now the Majority […]

Greece Today, America Tomorrow?

Greece_0.preview_0 The drama over Greece's financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines. As this column is being written, a deal may have been reached providing Greece with yet another bailout if the Greek government adopts new "austerity" measures. The deal will allow all sides to brag about how they came together to save the Greek economy […]

The Left Needs the NICS Background Check to Fail

gun background checks Earlier this week, the news broke that the NICS background check had failed, and human error allowed Dylann Roof to purchase a handgun when, in fact, he should not have been able too. Apparently, there was some trouble accessing some paperwork concerning a drug arrest. Federal law states that any back ground check not completed […]