Chattanooga, "The Scenic City of the South"—No More.

Chattanooga_gunman_Mohammad_Youssef_Abdu_3190200000_21607668_ver1.0_640_480 "Be nice or leave." That is the admonition given by a friendly Chattanooga neighborhood nestled just across the Tennessee River, between the Lookout and Signal mountains. Obviously, there are some who did not heed that advice. Who would have thought that a tragedy like we have just seen could have happened in such a nice […]

Private Property Encroached in Conservation Easements

easement_sign_DU United Nations agencies working against the economic needs and wishes of U.S. citizens compiled a blueprint for achieving Sustainable Development called U.N. Agenda 21. This 40-chapter document (about 300 pages) addresses every facet of human life and how Sustainable Development should be implemented through local, state, and federal government. With its grant-making power ('visioning grants' […]

Will Those Ignorant of Hillary’s Crimes Help Put Her in Office?

Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton demonstrate outside of the Kennedy Center in Washington, where the former Secretary of State is attending the Vital Voices Global Partnership 2013 Global Leadership Awards gala, Tuesday, April 2, 2013. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) There have been some pretty potent reactions in the alternative press to Judge Andrew Napolitano's WND column of July 1, "Hillary's secret war." In it, the judge analyzes a shocking interview with an international arms dealer that centers around the man's dealings with the State Department under Hillary Clinton, as well as evidence in the same vein […]

The Mexican Drug Cartel Reveals a Major ISIS Style Mess Infiltrating the United States

03 When Western commentators have characterized ISIS's crimes as "unique" and "no longer practiced anywhere else in the civilized world," they tell a myth. Fact is, next door to the U.S., there is a major narco-terrorism problem. While their goals are different from those of ISIS, methodologies compare greatly. And while authorities across North America embark on an epic manhunt […]

DOJ to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: You’re Required to Speak Spanish to Jail Inmates

18d2730e688b4a1a790f6a70670058fe_s878x644 In a completely Orwellian-style settlement, the Obama Department of (In) Justice announced a deal between the department and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which would require him to speak Spanish to the inmates incarcerated in his jail. But that's not all. The Washington Times reports: The Justice Department announced a deal Friday requiring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to […]