Hillary for Prison 2016 Signs Starting to Go Up

081515_2145_HillaryforP1.jpg The American people who are paying attention can spot a criminal when they see one. They can spot the criminal administration of Barack Hussein Obama, which includes long time criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, instead of posting signs to promote the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, many are posting "Hillary for Prison 2016" instead. Marinka […]

The Joy (and Necessity) of Dismembering Planned Parenthood

pp Not all that far from now on down the human history timeline, triumphant Christians will be looking back with gratitude to God for His victory over the likes of Planned Parenthood through the perfect, purposeful use of His Spirit-filled obedient people. There may well be some who wonder how something like the mass murder and dismemberment of children […]

Ideas, Not Politicians

rep-vs-rep Conservative social media is a very depressing place these days. It's not just all the people on the same side hurling hate at each other. It's the fragmenting of a once united movement into candidate partisan groups that circulate talking points and fight culture wars against "outsiders." This isn't the Tea Party. It's little cults […]

Hillary Is Like Teflon: Nothing Sticks

hillary_emails Teflon is a wonderful invention. It keeps food from sticking to the pan when you cook. There probably is not one home in America that doesn't have one piece of cookware with Teflon. Of course, technology brought new, non-stick cooking surfaces that work just as well. However, that Teflon name is readily identifiable for "non-stick" […]

We're Not Here to Watch. We're Here to Fight...and Win (by His Grace and for His Glory)

sb Contrary to popular American "Christian" mythology, true believers are not placed here to be polite, culturally compliant observers passively watching the world go to hell while nurturing a nice, neat little "gospel" that is kept safely sequestered and tucked away in "its proper place" (at church, in Bible studies, in "our hearts," etc.). (See also: Beware the "Gospel in a […]

Oath Keepers in Ferguson: If People Provide Their Own Security, They Don’t Need Heavy Police Presence

150811-oath-keepers-ferguson-jpo-503a_5d2d4f5f83b686d149ccbef923f9db74.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000 Truth In Media's Joshua Cook followed up with Oath Keepers president Stewart Rhodes to provide an update on the Oath Keepers' presence in Ferguson. Cook asked Rhodes, "What is the media getting wrong about your group?" "One of the first things they said was that our presence was inflammatory," answered Rhodes. "And it's quite the opposite. There were actually […]

Mosqueing the Airport: Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Mosque Room

2 We don’t see airports opening churches or synagogues. Airports generally have nondenominational prayer rooms for everyone. But the supremacism inherent in Islam dictates that non-Muslims cannot pray in mosques (non-Muslims can enter a mosque for proselytizing), hence their own special mosque room at Orlando Airport. Equality for all is a Western dictate that Islamic supremacists […]

Can The Republican Party Kick Donald Trump Out Of The Debates?

trump-presidential-run Billionaire and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump makes new headlines every day. But something he said that he wouldn't do during the first Republican debate could reveal some major problems with the debate system. Could the GOP ban Trump from its next debate? The first Republican debate one week ago opened with a question specifically […]