Home of the Brave ….. and the Cowardly

Peace-Offering-600-LA Robert Spencer opines on Joseph Farah’s column today at WND. I am humbled by these words. It’s not courage, it’s knowing with every fiber of my being that what we are fighting for is right and true. Freedom. And while my detractors are vicious and cowardly, the Garland free speech shooting has thoroughly exposed these […]

Hillary Rodham Clinton, A Radical Worse Than Obama

635584851242824341-AP-DEM-2016-Clinton-Obama Discover The Networks it is the only location where one can find a lot of information about people, groups, and more. They include not just their source, but many other sources to illustrate what people, groups, and the like really represent. Included in this article is some important information we found on this website. In […]

Hydroponic or “Frankenstein” Tomatoes?

cs-nelson-wade-2 Hydroponic tomatoes have finally arrived in Romania. A video from Antena 3 entitled "Pofta Buna la Otrava" (Good Appetite for Poison), describes how an entrepreneur from Reghin, Mures County, has grown, last year, nine huge tomato plants per square meter, the size of "tropical arbors." The plants grew out of a special bed without soil. […]

They Would Just Sing Louder!

martin niemoller When the hypocrites and accomplices to Adolph Hitler (Matthew 7:21-23) would sing praises to Jesus in the protestant churches in Germany, they would sing louder to drowned out the noise of the Jews, Gypsies and dissidents that were crying out for help while they were being hauled off in cattle cars to concentration camps, or […]