German Gestapo Plans to Make It Compulsory for Young People to Take Care of Muslim Parasites Who Don’t Work

migrrat29-e14435486466811 In other words, high school graduates will be forced to become janitors and maids for Muslim so-called 'refugees' who have already turned their temporary living quarters into virtual garbage dumps (See second video). These forced "volunteers" will also be subjected to verbal abuse, rapes, and assaults from the ungrateful freeloaders, most of whom are not refugees […]

Hey Neocons! Rand Paul Is Right On Military Spending

marco-rubio-rand-paul During the recent Fox Business News – Wall Street Journal Republican Primary debate, United States senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had what was probably one of the most meaningful exchanges so far in the race to decide the party’s nominee for president. Paul and Rubio traded jabs over military spending, an issue […]

Social Security under Siege

logo-fb-share The political debates are totally dishonest in regard to Social Security.  Ponzi scheme or not, the problem is the funds were moved from a private account to the General Treasury during the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration, thereby allowing them to be tapped without transparency for everything from the War in Vietnam to educational program funding […]

Do You Speak the Language of Liberty or Captivity?

The Liberty Bell Many have asked, "What is the difference between the language of liberty and that of tyranny or captivity?" In the following pertinent quotes by those considered authorities or experts in their respective fields, the delineations become clear. In their own words, true intentions speak for themselves. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep […]

The VA System Was Always Corrupt

va-logo Most everyone, except politicians and those who profit from it (often, one in the same), agree that the Veterans Administration is broken and, frankly, doesn't appear to even give a crap about our men and women who have sacrificed in the defense of this country. Yet, I've heard that, like a lot of "broken" government […]

Pilgrims rejected Communism: "Let none argue that this is due to Human Failing, rather than to this Communistic Plan of Life in Itself"

The_Mayflower_Compact_1620_cph.3g07155 High winds and treacherous tides along North America's coast prevented the Pilgrims from sailing south to join Virginia's settlement at Jamestown, founded 14 years earlier. Having to disembark in Massachusetts, there was no government to submit to, so the Pilgrims created their own - the Mayflower Compact. It was the first 'constitution' written in America. […]

Islamic State Video Claims Russia is Next!

isisvidpic1 We have had the foolish idea that the Muslims in the Middle East would never be able to take the world. They were backward and uneducated in comparison to the West. The idea that camel herders would push against Western backed nations was laughable. But now, four years after the civil war in Syria and […]

Islam: A Treatable Malignancy

73-of-French-People-Hold-a-Negative-View-of-Islam-Poll Although average American news viewers remain blissfully ignorant of this, Europeans have been turning out by the thousands in protest of their governments' intention to throw the doors open wide to innumerable Muslim refugees from regions in which Barack Hussein Obama's mercenary army (otherwise known as ISIS or Islamic State) and other militant Islamists have made life […]

Muslims Declare War on France: “It Was a Bloodbath”

paris-jihad3 High powered weapons, suicide bombers and grenades. This is war. “Allahu akbar!” That all-too-familiar battle cry kicked off six Islamic acts of war on the people of France. Muslims set off on a murderous rampage in Paris Friday night, killing at least 166, including at least 100 concertgoers at a music hall featuring an American rock […]

TSA Agents Busted & Indicted for Smuggling Cocaine

TSA-Uniform cocaine Three former Transportation Security Administration agents were formally indicted on charges of using their positions to defraud the government and smuggle cocaine. Earlier this week, 35-year-old Joseph Scott, 32-year-old Michael Castaneda, and 27-year-old Jessica Scott, all former TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport, were indicted for aiding an operation that transported drugs through airport security. […]