The Institutionalization of Foolishness

11059996_706667996105667_6355214090913520280_n Liberalism is a Mental Disorder is the title of a book written by radio talker Dr. Michael Savage over a decade ago. It was a catchy phrase—sort of a tongue-in-cheek assessment of the condition of the modern liberal. Is it just me, or does 2005 seem like a generation ago? "Political Correctness" was just beginning […]

The Common Core-ing of Society

factors3_ea93e78faaeb7e0725167bbca78d7c1c You may recall the incident in Grayslake, Illinois, reported by The Blaze, where "Community Consolidated School District 46 curriculum coordinator Amanda August in which she said it matters less if students answer 3 x 4 incorrectly as long as they explain how they arrived at their final answer." Although Ms. August did say that the […]

Government Keeps Personal Information Forever

privacy-personal-information How many US citizens have heard of MIDAS? Immediately, most think of the king who could turn items to gold when he touched it. However, MIDAS actually is an acronym for the Multidimensional Insurance Data Analytics System -- the federal central repository that stores the data of Obamacare enrollees "forever." Yes, that is correct. […]

The Fall of Al Jazeera America

aljazeera When Al Jazeera America was announced, the Qatari propaganda network was riding high. Once known as a dump for Al Qaeda videos, the Arab Spring had allowed the House of Thani to project its power across the region, toppling governments and replacing them with its Muslim Brotherhood allies. Qatar had been notorious for its ties […]

Jeb! (not Bush?) Launches Presidential Campaign with "Conservative" Case for the Welfare/Warfare Nanny State

jeb! For those still enslaved to the Pagan Right/"Anybody but [insert name of Pagan Left candidate here]" political puppet show paradigm under which we are being led ever-deeper into Statism by our favorite "conservative" "Christian" "leaders," a Big Gun from the Pagan Right side of the puppet show stage is about to make it official. As AP reports, Jeb!Bush […]