Another Year of Obama "Recovery"

29 Jan 2014, Washington, DC, USA --- President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 28, 2014. --- Image by © LARRY DOWNING/Corbis The much ballyhooed April jobs number is out, and it once again shows how well the Obama economic recovery is going. It's been almost 7 years. Shouldn't we have recovered by now? Heck, in Reagan's seventh year, we were running like a well-oiled machine, but I digress. Yesterday, Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge had an […]

Leaked: Saudi Arabia Plans To Behead the Ayatollah Next Week

nimr There are only 47 Ayatollahs in the world and 17 of them are assigned to 8 Muslim countries outside Iran. The title Ayatollah is from Arabic: آية الله‎, āyatu allah "Sign of Allah," and is the highest ranking title given to Usuli Twelver Shī'ah clerics after the Grand Ayatollah and are considered experts in Islamic jurisprudence, ethics, […]

Is the United States of America Toast?

image.php Are we truly watching a perfect storm of tyrannical darkness conquer the United States? Have we finally been defeated by the ever-patient, ever-evil, embedded communists, who've had their wicked designs on our nation for at least a hundred years? Is our culture so rotten to the core that it can never return to virtue and […]

U.S. Economy Collapsing Faster Than In 2008

2 I want to show these graphs from Zerohedge with my edits (second graph) because they show the extreme dislocation between the true economic fundamentals and the financial markets in the U.S. "US Macro" data is the differential between Wall Street's "brain trust" estimates for various economic data and the actual reported result. The negative differential […]

Need Prayer? Google Promotes Nearest Mosque

Islamic Center of Toledo May 1993 Near Toledo, Ohio, USA Thursday was the National Day of Prayer. If you were looking for prayer events in your area, you might have used a search engine to look for service times. If you did, you were likely surprised that those search engines assumed you had your Qur'an in one hand and your prayer rug in the other. […]

Shocker - Israel Can Do No Right

Israeli Flag Conservatives have been preaching to the Republican Party for years—decades, even—that no matter what we do, the Democrats and the left will still hate us. No matter what Republicans do, it will be either not enough or going too far. So knowing that, just do the right thing because it's the right thing. We can't […]

Will Central Banks Abolish Cash?

cash-ATM Cash has never been a popular asset with the totalitarian set. It's difficult, if not impossible, to trace. Cash makes it possible to do business "off the books." For decades, with the US leading the effort, governments have engaged in a War on Cash. The original justification for this war was to fight racketeering. The […]