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Should Double Income No Kids Pay Higher Taxes?

happy-couple-watching-tv1_0 Today's political pundits come up with strategies to shift the tax burden to certain groups instead of suggesting the obvious: lower the tax burden for all by shrinking the size of government.'s blogger Reihan Salam wrote this: "Who should pay more? Nonparents who earn more than the median household income, just a shade above $51,000. By […]

Another Abuquerque Shooting of Unarmed Man by Law Enforcement

usmarsh1-600x309 If you live in Albuquerque, it might be time to consider a move, because it sure seems like law enforcement there is hunting the citizenry. The most recent law-enforcement-related shooting happened on Tuesday, when U.S. Marshals fired at a wanted man and shot him in the head. That man, Gilberto Angelo Serrano, was pursued by […]