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Good News From Freedom Outpost August 10, 2013

freedom outpost good news There's lots of good news for the middle of your weekend. In today's good news Congressman Michael Burgess stands his ground when confronted by an atheist over "atheist chaplains" (oxy moron), a six year old girl gets a new outlook on life following a heart transplant, Tim Scott calls out Harry Reid for playing the […]

Obama Blasts GOP: Opposition To Obamacare is Their Holy Grail

612344_640px America was forged through the American Revolution, maintained during the War of 1812, challenged during the War of Northern Aggression, strengthened during World Wars I and II, weakened through the Korean Police Action, Vietnam Battles, Operation Desert Storm and various skirmishes in Iran, Afghanistan and other areas in the Middle East. But, America faces destruction […]

Good News From Freedom Outpost August 9, 2013

freedom outpost good news There's lots of good news today. A US Senator blasts Obama and the Congress over the Obamacare bailout for Congress members and their staff. Planned Parenthood finds themselves under investigation for misusing taxpayer money (which they should never receive in the first place). A community pitches in to help a blind culinary student who was […]

GOP Rep: Cantor’s Dream Act Is Supported By Majority Of House

120614_aaron_schock_ap_605 At a town hall meeting this week, Representative Aaron Schock (R-IL) took questions that asked his view on immigration reform. Interestingly enough, the poster of the following video at YouTube says that the questioner was an illegal alien. Schock indicates that a majority in the House of Representatives are in support of House Majority Leader […]

Planned Parenthood Investigated For Misuse Of Taxpayer Funds

OB-VE422_Cecile_G_20121031133035 Say it isn't so! It is so. Pro-death organization Planned Parenthood is now under investigation by the Government Accountability Officer, which exposes abuse, waste and fraud within the federal government. The organization received more than half a billion of taxpayer money last year, but the investigation is to see just what happened to that money. […]

Senator David Vitter Blasts Obama & Congress Over Obamacare Bailout of Congress & Staffers

DAVID+VITTER As most everyone has heard, Congress has exempted themselves from the current health care law that is Obamacare even though the original provision required the lawmakers and their staff to obtain coverage through the exchanges just like regular Americans. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has called this action "particularly offensive and obnoxious." According to Senator […]

Major Health Insurance Companies Bail on Obamacare State Exchanges

obamacare As more information regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is exposed, Americans around the country are waking up to the fact that this piece of legislation is anything but affordable. Participating health insurance companies have also discovered that limitations some state governments place on rates would not allow companies to make money. […]