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Libertarian Candidate Adrian Wyllie Invited to Florida Gubernatorial Debate

Adrian-Wyllie-630x286 Just like in South Carolina where the state Libertarian Party went to the state Supreme Court to secure third-party ballot access, there has been another major victory for liberty lovers. This time it's in Florida where Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie received an official invitation to the state's largest and most watched gubernatorial debate. Typically, invitations […]

Michigan Takes Right to Farm Away from Suburbs Dwellers

Michigan-Takes-Away-the-Right-to-Farm The War on Self-Sufficiency continues, and this week’s victims are small backyard farmers in Michigan. The “right to farm” in that state no longer exists for those who live on any property where there are 13 homes within one eighth mile or a residence within 250 feet of the property. This means that the folks […]

Mike Lee Pushes Bill To End All Energy Tax Subsidies

Mike-Lee Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee has introduced legislation to eliminate tax subsidies for all energy sources, from renewables to hydrocarbons, to end market distortions in the energy industry. Lee’s Energy Freedom & Economic Prosperity Act also reduces tax rates to facilitate energy production in the U.S. The bill has a companion bill in the House […]

Denver Sheriffs Department Halts Illegal Immigration Detentions

SPENCER-PLATT-GETTY-IMAGES-e1398982910647 p>The Denver Sheriffs Department (DSD) announced Wednesday it will no longer hold inmates for deportation at the request of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency solely based on their immigration status, joining several other Colorado counties that have adopted the same policy. The move was spurred by recent court decisions that detaining people at the […]

The Shocking FACTS About Benghazi No One is Talking About

benghazi Recent emails from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by Judicial Watch which indicates that Ben Rhodes, speech writer for President Obama, "conducted meetings with" former UN Ambassador Susan Rice to collaborate on her now infamous "Benghazi comments." Journalist Jennifer Rubin asserts: "The Rhodes memo certainly seems to confirm the allegations Republicans have been making […]

Animal Control Controversies Continue to Increase

Dog bites three people A few months ago, and the extensive research of Sarah Tanksalvala uncovered the abuses of government controlled animal shelters that triggered lawsuits in California. Read more here. The abuses, unfortunately, have gone unchecked and have been ignored by the mainstream media. Stories of Animal Control abuse are increasing, along with reports of dogs being shot […]