I've written several articles on the amount of murders of white people taking place in South Africa and the statistics - what we can gain from them - is not pretty at all. Now that I've laid the groundwork with those two articles, I'd like to highlight a couple of specific things that I believe bring things into a sharper focus.

It wasn't long after the previous (and racist) white government of South Africa was replaced with a black (and racist) majority government that songs like "Kill the Boer" came once again to the fore, but this time, it was sung by South Africa's political lead-ers. White farmers have been murdered to the tune of 60,000 since 2008, but some say that in actuality, it's a great deal higher in number.

Blacks, who felt abused and pushed down under P.W. Botha's regime retaliated against the farmer by "robbing" him. This type of robbery generally included beatings, torture, rape (wife or daughters raped while rest forced to watch), then ultimately killing them. This was rarely done quickly, but often painfully and even sometimes done by what is called "necklacing," which involves placing a tire over the head of the victim that is filled with gasoline, then lighting it on fire. Death would come, but only after agonizing moments of being burned. Allegedly, this was a method that Minnie Mandela herself approved of for whites.

boer1But the phrase "Kill the Boer," though often said to refer only to white farmers, actually refers to any and all white people according to several sources. More than one source on the 'Net notes, "All whites are seen as 'boers.' Remember the other song 'Kill the Boer and Kill the Farmer.' Yesterday in court, a murderer said that he was just obeying the president when he killed the white pensioner."

The other thing I'd like to point out is the similarity between South Africa's history and America's. Because of the slavery issue here in the United States, it took blacks quite a while to gain their independence and freedom. Even then, the old racist attitudes remained. It has taken several generations before things really started to turn around. People like Martin Luther King, Jr. have come and gone and with it, his ideals of peaceful resistance. Today's black leader is more apt to shove himself in your face while calling you every racist name he can think of ("cracker" is the favored term), and literally foaming at the mouth while his bodyguards hang back just slightly to protect his rear from a good whooping. But, I digress.

In today's society, there is a growing scourge of black on white crime, and much of it has to do with the belief that the black community in general has not come that far, that blacks are still being severely hampered by whites. This belief (based on unproven and asinine hypotheses like Critical Race Theory, which in itself is fully racist toward whites), has been fanned into flame by the professional race-baiters throughout America. Whether it's Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, any numbers of black, racist, talking heads, or someone else - there are too many to recount here - the fires of discontent and racial animosity directed by blacks toward whites is kept alive and growing.

boer2In essence, the same thing has occurred in South Africa. Years ago, when Botha's regime ruled the country, there were places where blacks were not allowed and only whites could go due to racist attitudes that existed. Blacks were not allowed to vote (until 1994 when Mandela ran...and won). There were many ways in which blacks were deprived from being full citizens of the country they were also born in (unlike America, where they were brought in from places in Africa, having been sold to slave traders by other blacks).

Eventually, with the installment of Mandela as president, things began to change in South Africa. While situations for blacks improved, situations for whites began to falter. In essence, it was payback. Crime, including murder, has skyrocketed in South Africa. It's the same in the US in areas where Democrats rule and Democrat policies have turned beautiful places into apocalyptic ghettos where rats are even scared to live.

The similarities between South Africa and America are interesting. As the murder rate of whites by blacks has risen in South Africa, crimes against whites by blacks have also climbed. I find it telling that the mainstream media often refuses to cover the many instances of the so-called "knock-out game," which was started by "bored" groups of young black people, who decided it would be fun to go up to lone white people and sucker punch them. Many whites have died because of these attacks. Rarely, if ever, are the crimes charged as hate crimes. When the suspects are caught (and most usually are), they are simply charged with assault or second degree murder or manslaughter. I guess that's the best we can expect, although in the one incident not long ago where a white man played the knock-out game against a black man, severely injuring him, the charge of hate-crime was nearly automatic.

karmaThen again, some firmly believe that what is happening in South Africa (and I would assume the USA) is "karma," as one individual on Twitter noted. The problem with that view is that people are responsible for the choices they make. I saw a video the other day in which a guy driving a truck was tailgating another driver (who was recording it on her phone). The guy was finally able to pass her on the right, but slowed down to flip her off. As he continued past her, he lost control, spun out and slammed into the median backwards. Call that "karma" if you want (though I don't believe in karma), but when people make choices to choose racism in any form, it's not karma.

There are too many who would excuse the terrible things done by P.W. Botha's white government in South Africa. At the same time, there are those who excuse the "payback" that is taking place under the current racist black government as either payback or "karma." When does it stop? When does someone stand up and say "ENOUGH!"?

Those blacks who won't go along with the racist intents of other blacks are also victimized. Often, these blacks are murdered using "necklacing" to make a point. It is reminiscent of Muslims killing other Muslims deemed not to be radical enough.

I guess what I'm saying is that what has become the terrible norm in South Africa may be on the way to becoming the norm in America, to a lesser degree, but left unchecked can become something just as terrible. Racism from anyone toward any group is never good. It does not have the power to heal. It only has the power to destroy and continue a very vicious cycle.

South Africa has a distinct racism problem and now, blacks are in power and are doing exactly what whites did under Botha's racist government. The brutality is inexcusable. There are too many people in Africa who take their cue from President Zuma and want to see whites dead or gone.

Here in America, there is growing resentment by those within the black community that allows them to feed off their own aggression and anger. It gives voice to the criminality toward whites. It, of course, needs to stop. Any and all racism is evil, completely destructive, and anti-God.

Those who traffic in it do harm to themselves because they make themselves far less than what God intended us to be. The divisive nature of racism tears at the very fabric of society. The problem, of course, is that as long as there are leaders who foment racism, racism itself will reverberate through society - whether in South Africa, America, or somewhere else.

Many blacks in South Africa (and in America) wrongly believe that they are not racist, but merely watching karma take its course. Those who do nothing to stop it are as wrong as those who create it.

It needs to stop, and it can only stop when each person decides they will not be the vehicle through which racism is extended to another person in society. The only chance we have of that happening is when we continue to point out the problem and teach people that one by one, they are responsible for what they do with racism: accept it or reject it.

Pass the word!

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