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A Christian American's Response to Obama’s Speech on Immigration

obamas-big-immigration-speech-sets-up-possible-shutdown-showdown-with-gop The illegal residing man in the Oval Office announced his "immigration" plan last night, which, not coincidentally, was not aired by any lame stream enemedia station; but, it was aired by Univison and Telemundo. Interestingly, these stations are largely watched by those of hispanic geneaology. There was a strategic reason for that move – the […]

Obama – The One Man Constitutional Convention

0608-left-attacks-obama.jpg_full_600 Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh was speaking about the same thing everyone else in the universe is discussing – Obama's crossing from boyhood to manhood – from quasi-president to quasi-dictator. He (Limbaugh) mentioned a Washington Post article that was posted during the airing of his program by Robert Costa regarding the damage control of poor establishment Republican "elders" like […]

How our Federal Constitution “Secures” Our God Given Rights

US Constitution - We The People Our Declaration of Independence says the Creator God endowed us with Rights, and that the purpose of government is to "secure" the Rights God gave us. What does this mean? How does a government go about "securing" God given rights? I will show you. The miracle of our federal Constitution was that it created a […]

Obama Should Have Been Vetted at First Mention

obama-im-not-a-socialist Those who study the Bible are aware of a principle called The Law of First Mention. We could have saved America some serious headaches had we simply followed this law. "The "law of first-mention" is the principle in the interpretation of Scripture which states that the first mention or occurrence of a subject in Scripture […]

Refuting Objections to Obama's Impeachment

Obama-Impeach-Me-Sign Republicans hold a majority in the House and after the mid-term elections, now hold a majority in the Senate. That being said, the question that still dogs many in America is, "Will Articles of Impeachment be filed against Barack Hussein Obama should he issue amnesty to illegal aliens via executive order?" According to Republican Representative […]

Defiant Obama Readies Executive Amnesty As GOP Split on Blocking Him

Obama reacts to GOP election wins In another act of defiance against the American People and the immigration laws of our Republic, Barack Obama is ignoring both the law and the people to announce his executive actions of amnesty that will shield at least 5 million illegal aliens, and possibly more, in the United States. According to the New York Times: […]

Constitutionally Recognized States’ Rights Being Pushed as Unconstitutional

constitution-fire For years, we constitutional conservatives have been railing against federal encroachment on States' Rights. And for that, we've been called every name in the book. There are 10th Amendment groups all over the country. They are derided by the both the left and right as being out of touch, unrealistic, and just plain backwards. Most […]

What does the Republican Victory Actually Mean?

Greg Abbott, Election According to many pundits, the results of the November 4th elections, where Republicans gained at least seven seats in the US Senate and several more in the House of Representatives, represents a sea change in American politics. But will this change in politics represent a change in American public policy? In my view, here is […]

4 Institutions Claim Obama Using Federal Law to Wage War on Christians

obama_angry The Obamacare law has been battled in court numerous times and many victories have been won against the unconstitutional law. In a recent lawsuit filed by four Christian institutions represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, the plaintiffs have alleged that the employer mandate's purpose in forcing them to pay for abortion and abortion-causing contraception "is to […]

The People’s Choice

 The latest polls indicate that 70% of Americans believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Those that claim to understand the polls would have us believe there will be a major change of political party control as a result; but that doesn't mean a major change in the direction of the country. […]

There are no Rights without Jesus Christ

god not government Imagine you were playing football against a very determined opponent and a new rule was introduced. According to this new rule of play, your team could actually never have possession of the football. Every time you received a kick-off, or recovered a fumble, or intercepted a pass, or even when you took over on downs, […]

The Right to Bear Arms vs. The Right to be Hysterical About It

edson A woman in Rochester, New York recently exercised her Constitutional right to be a jerk. Kimberly Edson photographed a man who exercised his own Constitutional right – the right to bear arms.  She placed the photo on a poster in her front yard, "warning" the other parents: "This man carries a loaded gun around your […]