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Gentlemen May Cry… The Ideology of Anti-Federalism

LibertyorDeath Having recently witnessed a devastating typhoon hit the Philippine Islands, I've wondered how much better off they would be right now if they were still part of the "More Perfect Union." While the United States sent plenty of aid their way, private individuals and other countries did as well. However, receiving this aid did not […]

The "Convention of States" Scam, the War over the Constitution, and how the States Sold the Reserved Powers to the Feds

convention of states scam [two_third] Our Constitution is a glorious document. This one page chart depicts the Structure of the federal government we created when we ratified our Constitution; and lists the "limited & enumerated powers" we delegated to the federal government over the Country at Large. In a nutshell, our Constitution authorizes the federal government to handle the […]

Convention of the States – Good or Bad?

state led convention Have you heard about the gathering of state legislators at Mount Vernon to discuss a Convention of States? Well, in case you've missed it, one hundred legislators from 32 states gathered at the home of George Washington on Saturday to discuss, of all things, the possibility of a Convention of the States to propose amendments […]

Gentlemen May Cry – Anti-Federalism

anti-federalists The top Anti-Federalists that history should never forget, are: Thomas Burke, of North Carolina: While he died prior to the 1787 Convention due to the conditions of War and being imprisoned by the British, he was an eloquent debater in the Second Continental Congress, and insisted on adding Article 2 of the Articles of Confederation, […]

Caught in the Conservative Trap?

never-sell-a-liberal-the-same-way-as-a-conservative-02-14-2012-road-sign Are You a Conservative? Do you consider yourself a liberal? If you find yourself using either of these terms when discussing your political worldview, you may have fallen into a trap. Let me explain. When the President or any elected or appointed official takes his oath of office, he invokes the wrath of God against […]