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The Constitution is not a Self-Enforcing Document

United-States-Constitution   The Constitution is not a self-enforcing document. Although the Constitution is the supreme law of our land and provides limits on the powers and authorities of our federal, state and local governments, its words cannot and will not leap off the page and enforce themselves. The common folk of America must be the champions […]

The Constitution is Supposed to Protect Us From Washington

the constitution The US was established as a Constitutional Republic. The Founding Fathers provided us with three vital documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and its amendments, called The Bill of Rights. Taken together, these documents establish the philosophic bases of our government and set up a foundation from which all laws in our nation proceed. […]

How can You Defend a Constitution You Fear?

us-constitution-with-pen-Article-V After writing my last article defending the proposed use of Article V to control an unrepresentative Washington D.C., I decided to momentarily abstain from critical analysis of my fellow writer's vociferous condemnation of an Article V Convention of States. I had hoped to assuage my concerns of fueling what has become another conservative side show […]

America's Problem & Solution - in 60 Seconds

Lincolns-Socialism Today’s Obamacare debacle is finally the bridge too far. Millions of Americans reel in disbelief as we seem to become another Russia, citizens doing little beyond posting rants online. How is this going to end? Communism is not new to America; in this blog article we explain that Abe Lincoln was a proud follower of […]