Evangelical Christian Air Force Sergeant Phillip Monk dutifully served for 19 years without incident. He had a spotless record. But recently, he was was relieved of his duties by his new lesbian commander over his stance on homosexual "marriage." Is this a coincidence? Hardly.

There are no coincidences in a world where Christian values collide with the homosexual agenda. Evangelical Christian Air Force Sergeant Phillip Monk served his country for 19 years. Monk was First Sergeant of the 326th Training Squadron at Lankland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. He recently returned from deployment to find he had a new lesbian commander named Maj. Elisa Valenzuela. This is where the story takes a decisive turn.

The Air Force Sergeant describes one of his very first meetings with Valenzuela. The issue of homosexuality was brought up. Valenzuela wanted a chaplain to offer a benediction, but being an openly homosexual woman, she wanted one who was accepting of her lifestyle.

Monk said, she“objected to one particular chaplain that she called a bigot because he preached that homosexuality is a sin.” Monk says the commander’s response was, “I don’t know what kind of people actually believe that kind of crap.”

Evangelical Christian Air Force Sergeant Phillip Monk

Evangelical Christian Air Force Sergeant Phillip Monk

Another trainer was involved in a heated discussion with Valenzuela about gay marriage, and referenced the decline of the Roman Empire. This unnerved Valenzuela and she wanted to punish the trainer for expressing such views. She turned to Monk for advice, and Monk suggested using this as an opportunity to teach about diversity. Or rather to accept that there were those who did not share her views.

This is where the incident turned ugly. Valenzuela was threatened and knew that she and Monk did not see eye to eye on the issue. She warned him that if he did not get on the same page as her, he would be relieved of his duties.

Then Valenzuela gave Monk an order, demanding Monk tell her whether he regards those who oppose homosexual "marriage" as discriminating against homosexuals. He responded that he could not answer the question in the way she wanted. But he also declined to say how he truly felt for fear of legal ramifications. But he was relieved of his duties anyway. “I was essentially fired for not validating my commander’s position [regarding] homosexual marriage,” Monk explained to Fox News.

That's right. Sgt. Monk did not say exactly how he felt about the subject, but he stood up for his beliefs in telling Valenzuela that he did not have the same views as she did. But it is not military policy to support homosexual "marriage." Monk has a right to free speech and thought.

Monk was only one year away from retirement. This situation is grossly unfair and it only highlights the bullying homosexual agenda. It also shows clear discrimination against Christians in the military, once an institution that promoted Christian values.

But the mob rule of militant homosexuals has made coexistence in society impossible. Naturally the MSM has other views on this matter.

Zach Ford of thinkprogress.org said, "In other words, the case is not about his beliefs about marriage or homosexuality, but about his willingness to follow his commander’s instructions and enforce military policy."

Right, this case was never about Monk's Christian beliefs and his not agreeing with his lesbian commander. This is exactly what the Huff Post would say about the incident, because they are right in line with homosexual agenda. It's never about beliefs, just about certain beliefs. Like the most important one being "homosexuality is a sin." This is a nail in the coffin for a Christian.

Monk is appealing his termination. And due to his predicament and others similar to it, Congress has approved a new piece of legislation to protect soldiers and chaplains and their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion. And also their freedom to express their religious views openly. However, the main obstacle is militant atheist Mikey Weinstein, the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. This is more than ironic, and will surely spell the doom of religious freedom for Christians in the military.

And there is another major roadblock. Although the legislation has passed in the House and is pending in the Senate, President Obama has promised to veto it. And so the United States will go the way of the Roman Empire, starting from the top down.

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