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US Muslim Calls for Barack Obama and his Family to be Beheaded

Screen-Shot-2014-06-22-at-7.53.03-PM Last Friday, the Sunday Express reported that British jihadist Abu Rashash Britani called for the beheading of Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May, tweeting, "I think when we establish khilafah (a Muslim state), a battalion of mujahadeen shud head to UK and capture davidcameron & theresamay n behead them both." On Sunday, […]

Why Conservatives Are WRONG: The Benghazi Attack Was All About The Anti-Muhammad Film

Innocence-of-Muslims The Obama administration's role in making the anti-Muhammad video go viral on the day of the Benghazi attacks; its connection to the filmmaker (a Federal informant at the time); the claim from one of the actresses in the video that the filmmaker confessed to being a Muslim; and the filmmaker's Muslim fundamentalist partner in crime all suggest that blaming the video for the […]

IRS Emails Backed Up by Outside Email Archiving Company

Close-Up of Computer Keyboard On Friday, Mac Slavo reported on Congressman Darrell Issa's (R-CA) statement in which he called the Internal Revenue Service's claim that Lois Lerner's hard drive crash resulted in a loss of emails "ridiculous." Most of us know that information from crashed hard drives can be recovered, though it costs a lot of money. However, as […]

Political Correctness: Coercion With a Smile

obamasmiling0409 Who can fathom the pain that would be inflicted on minorities if we did not have hate crimes, political correctness and government directives on how to think about race, sex and gays?   That question is actually best answered by another question: who can fathom what would happen to freedom of thought, expression, and conduct when […]

Failure to Defend the Truth Only Empowers the Lie The University of Wisconsin has made it to the news again. Recently making headlines for its controversial stance in defending white privilege education, the university is now in the hot seat for denying an Army veteran the ability to recite the pledge of allegiance before a student body meeting, citing fear of offending international students. This goes right […]

Still Waiting for a WMD Apology

wmd Remember this: "Bush Lied – People Died" – the refrain of the left when we didn't find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq after the Bush administration's build up and claims that Saddam Hussein had WMDs? I sure do. He and his administration were pummeled for years over it, even to this day. In 2008, […]