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Common Core Dollars Destroy Opportunities for ADHD Kids

Children_of_the_Common_Core Corporations buying into the federal healthcare data system using huge profits made from creating federal tests aligned with Common Core are destroying opportunities for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder*) kids. The fears of many parents of ADHD kids will likely come true. Their child's opportunities will be limited by an inanimate object created by a […]

Obama DHS Adviser Mohamed Elibiary: Islam Best Antidote to Terrorism

mohamed elibiary1 Well Barack Obama's Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary is at it again. On Monday, the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood supporter responded to the following tweet "Good, Islam should be condemned everywhere. The war on terrorism starts with Muslims." He wrote, "Wrong! Islam best antidote 2 terrorism." Tweeter Anthony was responding to Elibiary's tweet: @MohamedElibiary Good.... Islam […]

Do These Native Americans Look Offended?

navajo-codetalkers Do these four Native American heroes below look offended to you? Oh no, to the contrary they look full of pride. Why would they be offended? These four men were honored at a recent Monday Night game between the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers. These four men are some of America's finest from World War II. They are part of our history and […]

Of Psychedelic Drugs and Carbon Taxes

psychedelic-spirit Ideas and words are funny things. They can neither harm nor help anyone unless put into action. Of course, the thought police, especially the hate-speech division, would disagree and challenge this "notion" but they are, of course, merely ideas in action. The members of the baby-boom generation who were teenagers during the mid-1960's had an […]

You Cannot Negotiate With Iran?

p51 You cannot negotiate with Iran. That is what they told us for years. The Iranian leadership is too fanatical, they are not rational actors, they are “not like us.” One US official even recently said that deception is part of the Iranian DNA. But just over a week ago negotiations between the five permanent UN […]

Operation Free Persia

Iran’s new Revolutionaries Source: In the same week that the nation watched the Obamacare rollout crash and burn American supremacy in the Middle East continued to implode.  Our allies signaled that they had had enough of this president's relentless propensity to court enemies while snubbing friends. Among this administration's myriad foreign policy blunders, the Syrian debacle continued to degrade […]