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Senate Kills House Spending Bill Hours Before Deadline

Harry Reid In a vote 54-46, the Senate voted to table the House spending bill. There was no discussion, no debate. In other words, no compromise at all from Senate Democrats. The Washington Times reports: The 54-46 vote officially tabled both proposals the House GOP passed early Sunday morning, one of which would have funded the government while delaying […]

More Government Shutdown Hype

government shutdown The AP comments How budget showdowns could squeeze the US economy. The story is nearly all hype. Let's take a look. Q. What exactly will happen within the next days and weeks?A. The most urgent deadline is for Congress and the White House to agree to keep funding the government after the current budget year ends […]

Obamacare & Big Government – A Grand Bargain for Liberty?

capitol_economy_2_620x350 As I write this, it appears that the federal government is about to shut down because the House and Senate cannot agree on whether to add language defunding or delaying Obamacare to the "Continuing Resolution". Despite all the hand-wringing heard in DC, a short-term government shut down (which doesn't actually shut down the government) will […]

Anti-Jihad Group Counters Hamas-CAIR in Tampa

cair tampa The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is crowing about its victory in Tampa, where transit officials reversed an earlier ban to allow this deceptive Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood group to advertise on its buses. So, my human rights organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), is launching our own public service bus ad campaign […]

Bank Robbers and Middle-Class Tax Hikes

congress When asked why he robbed banks, William "Willie" Sutton allegedly replied "because that's where the money is." The story, however, is false. Although he stole an estimated $2 million over his forty-year career, Sutton denied ever saying that. A journalist made it up. His life was quite interesting though, including a stint of commercials for […]

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Says Osama Bin Laden Narrative is “One Big Lie, Not One word of it is True”

seymour_hersh Earlier this week The D.C. Clothesline featured an article titled Pentagon Orders Purge of Osama Bin Laden’s Death Files from Data Bank by Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research. Running articles like that elicit the typical and predictable responses. A lot of people question the Osama Bin Laden narrative for many reasons, but some just […]