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Politics versus Retail Stores

886fa1898f6643d9a78e4dd2545a72ee-e1353393281430 Last week I received an e-mail alert from my friends at More specifically from a subgroup called "MoveOn Civic Action." Boy, what a pithy name. It has the well-known "MoveOn" moniker, but has been spiced up with "civic," so we know they're working for the collective – doing their civic duty. It also has […]

Backdoor Gun Control: Obama to use Executive Order to Ban Lead Ammo Imports?

Ammunition U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan's communications director told Joshua Cook, "we're very concerned and extensively looking into the lead issue." After Congress defeated the Democrat led anti-gun bill this year, President Obama said he would use executive action to promote his gun control agenda. One of the executive orders signed by Obama prevents military-grade weapons from being imported into […]