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Good News From Freedom Outpost August 8, 2013

freedom outpost good news We've got lots of good news as ex-Border Patrol agents expose politicians helping cartels in the US, a wife and mother of an Extortion 17 Navy SEAL honors her husband's memory, thieves gain a conscience after realizing who they stole from, another abortion clinic is set to close, plus much more! Ex-Border Patrol Agents expose […]

State Dept Establishes Office of Faith Based Community Initiatives – Director Says “I Am Glad American Civil Religion Is Dying”

shaun-casey-RELIGION On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the formation of the Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives, but even more stunning than that announcement was, is who is to head the office. Shaun Casey, former religion advisor to the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama, will take the lead role. In the last presidential election, […]

Ex-Border Patrol Agents: Politicians Helping Cartels In US

borderpatrolagentkilled_20121002_082259 I reported last Thursday that Mexican cartels have been hiring United States soldiers as hit men. However, Border Patrol agents are now warning that Mexican drug cartels are actively operating inside the United States and spending millions of dollars each year to expand their networks here. Even more telling than that was the fact that […]

Good News From Freedom Outpost August 7, 2013

freedom outpost good news Lots of good news today as a whistleblower confirms that Barack Obama was in fact a citizen of Indonesia while at Occidental College (that should be good news in moving forward to removing him from office), Rep. Justin Amash stand up for the people, Marcus Luttrell tells of his survival as a long Navy SEAL, […]

Congressmen Being Stonewalled On NSA Information

Screen-Shot-2013-07-15-at-10.09.33-AM-e1374163443927 The Guardian is reporting that member of Congress are being denied access to basic information about the National Security Agency. Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) and Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) both provided the Guardian with numerous letters and emails which document that they have been persistent, yet unsuccessful in their efforts to learn about NSA programs […]

The Result Of Barack Obama’s Support For Muslim Savages

obama_hillary_muslim_brotherhood1 We are now past the midway mark of Obama's authoritarian presidency. It is hard to point to any one single failure (foreign or domestic) of Obama's as the absolute most damaging, because his vow to "transform" America has resulted in myriad failures, including a number that are catastrophic. That's not sarcasm or hyperbole; it's a […]

Good News From Freedom Outpost August 6, 2013

freedom outpost good news Good news kicks off with the first arrests in the Benghazi attacks after nearly a year, another candidate jumps in the race to take on Senator Lindsey Graham, an amazing archeological discovery by a ten year old in his grandparents attic, plus much more! Another candidate jumps in the race to challenge Senator Lindsey Graham […]