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Putin Offers $50 Million Reward for Terrorists Who Bombed Plane

vladimir-putin-wikimedia The Kremlin has announced that traces of explosives were found in the debris of the Russian passenger jet that crashed in Egypt last month. According to the Russian Federal Security Service, Metrojet Flight 9268 was brought down by a bomb estimated to contain 2.2 pounds of explosives. Russia initially played down assertions from Western countries that the […]

Everything Obama is doing is Benefiting ISIS!

obama isis "The system of 'terror' was essential to Stalinism. … Terror was the creation to mold politically the control that they wanted." – Condoleezza Rice, "Joseph Stalin: Red Terror" I see that the state-controlled narrative is changing a bit due to the fact that the "Useful idiots," who have been playing the stooge for this administration, […]

Sharyl Attkisson: Obama Still Doesn’t Read Intelligence Reports on Jihadists He Doesn’t Consider to be Terrorists

Obama-ISIS During an interview on NewsMax TV's "The Steve Malzberg Show," Emmy-winning journalist and former CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson revealed that Hussein Obama "does not read intelligence reports from his staff on jihadist groups that he does not consider terrorists." "I have talked to people who have worked in the Obama administration who firmly believe he […]

Campus Protests: The Communist’s Nostalgic Astroturf

mizzouprotests1 While Barack Hussein Obama's mercenary army (otherwise known as ISIS or Islamic State) was busy committing atrocities in the region, we were ironically taught was the Cradle of Civilization, insinuating jihadis amongst Middle Eastern refugees bound for Europe and carrying out a massacre in Paris, other surrogates were busy mobilizing those on university campuses toward […]

Why Islam Is a Religion of War

islam_terrorists_koran5 "He it is who has sent His Messenger (Mohammed) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam) to make it victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist." Koran 61:9 Islamic violence is a religious problem. Islam derives meaning from physical supremacy, so war becomes an act of faith. To believe in Islam […]

Terrorist Detonates Suicide Vest in Massive Explosion as Paris Police Raid Hideout: Suicide Bombers Prepare For More Attacks

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 3: A replica of a suicide bombers vest is displayed at the "Spies, Traitors & Saboteurs: Fear & Freedom In America" exhibition being held at the National Constitution Center on March 3, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo Jeff Fusco/Getty Images) In the immediate aftermath of the Parisian attacks that left over a hundred people dead and scores injured we warned that this is just the beginning. With the massive influx of unidentified immigrants swarming Europe it is impossible for officials to separate refugee from terrorist. Police have already found weapons caches in refugee camps and this morning […]

Obama’s Conduct Is Unbecoming

obama-pensivex-large I am thrilled to announce that human rights activist and freedom fighter Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Gaza and experienced jihad and Jew-hatred firsthand and repudiated both, has become our first AFDI fellow. In that capacity, Nonie, author of the must-read books Now They Call Me Infidel and Cruel and Usual Punishment […]

Anti-Homeschool Inquisitors Seek Immunity from Law

AntiHSInquisition650pw1 Last week in America's Fear and Loathing of Christian Homeschoolers, we highlighted an article by American Vision's Dr. Joel McDurmon in which he methodically chronicled the lies driving a ridiculously contrived "case" against a homeschooling family in Texas. McDurmon has recently followed up with a very important article alerting homeschoolers as to some serious freedom-threatening maneuvers being […]