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The Tyranny of Idealism

tyranny-alert Of all the Alinsky rules, the most relevant one is "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." But he simply codified and made pragmatic the most destructive of the left's rules, which is,"Make the enemy live up to his ideals." Even if those ideals are often the invention of the left. […]

New York Buses Must Run 'Muslim' Ads

killing-Jews-is-worship The courts are playing fast and loose with our First Amendment rights…again. Having been in the middle of the free-speech fight now for the better part of 10 years, I can tell you that we are witnessing nothing less than the shredding of our most important and foundational constitutional right. A federal judge, on Wednesday, […]

Woman Faces Eviction for Flying American Flag

flag1 There are always those people that mess things up for others.  The one that wants to do something that they know others will not like.  And while those around them seek to be considerate and simply live their lives, they have to be punished because of the actions of others.  This system of mutual abstinence […]

An Interview with the ‘Progressive’ Mind

20141113_workersdetail To the limited extent they actually do, have you ever wondered how so-called "progressives" think? The progressive mind – let's call it "Progressy" – collectively hovers, like the Hindenburg, in that fantastical realm, that manmade utopia in waiting, that "fundamentally transformed" world that might only be, if … Hitler got it mostly wrong; Stalin, somewhat […]

Children of ISIS Send Obama a Message

maxresdefault ISIS continues to show why they are, today, the world's most terrifying group of terrorists. In a video message addressed to President Obama, a young boy delivers a harrowing and direct message: submit or ISIS will cut of your heads. The video message shows a young boy of about 10-years old standing facing the camera […]

Why Stop Spending When You Can Just Print More “Money”?

WhyStopSpending650pw1 Can you feel the surge? Do you hear the hum? The surge of manufactured power and the hum of warming printing presses, I mean. (See also: Fear not, stock-holders! The Monopoly money printing presses are here to save you (and bury the rest of us)…again.) As the "expert"-programmed fiction known as the global economy teeters (again) […]

DNC Chair Predictably Lies About Mass Shootings

o-DEBBIE-WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ-facebook Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman "Medusa" Schultz (D-FL) recently made some incredibly unbelievable comments regarding mass shooting numbers, and now she's been outed once again as the liar she is. Wasserman Schultz claimed that "380 Americans have been killed in 294 mass shootings in 2015 alone." But is that true? Of course, it isn't. […]