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Police Powers Acts and Diseases

208617-33d3d500-4756-11e3-b6cf-917abbb54065 While a student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, as a constitutionalist, one thing really stood out in my Health Administration Studies: the Police Powers Acts.  These were, in fact, early 1700s quarantine laws passed in North America.  The first, passed under the USA constitution, was in 1779 where, in […]

Why the Tea Party Failed

1280px-Gadsden_flag-reimagined.svg The tea party movement failed - was co-opted by RINOs and lying progressives - because it was never founded on principles.  It was founded on slogans: "limited government," "the Constitution," "stop the spending," and "abolish the fed."  But they didn't have a principled understanding of these concepts.  They didn't know what the federal government was supposed to […]

WHO Wants to Limit Possible Ebola Cure

BL20_TOBACCO_635018f A rather odd convergence of stories and events is taking place this week and they all center on tobacco. This week in Moscow, United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is holding the COP6, the sixth meeting of the Convention of the Parties to discuss the FCTC, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. That's a lot of acronyms! I feel like I'm […]

Nurse #3? Dallas Nurse With Ebola Symptoms Stranded on Carnival Cruise “Tender” in Belize… 4633 People on Board

carnival-magic-belize-waters-2014 There is a developing situation in Belize. A person who is confirmed to be a nurse from a Dallas Hospital and one other person are currently stranded upon the ship's "Tender." This nurse is currently accompanied by another American. A Tender is a smaller vessel that can be used for a variety of tasks like transporting passengers to and from the […]

Updated: Obama Appoints Ron Klain as Ebola Czar

ebolaobama UPDATE: The Washington Times reports that Ron Klain has been named Obama's Ebola czar. Responding to urgent calls from Congress and a fearful public, President Obama has tapped a former White House official to serve as his “Ebola czar.” Ron Klain, an attorney who worked for Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore, is president […]

John Kerry Blames Israel for Islamic State

isis-abu-mohammad-al-adnani-1 The kind of rhetoric coming out of the Obama administration is the stuff of the KKK or al-Qaeda. Take your pick — it's vicious, anti-Semitic, and supremacist, the most vile demagoguery. Blaming the Jews for this purely Islamic movement exposes Kerry and Barack Obama for what they really are. Jew-haters. America, what have you wrought? […]

Matt Drudge Tweets Dire Warning: “Self-Quarantine”

drudge-quarantine The world's leading news aggregator always stays on top of the most important stories in the world. With over a billion monthly visitors to his web site at, it's why thousands of media organizations follow his every post. Though seemingly a private person, there is no doubt that Matt Drudge has the inside scoop on […]

Five Evils - One Solution

Torah_Scroll_from_123rf.175212641 And so we have arrived: Five Evils careen forward at top speed. CORRUPTION continues its spread among the human condition, from the most powerful men in the world to the least powerful. The willingness to despoil has always been, but now it is on the grandest scale. Those who were willing to steal are now […]

Charity Begins at Home with American Citizens

Boneta Bill Photo While we are fighting in Virginia and around the country for small farmer's rights to maintain their freedom to farm, unencumbered by local government permits and environmental NGOs that are determined to force all farmers under conservation easements and regulatory control, war refugees are given land and grants to farm in our country. A recent […]