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Gun Laws Were Different Back Then

U.S. Gun Sales Reach Record Levels In 2012 Up here in the Northeast, most of the states are either full on radical leftists or headed that way in an awful hurry. Back when I came to New Hampshire from Georgia, it was truly an island of conservatism in a sewer of liberalism, surrounded on all sides. Unfortunately, the once proudly red state is […]

Woman Left Unarmed Due To New Colorado Gun Laws

ruger sr9 gun Colorado’s controversial new gun law requiring a background check for any transfer of a firearm has left one woman unarmed. Now she’s frustrated that her weapon, taken by police for safekeeping after a car accident, isn’t being returned. Sara Warren said Fort Collins police took her Ruger SR9, which she uses for personal protection in […]

A Good Guy With a Gun Does This

good guy with a gun As anti-gun lawmakers the country over work towards achieving a Utopic society without the Second Amendment, the fact is that those who would do harm to innocent people will not go away. Not only will they never give up their guns should they become illegal, but they’ll happily commit their crimes with knives, blunt weapons […]