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I am an established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy I was hired for. I also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990's. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy, Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus, Strange Sounds: A Research Report
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538791 John Emmert, a NASA scientist working at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. studying the earth's upper atmosphere has reported that an increased level of CO2 in the outer atmosphere is causing less gravitational pull on satellites and space trash. Of course, the main nucleus of the report is about increased CO2 levels generated […]


ab_turkiyeye_katilsin_onerisi_h27404 With hurricane Sandy having combined with a powerful winter storm system to become known as the super storm "or Frankenstorm" of 2012 and slamming the New England area with 90 MPH winds, drenching rains, blizzard conditions in some areas inland, and massive storm surges along the coast. It didn't take long for Al Gore to […]

Will The GOP Learn In 2016?

romney-mccain-drinking Well, Republicans have doomed the country to yet another 4 years of the Obama Administration, when they elected Mitt Romney as their choice of a candidate. I've mentioned in several articles that if Republicans picked Romney, they would surely lose the general election. Aside from his Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) […]

Agenda 21 - Road to the New World Order

unagenda 21 There has been a frantic global push for a New World Order since the George H W Bush Administration. In several of his speeches, he mentioned the creation of an New World Order (NWO). From the first Gulf War in 1990 and all that has taken place since then, including the events of 911 is […]