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Missouri Advancing Federal Gun Law Nullification Bill – Round 2

Missouri-State-Capitol Missouri legislators are battling it out over gun laws. Last year, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the Missouri Second Amendment legislation, HB436, which would have established the 'Second Amendment Preservation Act,' and would have criminalized federal agents enforcing federal gun laws. Though Nixon claimed the bill infringes on the US Constitution in giving precedence to state […]

John McCain Censured by Arizona State GOP

John McCain You know what they say about "birds of a feather." Well, recently, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was censured for the seventh time, and in his own home county. His comrade in the United States Senate, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has now been formally censured by the Arizona Republican Party with a resolution condemning him […]

Florida Makes Move to Nullify Federal Gun Laws

Old Capitol of Florida On Monday, Rep. Dan Eagle (R-Cape Coral) introduced HB733. The legislation is titled The Second Amendment Protection Act, modeled after similar legislation being introduced in state legislatures across the United States. The legislation states that no agent of the state or its political subdivisions may participate with or assist federal agents in the enforcement of […]

Oklahoma Bill Introduced to Nullify Obamacare

Oklahoma_State_Capitol Oklahoma is another state that is taking a stand and flexing their 10th Amendment muscles in the face of the Obamacare healthcare law. Rep. Mike Ritze has introduced legislation that would be similar to that of South Carolina's legislation and would essentially gut the Affordable Care Act in the Sooner State. HB2421 states that "an […]

Tea Party Candidate Joshua Black: Obama Should be Hanged

joshua black Back in October, I laid out simply facts that clearly demonstrate the Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor, as defined in the US Constitution. With treason comes a traitor's death. Now, one Republican has taken that very stand. Florida Congressional candidate Joshua Black (District 68) tweeted out his assertion on Monday saying that he was […]

Indiana Makes Move to Nullify Obamacare

Indiana_State_House_2 So far we've seen several states push forward legislation to nullify the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Among those are Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Following the filing of a lawsuit by Indiana school districts in October, Indiana has introduced legislation to nullify the monstrous healthcare law. Rep. Timothy Harman, along with two co-authors, […]