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Common Core? Math Argument on Facebook Goes Viral

053015_1641_ApparentlyS1.jpg OK, brace yourselves for the ridiculously stupid. Screenshots from a group post on Facebook have gone viral. Why? Because someone just doesn't know basic math, and they want to argue about it… but it gets worse. Penny Hayes of LaFayette, Georgia posted an offer of bottle of laundry detergent in a Facebook yard sale group. […]

US Has Taken In ¼ of the Population of Mexico

dhscitizen-illegals With the issue of immigration still hot on the political landscape following a federal court siding with Texas against Barack Obama's illegal amnesty, Ann Coulter appeared on Fusion TV to speak with Jorge Ramos in an "honest debate" over immigration. Coulter then claimed that the US has taken in one-fourth of the population of Mexico […]

John Kerry Sued by Watchdog Group to Obtain Hillary’s Emails

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) greets former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton after he was introduced by Clinton at the Georgetown University Symposium Advancing Afghan Women: Promoting Peace and Progress in Afghanistan on November 15, 2013 in Healy Hall of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN        (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) Watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit in US District Court for the District of Columbia against Secretary of State John Kerry to bring him and his department into compliance with the Federal Records Act and seek to obtain the emails of Hillary Clinton in the possession of the State Department, including those they […]

Alabama Senate Approves Bill to Abolish Marriage Licensing

Flag_of_Alabama wedding rings The battle has been raging over redefining marriage in Alabama, as the state's constitution declares marriage to be between a man and a woman. However, federal courts are attempting to force the state to issue marriage licenses to those practicing sodomy. In an attempt to stop probate judges from issuing licenses arbitrarily, the Alabama Senate […]

Congresswomen’s Gun Prohibition Exposed in New Bills

3840x2160 The Obama administration has tried to kick in the front door of the rights of gun owners, but was met with a shotgun blast of disappointment in 2013 following the Sandy Hook shooting.  The administration has made illegal and unconstitutional attempts to restrict guns and ammunition from law-abiding Americans.  Now, new legislation put forth by […]

IRS Hacked: More Than 100,000 Taxpayers Compromised

150209-hackers-8p_23558965df875bd1c0c9299ae42413dd Remember when those "Socialist" Security cards were issued under FDR and they plainly stated that they would not be used to identify you? Obviously, the Social Security system, as well as the IRS, is filled with nothing but lies and corruption. Now, all your information is tied to your Social Security number, and more than […]

Grassroots Movement in Alaska Kills Agenda 21

DSC_0512 I recently reported on the Solutions Institute, which has developed a networking system for those who want to build a coalition of like-minded, grassroots activists to advance their cause. While this can work for the wrong reasons in some cases, if good people, who advance good ideas use the tool, much can be accomplished. For […]