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Will Non-Citizens Determine Outcome of Midterm Elections?

20120515-210228-pic-448872373 As illegals have flooded our borders over the past few years, and more specifically the actual orchestration of bringing them here by the Obama administration, the potential to rig the 2014 elections are more vulnerable than ever. Now a new study reports that the non-citizen vote (which is illegal) may just work its way into […]

Joel Osteen Praises Obama as a Christian

dsc3848crop3 There are still self-professed "Christians" who continue to promote the heresies and unbiblical teachings of Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria. Previously, we pointed out how Victoria Osteen said that our worship of God should be done for ourselves. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Osteen said that Barack Obama is a Christian.  Osteen claims that […]

Hamas-CAIR Puts out Hit List Against Islamophobes

10743937_864486570251447_758894304_o So. The Muslim Brotherhood front group Hamas-CAIR has decided to build and "islamophobic" website and design a hit list in the same manner as the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate list." The new site is Islamophobia(dot)com. According to the website, "Islamophobia is closed-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims. An Islamophobe is an individual who holds […]

Houston Mayor Drops Subpoenas of Pastor’s Sermons

7693952126_91353c60a2_k After pastors from around the United States and the world mailed in sermons and Bible, which some reports claim upwards of 1,000 bible were sent to Houston Mayor Annise Parker's office, the mayor has drop subpoenas for pastor's sermons. The Houston Chronicle reports: The city of Houston will withdraw its controversial subpoenas of five pastors […]

Veteran Told to Remove Pro-Gun Hat Before Voting

635501371406884478-webphoto2 A veteran in Georgia, who is a certified National Rifle Association instructor and was asked by polling workers to remove his NRA hat before voting because it was too closely associated with the Republican Party, presumably because it is pro-gun. Bundy Cobb was livid over the request, saying, "It is absolutely infringing on my rights […]

Pope Goes Darwin: Pushes Evolution & Big Bang

VATICAN+Pop_20 Pope Francis addressed the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican on Monday and what he said may shock many Christians, though not those of us who know what he truly is. The Pope said that God is not "a magician with a magic wand" and that the theories of evolution and the Big Bang, […]