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Boehner Re-elected to Third Term as House Speaker

APTOPIX_House_Republicans_Highway_Money_t1860 John Boehner was re-elected as Speaker of the House for a third term. For all those that thought, "Oh, if we can only elect Republicans everything will be fine," I wish you would wake out of your dreams, which are America's nightmares. In what is being called the biggest defection from an incumbent speaker in […]

Scandalized Sexting Teacher named Homeland Security Coordinator

dt.common.streams.StreamServer The Department of Homeland Security continues to show that they continue to work with sexual deviants. On Monday of last week, a former South High School teacher in Colorado, Larisa Oringdulph, who engage in sexting (texting about sex) with one of her students, was named South All-Hazards Regional Homeland Security Coordinator, a job that pays […]

Planned Parenthood Announces They Murdered 327,653 Babies in 2014 – But the Pro-Life Movement is witnessing the Implosion of the Abortion Cartel

obama cecile In 2014, I was privileged to attend the Georgia Right to Life banquet and listened to the testimony of former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic head Abby Johnson as she told her story of becoming 100% pro-life and encouraged pastors to lead their people in the battle for life. Recently, Planned Parenthood Femi-Nazis Alexis McGill Johnson […]

Barack Obama Aborts His Pro-Life Judge Nominee Michael Boggs

michael-boggs-650 Barack Obama has determined that being pro-life is a litmus test for liberals, despite their claims to the contrary. He has decided not to re-nominate Georgia Court of Appeals Judge Michael Boggs to the federal bench after he received pressure from a pro-death organization in opposition to Boggs pro-life record. Georgia Republican US Senators Johnny […]