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Obama Admin Wasn’t the only One behind the IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups - Complaint Claims US Senators as Complicit

chuck-schumer-is-pictured Much has been made, and rightly so, about the Obama administration's targeting of Conservatives and Tea Party groups. There is no doubt that with the information that has come out that the White House and the Internal Revenue Service were orchestrating the targeting of conservative groups. However, now the Center for Competitive Politics has filed […]

D-Day Tribute: Normandy - A Hero Returns

LOD_SM_Normandy Editor's Note: I apologize for not getting this up yesterday. However, it is a wonderful video that reminds us of the "Greatest Generation" and what they sacrificed. This year marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, one that is probably the last significant anniversary for a number of WWII veterans. As the years go on, the […]

Obama Considered Using Military Force against Cliven Bundy Supporters

obama salute Last week, the Washington Times mentioned the fact that the Obama administration seriously considered using military force against Cliven Bundy and his supporters during their standoff back in April. This should come as no surprise after we reported that there was word that the Defense Department had approved a drone strike. Apparently, the Obama administration […]