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Anti-NDAA Legislation Passes Michigan Senate With Unanimous Vote

PANDA-NDAA-Victory-Updates The Michigan Senate joined with a number of states that are pushing through anti-NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) legislation. Their version of the Liberty Preservation Act, Senate Bill 94 (SB94) was passed by a unanimous vote of 37-0 with 1 Senator absent. This legislation was sponsored by State Senator Rick Jones and was forged by […]

Bloomberg's Big Gulp Ban Slapped Down By NY Supreme Court Judge

NY Mayor Bloomberg, Advocacy Groups Call For End To "Shoot First" Gun Laws New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling has struck down New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's big gulp ban on large sugary drinks. Fox News reports, Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling wrote in his opinion that the rules are "arbitrary and capricious," applying to only certain beverages and only certain stores. "The loopholes […]

Lawmakers Propose Sin Tax On Guns & Ammo

iTzJ.NW4bPyY Lawmakers are frustrated as at every turn they are met with resistance against gun bans. Now they are seeking to regulate firearms and ammunition with taxation, a sin tax of sorts. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com According to Fox News, The proposals range from the modest -- a proposed 5 percent tax in New […]

SPLC Letter To DOJ & DHS: Patriot Groups Pose Domestic Terror Threat

SPLCLOGO_SPOT_stacked copy The Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC), an organization that claims to teach tolerance while attacking certain groups and people with whom they disagree, has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urging them to investigate alleged domestic terror threats posed by the likes of organizations and individuals such as […]

Dianne Feinstein: It’s Legal To Hunt Humans

Dianne Feinstein Yesterday, I wrote about the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting in which Senator and gun grabber Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said she was all for removing firearms from veterans in America who have PTSD. In that same setting, Feinstein again lied about something that is clearly illegal as she appealed to emotions stating, "It's legal to hunt […]

Google Shines the Light On Shadowy National Security Letters

Screen-Shot-2013-03-05-at-4.33.17-PM Internet giant Google is breaking the rules of National Security letters (NSL). These letters are a large part of government data surveillance. These FBI requests for user's private information come complete with a gag orders. The first role any company that receives an NSL is that it doesn't talk about receiving an NSL. On Tuesday, […]

Flight Attendants Fight TSA Changes Policy To Allow Knives

tsa knives The Transportation Security Administration's decision to allow small pocketknives back into aircraft cabins are being met with outrage by groups representing Federal air Marshals and flight attendants. TSA head John Pistole said that the changes will take effect on April 25 and is designed to bring the United States into alignment with international rules. Watch […]