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Sarah Palin Warns: Obama Will Not "Go Down Without Swinging"

sarah-palin-on-hannity-1st-potus-debate Appearing on Sean Hannity Wednesday evening former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin warned the American people that the Obama camp is not going to let Romney take the lead without a fight. Palin said, “…these guys in the Obama camp, they’re not going to go down without swinging. They’re going to pull something. And the American […]

2012 First Presidential Debate

debate-lectern-4_3_r560 The first presidential debate of 2012 between GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Democrat incumbent Barack Obama. Don't forget to Like Freedom Outpost on Facebook, Google Plus, Tea Party Community & Twitter. You can also get Freedom Outpost delivered to your Amazon Kindle device here.

Arthur Laffer and a Proposed Carbon Tax

laffer video An excerpt from a presentation given by Arthur Laffer at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management in February 2012 — The renowned economist and former Reagan adviser proposes taxing pollution instead of income. Don't forget to Like Freedom Outpost on Facebook, Google Plus, Tea Party Community & Twitter. You can also get Freedom Outpost […]

Judge Shuts Down Christian Health Care

MediShareLogoRGB Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate ruled that a Christian-only health care ministry, Medi-Share, must cease operation in Kentucky unless it can get regulatory approval from the state Department of Insurance. Medi-Share is a Florida-based, cost sharing ministry that resembles insurance. However, they only allow those into the system who pledge to live Christian lives […]

Judge Says Social Workers OK To Invade Homeschoolers' Homes

gavel A federal judge has determined that parents were completely voluntary in opening up their home to social workers, Rhonda Cash and Jenna Cramer, along with multiple uniformed officers after the two social workers threatened to take their children if they didn't let them in the house. Apparently an anonymous tip was communicated to social services […]

PA Judge Blocks Voter ID Law Just Days Before Election

free-quest_08-19-12a.-w456-h303-p0-q70-Fa-S1 A Pennsylvania judge has blocked the enforcement of a Pennsylvania Voet ID law. this comes just 35 days before the November 6 elections. Fox News reports, A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday blocked the state from enforcing its strict voter ID law before the presidential election, citing "disenfranchisement" concerns. The ruling in a vital battleground state […]

Obama 'destroying records' in 'cyber bonfire'

wnd video Where is the oversight we need for the transparency promised by this administration? Is this really happening? Christopher Horner is claiming it is. Horner is an author and a specialist in environmental and energy issues at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. As his position with the institute dictates, he needs to file requests for documents under […]

Warren, Brown 'Slugfest' In MA Senate Debate

BX601-929_2012_101119_high Breitbart.com has put some incredible clips together from the Massachusetts Senate Debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. Enjoy! "[Senator Brown] is just wrong. I misheard a question at a very noisy press conference. I came back, I answered it when I understood it and that's it. To try to turn this into something bigger […]

2 Border Patrol Agents Shot, 1 Killed

borderpatrolagentkilled_20121002_082259 Just two weeks after a Border Patrol Station was named for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was murdered during the ATF's Operation Fast and Furious, two U.S. Border Patrol agents were shot Tuesday morning. One of those agents received a fatal shot. Their identities have not yet been released. The Shooting occurred near the […]