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Dem Chair Gets Rowdy With Police At Voting Precinct

120905_debbie_wasserman_schultz_ap_3281 It seems the Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz just does not know when to close her mouth and when to follow the law. Schultz got in an altercation with police outside and Aventura, Florida polling location. A group of sign-waving campaigners comprised of both Republicans and Democrats witnessed the altercation between the DNC […]

Obama Clarifies His "Flexibility" Comment To Russians

120329_WARST_ObamaMedvedEX.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large Back in March Barack Obama met with then Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and as they were discussing what they thought was a private conversation the microphones picked up that Obama wanted Medvedev to communicate to Putin that he needed "space" until "after my election" when "I have more flexibility." Well now, Obama is attempting to […]

'Osama bin Laden' Donates To Obama Campaign

ap_obama_osama_ll_110502_wg Barack Obama's campaign has already come under attack for failing to be more secure in taking donations via it's websites because of processing foreign donations. It has even been made public that a bundler in Shanghai who does business with the Chinese and is the chairman of a Chinese infomercial company, Acorn International, with ties […]

Obama Wants To Add A Secretary Of Business

obama-roosevelt Barack Obama signaled that if he wins re-election that he would expand government by adding a new cabinet level Secretary of Business. This Secretary would oversee newly consolidated government agencies, including the Small Business Administration. MSNBC aired an interview on Monday's Morning Joe that was conducted over the weekend by Mika Brzezinkski and Joe Scarborough. […]

Will Hurricane Sandy Effect 2012 Elections?

fake-hurricane-sandy-2 In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy making landfall the Romney campaign cancelled all events planned for Tuesday and Barack Obama decided to stay in the White House and monitor federal response to the Hurricane. Will the aftermath of Sandy have a huge effect on the elections? Several states are in the path of the storm and […]

Obama Labor Dept May Delay Jobs Report Till After Election

US President Barack Obama speaks on the Today Obama strategist David Axelrod said that the numbers that would come out about jobs later this week would not give Romney a boost. RT @isaacdovere: Axelrod says Romney campaign has "faux bullishness." predicts Friday jobs numbers won't benefit the GOP efforts — POLITICO 2012 (@POLITICO2012) October 29, 2012 Politico reported that the numbers release […]

The Internet Revolution Is A Liberty Revolution

Internet Texas Congressman Ron Paul points out that government seeking to control the flow of information across the internet is a threat to liberty. It is neither a Democrat nor Republican issue, nor is it a 'Right' or 'Left' issue. It is a decision between tyranny and freedom. This comes at a crucial time when Barack […]

Obama White House Looks At New Tax Cuts

obama money It looks as if political pressure is mounting on the Obama administration. They are now considering a new tax cut that would replace the payroll cut which is set to expire at the end of the year. It is said that this cut will put hundreds of dollars into the pockets of workers. The Washington […]

Obama Wants Your Handguns, But Bloomberg Wants More

VH1 Save The Music Foundation Holds A Press Conference In Tuesday's presidential debate, Obama said he supported an assault weapons ban and even mentioned supporting restrictions on "cheap handguns." This is no surprise as demonstrated here and here and even in his support of the "assault weapons" banning while he was in the Illinois legislature. He even reiterated this position when he ran for […]

Bernanke & Geithner Look For The Exit Door

Geithner It's being reported that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary are on their way out. Both men are looking to exit their positions soon. Andrew Ross Sorkin writes, For the last couple of months, there has been a parlor game on Wall Street and in Washington about who will become the next Treasury […]