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Walmart Says High School Carolers Removal from Store was Big Misunderstanding

christmas-carolers Over the weekend, an Oregon Walmart came under fire for allegedly removing high school carolers from their store. The young people, who sought to bring a little holiday cheer to patrons by singing Carol of the Bells for them, were told police would have to be called if they could not be silent. However, their […]

Obama Ignores Congress on Details of Cuban Spies Swap: “Everything is Confidential”

ap347866016012 In more stonewalling tactics of keeping information from the American people via their representatives, the Obama administration is keeping tight-lipped about the release of three convicted Cuban spies. A House staffer, who spoke to The Blaze, said that an attorney from the Department of Justice, who met with House committee leaders, told them that "everything […]

Major Retailers told to stop selling Toy Guns

illegal-toy-guns Major retail stores in New York are coming under fire by the tyranny being imposed upon them by pretended legislation. Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart and other retailers have been sent cease and desist letters by Attorney General Eric T. Scheiderman telling them to stop selling toys guns, which he claims are a violation of state law. […]

Judge Blasts School Board & Cop over Unlawful Arrest & Silencing of Concerned Father

book8n-3-web If you recall, back in May, William Baer was arrested after voicing opposition to a school board meeting about a controversial book by Jodi Picoult titled Nineteen Minutes, a story about a school shooting that contained pornographic content. It was also required reading for ninth graders. Now a New Hampshire 4th Circuit Court of Appeals […]

14 Year Old Defends Grandmother – Blows Intruder Away

o-HANDGUN-facebook Two brothers attempted to break in a home in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday afternoon, but one of them got more than he bargained for as he was shot and killed by a 14-year-old, who was protecting his grandmother. The incident occurred near the Charlotte/ Mint Hill border. Brothers Isai Delcid, 18, and Carlos Delcid, […]

Federal Judge: Obama Acted Unconstitutionally on Executive Amnesty

140718-barack-obama-2115_86aea53294a878936633ec10495866b6 U.S. District Court Judge Arthur Schwab released his opinion concerning Barack Obama's executive amnesty, in which he said the usurper-in-chief has, once again, violated his oath of office and the Constitution. The judge expressed his opinion on the matter in a case involving Elionardo Juarez-Escobar, an illegal alien who has been in the United States […]

Washington Sheriff’s Deputy: “We Need MRAPs to Deal with Constitutionalists”

Spokane-County-Sheriff-MRAP A viral video has sparked quite a bit of controversy and protests for the Spokane Valley Police Department.  An event that was held December 7 resulted in a sheriff’s deputy making comments about the use of the department’s new MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle.  He claimed that it was needed to protect against “constitutionalists.” Just […]

Watch this Guy take out a target at 300 meters… with a Glock Handgun

300 meter glock 17 shot Think handguns are only for close range? Think again. Instructor Zero engages several targets, including one at 300 meters with a Glock 17 9mm handgun. Most responsible gun owners are aware of the fact that if they miss their target, they are responsible for whatever and whomever that bullet hits downrange. I spoke about this […]