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Richard Skidmore is a professor at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Ca. He may be contacted via [email protected]
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History Unlearned Becomes History Repeated

974b9884-9bd0-4977-99a0-697adbb8a71e When history becomes forgotten or is not taught, then it becomes a history to be repeated. Such is the case over time. "Once there was a Great Nation...." wrote Gary Rekstad for an historical abstraction; editing it further, a summary is reproduced here for you to read and speculate which nations' story is being told?  […]

Gun Opponents Should Learn What The Founder's Meant When They Wrote The Second Amendment

bigstock-keep-and-bear-arms-4635797_rotator Every individual with a sense of humanity detests seeing families destroyed, innocent children sacrificed, and promising lives snuffed out, as witnessed at Sandy Hook School. The argument that reducing the number of guns will produce a safer society beguiles the public, promotes politicians, and fails to hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions. Disarming innocent […]

Electing the Sophomore Class President

ap_Barack_obama_high_school_nt_120525_wblog So, a month has passed since our national elections. Many words have been printed reflecting the campaigns and the outcomes. It remains though that electing the President of the United States is not equivalent to electing the sophomore class president and yet, this nation has decided to do just that; and our courts have resolutely […]