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Lorri Anderson

About the Author Lorri Anderson

Mother of four wonderful children and grandmother of four. Poet/writer/investigative reporter/singer/dancer/model/business owner/non-profit business owner etc... Started D.P.A.A.W.L. INC, a non-profit animal rescue in the state of Kentucky that worked closely with animal control, law enforcement, as well as the Lewis County S.P.C.A. in which I was elected to Chairman of the Board . Volunteered and worked with: Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Senior Citizens Social Services of Pike County, Community Action Committee of Pike County, Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Food Pantries, Children's Services in both Ohio and Kentucky, Lewis County S.P.C.A., Lewis County Humane Society, as well as many other organizations. I believe strongly in our Second Amendment right to "BEAR ARMS". I am a licensed CCW carrier and proud of it.

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