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The Real Winner in Advancing Homosexual Marriage: Poly…what?

e688174fbf46162895e5f9a9505b5c3d The mantra repeatedly put forth by liberals filled with compassion to end so called discrimination against homosexuals desiring to be married is that it is simply “not fair” for caring individuals involved in long-term monogamous relationships to be denied spousal benefits, hospital visits, or any number of other benefits here-to-for having been reserved for heterosexual […]

The Wizard of O - Will He Stay or Will He Go?

obamaoz Remember when Dorothy and Toto were on the Yellow Brick Road on their way to the Emerald City to find the Wizard who could help them get back to Kansas? The Wizard seemed so powerful and all-knowing until Todo ripped away the curtain revealing an ordinary man who actually did not know very much once […]