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Barack Obama's War on Blacks Marches On

barack obama I realize that in today’s America, you can’t comment on Black society if you are not Black. But I’ll say this, as a pasty White dude: If I was a Black man, I’d be wondering right now whose side President Obama is on. New numbers released by Big Brotha show that the unemployment rate among […]

Going Postal? USPS Joins Other Non-Military Government Agencies in Soliciting for Ammunition

1Going-Postal Joining the special forces ranks of the Social Security Administration, as well as the anti-terrorism task force within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States Postal Service has put out national contract bidding requests for companies capable of supplying the Post Office with a large amount and variety of ammunition. Well, maybe they've […]

Barack Obama Threatens Social Security Recipients

Obama The nonsense coming out of D.C. is staggering.  And not just because of the amount and speed of it, which reminds me of a post-party-night malady I ran into in the Philippines that my fellow squids affectionately labeled, the San Miguel Squirts.  Not just that, but also the sheer stupid of it. We have Nancy […]

WWJD when the SHTF?

1bugout I saw a couple episodes of a show called “Doomsday Preppers.” Although I liked what I saw, I don’t know if it’s still on the air, and frankly don’t care enough to do a web search and find out. The premise of the show is to dive into the world of those who are seriously […]

IRS Scandal: The Smoking Gun in the Oval Office

11Obama-10-15-10 John Ellis, writing at FrontPageMag, has a great article in search of the “smoking gun” that will pin the Internal Revenue Service decision to target conservatives squarely on Barack Obama. I personally think he makes a great case. His article is filled with reasonable, logical steps, and is undergirded by an immanent sound methodology. And […]

Noble Voices From the Grave Respond To Tyranny

The Continental Congress I’ve been trying to become a history student on my own for the last few years. Nothing outrageous, just reading good books as I find them on the cheap. I have had my tree shaken in the last year by two books in particular. One is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the other is […]

Why Would We Want to Legislate Something Other than Morality?

legislate-morality-11212 If you’ve tried to argue a political point from a Christian perspective, it’s likely someone’s used this phrase to scold you into silence: “You can’t legislate morality!” They’re afraid your Biblical views on right and wrong will have some influence on American civil law, and then it’s a slippery slope until we’re all living under […]