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Evalyn Bennett is a Christian tea party patriot and secretary of the Lemhi County Tea Party in east-central Idaho. She earned a B.A. from Dartmouth College in 1983 and a M.S. Ed.in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kentucky in 1986. She has worked as a college career counselor and technical writer-editor, and home schooled her three children (two are now young adults). Evalyn resides with her husband and their teenage son on a small horse farm. She serves her rural community through volunteer work at church (playing the flute and teaching Bible studies), 4-H, and a therapeutic riding program.
Website: http://freedomoutpost.com
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A Plan to Phase Out (Abolish) Social Security

generic-american-social-security-card-40f056c7721b5fdc The $1 trillion budget recently approved by Congress included only minor cuts to discretionary spending, but did nothing to address the programs that account for the lion's share of federal spending. This week I sent Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador a proposal to phase out social security within about thirty years. I'm sure my suggestions will […]

An Open Letter To The Supreme Court On Marriage

supreme court Freedom Outpost contributor Evalyn Bennett recently sent an open letter to the United States Supreme Court over the issue now before them to redefine marriage as something other than what it is; between a man and a woman. She pointed out not only that is a ruling to redefine marriage against the moral law of […]