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Lead Charlie Hebdo Investigator Commits Suicide

Helric-Fredrou A Police Commissioner with SRPJ (Service Régional de Police Judiciaire), Helric Fredou, was found dead in his office early Thursday. It is being reported that he took his own life with his service weapon. Fredou was the 2nd highest ranking official in the department and was involved in the early investigations into the Charlie Hebdo massacre. […]

New Mexico Residents Get a Christmas Greeting From ISIS: “We are already here”

albuquerque-journal-isis-hack-600x300 It was reported over the weekend that mobile readers of the Albuquerque Journal received a message from hackers claiming to be members of ISIS. The message was not transmitted via the regular website, but only through the mobile version. The below image is a screenshot of a message delivered via the Journal's mobile site on Wednesday (Christmas Eve) Morning. Chelsea Schilling reports: "You'll […]

Sandy Hook Families to Sue Bushmaster

bushmaster-sandy-hook-lanza-600x313 It is expected that, today, there will be an announcement that 13 Sandy Hook victims' families will be suing Bushmaster, the maker of the gun that was allegedly used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook massacre of December 14, 2012.   I have previously reported on the oddity that there were no active Sandy […]

Another 213,146 Americans Volunteer for FEMA Camps

FEMA-Roundup-600x328 There is no doubt that the American people are a good people. We are quite concerned about the direction in which this country is headed. But we aren't too smart. Recently over 213,000 people signed one of those "We the People" petitions asking begging the Federal Government to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist […]