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Taliban Orders Family to Pay for Bullets Used to Shoot Them

polio-pakistan-taliban-600x338 National Geographic recently published a story about the dangers being faced by health care workers in Pakistan. According to journalist Tim McGirk, administering Polio vaccines can get one killed in Pakistan. And you think that the vaccine debate is intense in America? Contrary to the American vaccination debate, what you are about to read from the Nat […]

Former Breitbart Reporter Claims Obama Birth Certificate is Fake, Family Pics Are Fake - Receives Death Threats

charles-c-johnson Charles C. Johnson is a former Breitbart journalist and founder of GotNews.com. On Saturday Night he launched into a nearly two-hour Twitter rant that is one for the ages. Johnson is a highly circulated, sometimes controversial, conservative columnist and author. He does not like to be associated with “birthers.” Orly Taitz has claimed that Johnson […]