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I'm a Christian who is married and madly in love with the husband God gave me, who works as a CPA while I stay home to homeschool and mother our ten children, whom we count as blessings, not burdens. An "anti-feminist", I enjoy making our home a sanctuary; a place to truly enjoy being..not just a landing spot. I enjoy dressing and acting like a lady. My hobbies are the art of homemaking, natural medicine, old movies and gardening. I Live in Northern Idaho where Bibles, homeschooling, making medical decisions for ourselves and large families and guns are welcome...for now..
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IRS grants "Married" Filing Status to Homosexuals

1377804509818.cached This time of year is the usual wrap-up of earnings, charitable contributions and taxes for most individuals and families working for a living in the US.  For CPA's like my husband, thoughts turn to new IRS rules to abide by, and standards and codes to apply to situations.  In a quiet new addition to the […]

Obama's "Ghetto President Quote of The Day"

Obama in a Doo Rag During today's press conference, in regards to the  "government shut down" and negotiations with Boehner, Obama referred to any demand to defund Obamacare as "extortion."  Then, he went about exemplifying why he is a President that many simply cannot respect.  Obama said the following: You don't get a chance to call your bank and say […]

Muslim Countries Ban Entry Of Homosexuals Via Medical Testing

homosexuality-in-Islam How do you progressives, feminists, liberals, atheists, fornicators and homosexuals like Islam now?  Where are the civil rights activists on the cause of "homosexual rights," in light of their beloved Islam? According to the Daily Mail, countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others, will extend their "no homosexual" laws into […]

Late Term Abortionist Invites Mother to Hold Murdered Baby

h-AFTER-TILLER-ABORTION-DOCUMENTARY-960x540 There is a new documentary out to sympathize with abortionists and murderers of their own children, entitled  "After Tiller."  The movie apparently seeks to minimize the truth, statistics, and pain for both the babies and the mothers, as well as the long-term trauma and anguish of those murdering their pre-born. In an interview conducted by […]

Two Seven-Year-Old Boys Suspended for Pretending Pencils Are Guns

20130507PencilSuspension Do you have boys?  Have you been around any young boys in your lifetime?  Parented them?  Are you proud of their differences from girls, understanding that God has designed them uniquely to function as protector, as leader and as masculine?  Or, are you a panty-waist liberal who shudders at the thought of a boy acting […]

Eric Holder's Wife Sharon Malone Holder: Co-Owner Of Clinic Engaging In Apparent Non-Legal Abortion Activity

Sharon+Malone+BET+Honors+2013+Debra+Lee+Pre+fWhPFaeVb1Hx While the media and the administration continue to stand by without covering, denouncing or even commenting on the brutal, heinous and disgusting abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial, information has uncovered that Eric Holder's wife, Sharon Malone Holder, a practicing OB/Gyn, co-owns an Atlanta area abortion clinic building with her sister, where an abortion doctor is […]

Obama Is A Homosexual Appeaser and Pleaser

obamapassesgaybill09may2012 According to a CNN/ORC poll released on Monday, 52 percent of the United States approves of Obama's preferential treatment for homosexuals and their "causes." Barack Obama is a homosexual appeaser and Barack Obama is a homosexual pleaser. Every single American -- homosexual, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender -- every single American deserves to be treated equally […]

Homemakers: Deconstructing The Marxist Agenda For Families

happy-homemakers The ideology of the Marxist agenda, is a desire to break the backs of the family by creating myths of the lack of necessity for family, and claiming that homemakers are a drain on society.  Their entire feminist enshrined agenda sets forth that homemakers are not "active" or contributors to society, and that those who remain […]