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FBI and DOJ Investigation Exposes Obama, Holder & Sharpton Engaging in Racial Politics

download The FBI and DOJ have verified Obama's malicious, pre-mediated racism, attempted character assassination and gross endangerment of every police officer in America. A joint FBI/DOJ investigation of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's shooting of strong arm felon-suspect Michael Brown, has been validated as pure self-defense, fully exonerating Officer Darren Wilson.  This FBI/DOJ decision exposes the […]

Al Gore Wants to Ban Cars in Cities

no-cars If you live in a major city and own a car, you might not be able to keep your car in the city, or you might have to give up your car all together. You see, former Vice President Al Gore and his current partner in crime, former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, are looking to […]

Virginia’s Anti-NDAA Bill Seeks to Turn Tables on Feds

virginia-dont-tread New legislation that has been introduced to the Virginia assembly would seek to advance a nullification of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act's section that claims the federal government can illegally and unconstitutionally kidnap American citizens on US soil and hold them indefinitely without a trial. Understand that the NDAA was signed into law on […]

VICTORY: Supreme Court Rejects Govt Effort to Crack Down on Whistleblowers - Sides with Air Marshal Concerned About Public Safety

Whistleblower online In a 7-2 ruling in Department of Homeland Security v. MacLean, the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the federal government's attempts to eviscerate protections for employee speech under the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). In upholding a federal air marshal's claim that he was improperly fired by the Transportation Security Administration after he leaked to the […]

Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Muslim Anti-Semitism

islamhitler Even articles about Muslim Anti-Semitism rarely want to talk about Muslim Anti-Semitism. In the aftermath of the Kosher supermarket massacre in France, articles about the Muslim persecution of Jews in Europe nervously hover around the subject before swerving away to discuss the European far-right. An article about Muslim anti-Semitism in France inevitably becomes an article […]

The Bill Cosby I Once Knew

bill-cosby-portrait "The measuring stick of success in Hollywood is covered in shit at both ends" ― Dean Cavanagh, Award winning screenwriter and playwright. "Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." -Bill Cosby I […]